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  1. MasacruTheArcher

    mmm russia3

    There's these servers running that mod, but I cannot find any trace of it.. I wanna get it to join, please? Name of it?
  2. MasacruTheArcher

    Xfire was bought by Titan Gaming.

    Got some information together and it's official. Viacom sold xfire to Titan Gaming. Never heard of em'. I hope they'll maintain xfire. Almost the whole xfire crew quit ( was fired? ) . Sad though. Those guys made xfire great...
  3. MasacruTheArcher

    Kuma games .

    Oh i used to play those a long time ago , but they were laggy / unorganized and not so cool. Now they have updated their "Client" it's so much easier to play those games and join servers .It gets the games in minutes plus it's very fun to play those like the Dino Hunters game and so on . If you...
  4. MasacruTheArcher

    Pirate Galaxy [Free space mmo currently in beta]

    This is a nice game i just found , very addictive and quite unique , i mean i haven't played a mmo to get me so much in it since a looong time .You can play on WEB or download the client (First played on web , but then got the client :D ) It's very cool and interesting , the first 5 min may be...
  5. MasacruTheArcher

    In search of a Mongol Game (Rts , or any other type)

    Hey i feel so much like playing a mongol war game , i don't care the genre as long as it has graphics .Do you know any good one ? Free or full just please tell me .I want to do Mongol battles. I cannot find anything :( .
  6. MasacruTheArcher

    Battle at Krueger

    Wow this is how  animals help each other in wildreness. It's like messing with the wrong guy . . (Try watching everything until the end , don't skip)
  7. MasacruTheArcher

    Any Multiplayer small games(good gameplay) ?No mmorpg's

    Okay here it is , i know there are lots lots lots lots ...but what i am looking for is something different.I prefer small games (All types , rts and all that) With graphics (even if it's worse than mario 1 i don't care as long as it has good gameplay) but no REAL TIME games or poo like TRAVIAN ...
  8. MasacruTheArcher

    Which one of the following AGP video cards is better ?

                                      All the info about the cards and all that i got from their description on the page i found them. I just want to know which one would perform better , which one is better please share your thoughts ! Asus ATI HD 3650 512MB AGP 8x Processor Video Processor...
  9. MasacruTheArcher

    M&B hddr ? Help ?

    Okay so this worked well before 1.0 was running and i could get into game , activating it and all that. Since 1.0 (Even now 1.11) i cannot use it anymore.I copy the data in the game's folder ...i run M&B when i am about to HIT start or chose a mod (it freezes , and i get a "Don't send...
  10. MasacruTheArcher

    M&B TWEAK (your game will run smoother,better)

    Okay here's a great way to make M&B run faster , smoother and better :). Download Contig.exe here -Place it in your M&B folder . -Create a shortcut on desktop . -Add the commandline -s at the end (Right click on the shortcut , go to...
  11. MasacruTheArcher

    Downloading ? Please read

    Hey man ,i really want to play this but can you please put the PATCH and the other "fix" patch on other hosts ?BEcause i have to wait a lot on mega upload in order to download them. PLaning to download the mod and the 2 patches but it will take ages due to restrictions :( .Can you get those 2...
  12. MasacruTheArcher

    Please help me , my ip is static but changed , read

    Hello , i have a static IP and i still cannot remember it :D But if i see it i rekognize it , anyway since 2006 i have it.I was desperate to make it dynamic or at least change it , i googled out did not find anything.A few days ago i tried a trick with the "CMD" command This is useless i say...
  13. MasacruTheArcher

    The Last Samurai (Mod idea) please read

    I've just watched The Last SAmurai , amazing movie and it fits perfectly with mOunt&Blade :) ... Al we need is : -Samurai units , tree and so on (Someone should be able to make them) -Japanese rifles and suits (Should be easy since there are gun...
  14. MasacruTheArcher

    Please urgent help , usb related :(

    EDIT Oh sorry for creating this , but i just solved it out...i have SP3 yes and i think the USB 2.0 driver corrupted somehow which was causing reboot on activation , you get the point ...i inserted the original sp1 disk (That i got when i bought the pc) and VOILA installed the usb 2.0 driver...
  15. MasacruTheArcher

    Downlod ? Wrong link.

    This takes me to index :( Not to download the mod please help me :( I am desperate to play this.
  16. MasacruTheArcher

    Must be helped to disable the TOP fan in my cpu pls

    Okay so i have the middle fan which does a great job , another one added by me (So far situation under control). On top of the motherboard there's a case "Codegen 350 W CB bla bla caution bla bla " It has a fan that throws the air out (On top)First of all , it started to run slower and be noisy...
  17. MasacruTheArcher

    Malayalam-Island of Mysteries (Puzzle Adventure free)

    Okay everyone should try this NOW !!!(it released this month if i am not wrong). Explore a mysterious desert island full of secret quests and missions. Find a way to survive on the island, hunt for food, find tools and objects to use, solve the missions and reveal the mysteries! Can you find...
  18. MasacruTheArcher

    Will GTA IV run on my system :( ?

    Hey i saw that gta releases in 1 week and 3 days , 2nd december .Anyway this is the first time i am confused about the system requirements of a game. This are my specs : Intel Celeron Pentium 4 2,9 GHZ Nvdia 7600 GS (256 vram) 2gb ram , Win XP sp 3 Game's system requirements (STEAM) OS...
  19. MasacruTheArcher

    HDDR mod .

    Okay i've seen that this mod looks awesome in HDDR , as many users posted screenshots in the "Screenshots" thread. Can someone link me to what do i need to download and to some GOOD Settings or post yours (Bloom and those) Please ?Maybe after getting the answer i edit this on how to do it and...
  20. MasacruTheArcher

    Epic moments i had :)

    Oh i am sorry for creating a new thread but after playing for hours this awesome mod , i decided to say  a few awesome things about what happened and how much i like the mod. First of all at the beginning i met a group of "Lady Knights" In a tavern.I could only afford one .Can you belive that...
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