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  1. M0rdred

    Unresolved Unable to give companions equipment if they have their own party

    You are unable to provide new equipment to a companion once they have been given their own party. I'd expect to be able to speak to a companion if they're in the same town as me, and have a dialogue option to give them new items. You are still able to manually allocate their skills, so I assume...
  2. M0rdred

    Prophesy of Pendor Livestream with Saxondragon

    Yeah that was my bad, I posted about it on Facebook a few days before but forgot to do it here. Sorry!
  3. M0rdred

    Prophesy of Pendor Livestream with Saxondragon

    Juust ended, sorry belatedly realised I didn't say a time, my bad! You can find the video on my archive on Twitch though if you want to get caught up :smile:
  4. M0rdred

    Prophesy of Pendor Livestream with Saxondragon

    Soooo I've found myself in Michigan and I'm staying with the main man himself; Saxondragon. I managed to persuade him to join a stream, so come hang out with us as we play some Prophesy of Pendor! If you've got any questions for the creator of the mod, this is a great chance to ask directly...
  5. M0rdred

    Most useless skill is.... and how to improve it

    I actually like tracking, its useful from finding isolated enemy lords and destroying them. Likewise Jatu / Noldor warbands for cash. It's not something I train myself, nor do I invest points in it, but I do miss it when Diev is not in the party.

    Persuasion is the one skill I never find myself using. I don't like doing quests for lords, and I don't run parties with conflicting companions (beyond the 1 "allowed" with a friend).

    Obviously, my quip about riding comes from my preference for infantry armies, but I can see the same argument being true of Athletics (which for me is a must-have skill) for those who prefer cavalry-heavy armies.

    You make a very good point about Horse Archery though, it is pointless above 6 (7? I forget).
  6. M0rdred

    Which unit do you hate the most?

    Horses. Any horses.
  7. M0rdred

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    This should get its own announcement! Nicely done MM :grin:
  8. M0rdred

    [NEWS] New Moderator!

    Well deserved :grin:
  9. M0rdred

    Shadow Wolves

    They were very much designed as armoured berserkers. Maximum DPS with little survivability. I'd suggest mixing them in with shielded units, or else giving them a separate category and holding them behind your main infantry line.
  10. M0rdred

    How viable is this?

    HooTmAn said:
    well you just have to be so good that you still can be evil ;DD

    They're called the Dawn...
  11. M0rdred

    An issue about the lore of Mettenheim in wiki

    Long time ago since I wrote that, but if I recall my idea correctly, basically Mettenheim was independent for roughly 100 years prior to the events of Prophesy of Pendor - which would coincide with the dates given on the wiki (this gave them time to assert themselves a little and build up a power base to actually rival that of Barclay and be recognised as their own entity rather than just a wayward colony).
  12. M0rdred

    Dev Blog 3: Prophesy of Pendor 3.8 -1/15/17- CHANGELOG ADDED

    Articulo34 said:
    salystoar said:
    brandeeno said:
    Damn. You just added another week.
    So that's how it works  :grin:
    Don´t you dare! :meh:

    Noted! :wink:
  13. M0rdred

    What have you got against crossbows?

    Crossbows are also good for players who want a ranged weapon but do not wish to sink skill points into Power Draw (or Power Throw).

    That said, there is definitely a positive payoff for those who do invest in PD.
  14. M0rdred

    Prophesy of Pendor Stream (Complete)

    Best of luck to you! Unfortunately I won't be able to watch, but I know from experience how awesome and supportive the POP community is for stuff like this! I'm looking forward to hearing how it went :grin:
  15. M0rdred

    3.8 Balance Suggestion

    I think Sarleon / D'Shar seem strong because they take territory from the Empire. Strengthen the Empire, and the others will weaken accordingly.
  16. M0rdred

    Dev Blog 3: Prophesy of Pendor 3.8 -1/15/17- CHANGELOG ADDED

    Wild Card said:
    Some of them should hop on a ship to Pendor, in search of aid and recruits to fight in Amala

    That is basically what we were hoping to do, but like MM said, no coder around to make it a reality.
  17. M0rdred

    3.8 Balance Suggestion

    It kinda looks like the Empire could use a small buff. They seem to lose a lot of holdings compared to the others, so could potentially do with more defensive siege ability (they have the two biggest losses).  That said we do not want it too balanced so there is persistent status quo, but this would mean that there should be fewer significant swings so early on.
  18. M0rdred

    Prophesy of Pendor - Problem with the king

    And make sure you have high Right to Rule when you do, otherwise the entire map will declare war on you!
  19. M0rdred


    Fantastic as ever! Looking forward to seeing more :grin:
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