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  1. Virtuosho

    Is TW the worst video game company in the world?

    So I left this game when they changed archers bow timing and javelin throwing about 6 months ago pretty much punching every player in the **** who had invested thousands of hours into mastering the skill. When this game came out, it was the best game i'd ever played in my life, the first few...
  2. Virtuosho

    In Progress login failed error for multiplayer

    just says login failed, no error message
  3. Virtuosho

    Anyone else find it really poor that

    After 6 months of playtime for many users Taleworlds just ups and completely reworks how to fire the bow Just a big **** you to their entire player base who has enjoyed many many hours of their life mastering this skill with the game I just wanted to say noted taleworlds, that you don't...
  4. Virtuosho

    Resolved 80% of captain games on east asia server crashing, matchmaking que taking ages

    Every time i get in a game the other players also report constant crashing all today, has been fine up until today if that helps
  5. Virtuosho

    Resolved Captain Mode crashing 80% of time on East Asia servers. Was fine up until today.

    When I do get in a game players are all reporting the same Also matchmaking taking ages
  6. Virtuosho

    Need More Info formations stuck in 3 rows spaced apart cannot get them into line in single player or captain mode

    makes singleplayer unplayable, my infantry spreads across half the map in 3 lines really far fro meach other, same with archers, also square is huge now, and you cannot click and drag anymre, it just keeps it spaced
  7. Virtuosho

    Need More Info Have East Asia servers been moved (weird ping to Oceania)

    My ping has doubled on all east asia team deathmatch servers, and in captain mode Did the servers get moved?
  8. Virtuosho

    MASSIVE issue/bug in Seige servers driving away players and ruining the gaming experience

    Many games of seige the map ends with g being capped within minutes because the countdown is so ridiculously short before the bells toll with players unable to even get near the flag before timer runs out. Please make a multiplier of 30 seconds for every flag still capped right now it is such a...
  9. Virtuosho

    Massive issue ruining seige servers and driving away players

    Please for the love of **** make capping G not end the game so fast. I have just had to leave a game where we've had 5 maps in 20 minutes because people just run to G and it's so stupidly fast countdown before the bells ring and the game is over it is RUINING the experience. Why make it so...
  10. Virtuosho

    Unresolved Suddenly stuck "looking for game" on east asia, been 30 minutes (1 hour, 2 hours, 12 hours, ongoing)

    Usually around this time it takes 20 seconds to find a Captain game Southeast Asia Server, tonight all of a sudden it stopped taking a minute or two and i've been waiting 35 minutes and still waiting Anyone else having this issue?
  11. Virtuosho

    Skulldrinkers (AU/NZ Clan / Community)

    Hey guys, long time harvester first time caller Early access Warband WAS my childhood (sprinkled with some Quake/Team Fortress Classic), having played the game for 48 hours straight now it's fair to say i am addicted all over again. Keen to get some sort of Aussie community going, with the aim...
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