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  1. Veli-Matti

    Clan Defection & the Curious Case of Cultural Suicide

    Precisely. We have to learn from their mistakes if we want to create a lasting empire.
    Arminius comes to mind here.
  2. Veli-Matti

    Siege Towers are Useless

    Also why the hell are the siege defenders nice enough to conveniently place ladders right outside their walls for the enemy to use? :lol:

    Shouldn't the ladders be one of the things we can choose to build for the siege and then our troops carry the ladders to the walls just like a ram or siege tower? I don't understand why this isn't the case, kinda ruins the immersion tbqh.
  3. Veli-Matti


    Good post OP, having wars constantly is tedious and stressful and if this was intentional I don't know what TW was thinking. It's actually making me not want to play the game since our faction goes to war with another faction literally right after making peace with the previous faction and it never ends.
  4. Veli-Matti

    30 is a little over the hill, no?

    so many cries while there's detailed character creation mod on nexus.
    it allows even npc editing.
    No need to be a **** man, this is a forum where people like to discuss things about the game. What I get from your post is we should just rely on mods for everything and the game devs might as well just kick up their feet and be done with the game. :lol:
  5. Veli-Matti

    Does anyone else think spears are utterly useless?

    That's because spears are meant to be used en masse, like you say, when the enemy makes a circle, or a shield wall with spears? A cav charge gets stopped dead in its tracks

    One on one though? They're useless, there is a reason spear formations were exactly that...formations (the phalanx for example) a single soldier can't do much
    Biggest bunch of bull**** in your comment. If you really want to use historical accuracy then spears were far from useless in 1vs1, the reason it was used in formations is because formations even elevated the efficiency of the spear since it provided the range and ability to ''snipe'' enemies of the opposing formation who weren't directly in front of you. The spear wielding AI also aren't as effective against cavalry as you'd think in the game, did you actually try it out?

    The reason the spear is so useless now is because of constant complaints from multiplayer beta testers who seem to have a disdain for the spear for some reason, even though I've personally never had a problem killing ANY player using a spear and the only time it really shined is when someone used it when backing up another teammate while staying behind. The only spears I've seen that could potentially be considered OP is the hybrid spears who could also be used as javelins or javelins which could be used as spears, one of the Khuzait spears comes to mind here.

    Some people even used the excuse that the spear is ''boring'' (yes I'm serious, I've personally seen it in the beta) therefore it shouldn't be a good weapon. :lol:
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    I'll agree with malvado here, enemy lords retaliating is all good but with a little bit of variability in their reactions will make it even better and add to the dynamic world. Speaking of hero traits, are any NPC lords executing other lords right now in the current version of the game? Cos I've never seen it happen so far and their traits (''Cruel'' trait for example) could be something to determine how likely they're to execute people, whether it's in retaliation or not.
  7. Veli-Matti

    Too fast paced?

    Yes, I'm pretty sure more than half of all players are experiencing this issue, just take a look at some of the other forum posts. They're probably aware of it and hopefully we'll see a fix soon.
  8. Veli-Matti

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Early Access Announcement

    No delay then, take this doubters! YAASSSSSSSS!!
  9. Veli-Matti

    The tactical way: beyond the melee cluster

    Very good thread, can't believe I didn't see it until now. I remember when I first watched the Bannerlord gameplay videos of troops in formation and I took it as a given that the troops would also be fighting in those formations but alas, it just revealed itself to be a good old Warband mosh pit when they actually engaged. :???:
  10. Veli-Matti

    Sleek Forum, thoughts?

    The old forum theme was more cozy, and the new white text on dark blue background hurts my eyes. Let's hope for more forum themes ''soon™''.
    Also as Silentrious said this new avatar style has cropped out half of my image.
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    It would also be cool if you could execute unruly citizens and different executions had different shock values which would determine how fearful the population would become.

    Terco_Viejo said:
    There'll be a fade to black, no doubt about it. There will be absolutely nothing explicit.
    No gore, no fun.  :lol:
    Then how am I supposed to roleplay as a cruel sociopathic leader, having my town decorated with execution victims? :sad:
  12. Veli-Matti

    Rate the song above you!

    Pretty unique. 7/10

  13. Veli-Matti

    Turkish Constitutional Referendum

    kurczak said:
    I didn't know the Swedish were Mongols.
    Hahah n-nice bait, guy...
  14. Veli-Matti

    Turkish Constitutional Referendum

    Úlfheðinn said:

    Sweden, yes!
  15. Veli-Matti

    2016 U.S. Presidential Elections: The Circus Is In Full Swing

    A lot of reports of violent protesters in Washington D.C at the moment, I wonder what kind of tolerant and accepting people they are. :lol:
  16. Veli-Matti

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    2017 and STILL no news of a release date.

  17. Veli-Matti

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Thank goodness almost none of us actually follows the Julian calendar. Merry Christmas, fellers!
  18. Veli-Matti

    The Refugee Kafuffle

    I'd say this is the most accurate description at the moment.

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