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  1. AdaChanDesu

    MP Fantasy [WB] Herrâfell Roleplay - Coming December 2014 - Crafting, GUI, Wolves!

    COMING DECEMBER 2014 "Winter isn't the only thing coming this year" "The Land of Slain Lords", known merely as Herrâfell in common tongue, has for a long time been known as a place of great mystery. The name comes with a story, and the story is both upsetting and fascinating. It is no secret...
  2. AdaChanDesu

    Copyright of TW-owned Warband content?

    So, if any of you sticked around during the time when the Swadian Roleplay (Now Warband Roleplay) server was being made, you may remember the whole drama around Blueberry - the guy supervising and managing it, that got banned for constant fighting and insults in his thread. Skipping all the...
  3. AdaChanDesu


    **** it, took my medicine and posted this.  :lol:
  4. AdaChanDesu

    Any mods?

    I started playing WF&S more recently now and managed to capture Smolensk, claiming it for myself (54 soldiers to defeat, wow) After a while noticed that I can build all those cool things in towns, but the whole faction management options were GONE. All alone against the Polish Commonwealth...
  5. AdaChanDesu

    Dev Diary?

    Is it still being worked on? Last update was in May, now's July and we had no idea since that time what's going on with FMP 2.5
  6. AdaChanDesu

    Hair Colour Restrictions

    I tried searching for it, but got no results. If anyone knows about turning off the hair colour restrictions, like white hair no matter the age set, if it's possible, I would be very grateful.
  7. AdaChanDesu

    The Forsberg Freelancers [Swadian Roleplay Organization]

    Alright, I'll just post the same stuff I did on TKOS forums :P Here's the link to the original TKOS topic, you need to be registered to see it tho: (( It's the Freelancer's official music theme...
  8. AdaChanDesu

    [RCC RP Event] The Land of Changes

    Anyone can join as a neutral, just get an RP name! RP event server going up, using Vally of  the Swamps. Server is called: RCC_PWMod_v34_RP (I think) Password: RPEVENTSUPER Fact about Rhodok units: They work like the mercenaries faction, only that they serve Rhodoks right from the start. The...
  9. AdaChanDesu

    Banned from RCC by HummelZ because 3 people said so! Wee! That is so JUSTICE

    As the subject's name says. I got kicked 2 times by HummelZ, without a warning from him, and just coz he saiz so, and a few people support it just because, and I get banned the 3rd time, just coz 3 pepol saiz so (and that's because I said there is a bandit on a roof shooting at people), because...
  10. AdaChanDesu

    The Official Unofficial Battle of Wavre Event Feedback Thread

    As teh name implies, post your feedback about the recent event. I, being a member of the most unlucky Prussian regiment ever, had quite good feelings about it, very fun to play, but all those different people crashing made it kind of weird. Now, express YOUR feelings ;)
  11. AdaChanDesu

    A F'n Hoax

    Hey guys, I was checking at AC site and I stumbled upon  a strange looking (like poorly made) artwork that I uploaded here Also, the file's name was quite interesting. What do you think about it? RICKROLLDYA
  12. AdaChanDesu

    Mount&Blade: With Fire and Sword Standalone

    Hello, Taleworldian wasteland! Here at the PGR we just got a very interesting news. Let's don't prolong this, so i'll be straight. CD Projekt, which for the less name-knowing guys means the Witcher people, released some time ago info about M&B Expansion, called With Fire and Sword. No, i don't...
  13. AdaChanDesu

    Horse legs bug

    I've got damn weird problem which happens in all modules. When i ride a horse, it's back legs start to uhhh....look veeeery weird. They are twitching and moving in some psycho way...
  14. AdaChanDesu

    Why that game is lagging on my computer

    Hey i don't know why it is lagging i Got GeForce 6600GT 1.7 GHZ pro 1GB ram and that game is LAGGING (i don't know how to say that running slow i am not from england or america )
  15. AdaChanDesu

    Why that game is needed to buy ?

    I don't know why i must to buy BETA VERSION for my this is stupid
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