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  1. OneOrThrEe

    Ok pettition worked. Now please cast ur vote for the future Duel mode when it comes one day. (Even though units within factions are likely to change)

    As the title says. Please Maybe someone returned it, not knowing that it was purpuseful. Dunno. Also i make poll, maybe im wrong. Please vote edit * Also i think this might have something to do with the fact that yesterday duel server would take 10-30 mins to come back online after it closed...
  2. OneOrThrEe

    1or3's petition to fix duel untill we get our actual duel mode !!!

    TITLE SAYS IT ALL !!! Change faction from terrible Vlandia to mighty Battania !!! Reasons : 1. NO MORE BUTTERKNIFE DUELS 2. Always being able to afford a duel class unit (warrior with longsword)- So we don't have to die to reset to get gold and stuff.. 3. No xbows to bully when someone geos...
  3. OneOrThrEe

    Need More Info 1.0.9. Graphical bug

    Was just about to finish executing my last prisoner. But i think there might be something wrong with him..
  4. OneOrThrEe

    Unresolved Bug Report [1.0.9]

    Summary: So this happend.. How to Reproduce: Have no idea. Though it was fixed already. Settlement Name : Dunglanys Media : Version: 1.0.9 Computer Specs: OS: win 10 home GPU: gtx 1660 6gb CPU: ryzen 2600 RAM: 16gb 3000 hz Storage Device (HDD/SSD): m.2 ssd
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