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  1. Envious_Elazul

    Top Teams of All Time

    i come here after years to check what's going on nowadays and i see you forgot me from kurwa 2015 ;__;
  2. Envious_Elazul

    Strange fps decrease...

    I have been looking this thread because I have similar problems. Finally found a fix that fixes most of the lag.

    Open game folder -> right click mb_warband -> open properties -> compatibility -> run compatibility with Windows xp

    Also check "run game as admin"

    My default setting was Windows 8 and that caused a lot of lag. This is also why I didn't have lags with other games but only Warband.

    Edit: you should also check this:
  3. Envious_Elazul

    Hunger Games on Native module

    Just saw this! I'm a huge fan of this game mode in warband, can't wait for the server. Map looks cool, but thinking about the old Aeterna Hunger games I really feel like 10 min of game is way too fast. Half of that amount goes when you try to find weapons. I would say 15-20 min as a minimum before forced teleport. Of course we get huge waiting times while you are dead but that's the idea of the server. Playing time is a common strategy on this kind of servers.
  4. Envious_Elazul

    Nations Cup 2017

    Taukoa ollu itelläkin mutta eiköhän sitä riitä aikaa tulla pelailee
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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Slisky YOUR LORD said:
    A simple way to balance the skill gap on a server for beginners wild be to have a handicap system where dying and having a bad K:grin: ratio gets you more money and winning and having a good K:grin: ratio gets you less money.  At least the poor nooblets will be tin cans that take time to kill.

    Just a thought.

    Nah, it would be stupid to penalize good player for playing good. There will be a skill gap in Bannerlord, but it's not gonna be as bad as you guys think. Siege servers will most likely be once again newbie friendly servers where beginners want to try at first and stay there for a while. With that many players individual skills has less effect. Some of them shooting you while bunch of infantry guys goes for you. That's why I love this game, it's not even hard for 2-3 newbies to kill a pro if they use a bit of teamwork. You can go and see it in Warband siege servers, even now only top1-5 players from each side can somehow play the game and block in melee.

    We will see the skill gap in effect when we have our first Bannerlord tournament/league. New teams will be crushed and they will not know why it happens. It can destroy their motivation.
  6. Envious_Elazul

    Warband Epic Event- Sign Ups! (Mount and Thrones)

    Name: Elazul
    Faction: Swadia
    Role: Footman
  7. Envious_Elazul

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Apparently very soon really means very soon  :!:
  8. Envious_Elazul

    How famous is the above player?

    Pro cav, former semicore inf but was forced to play cav by official warband lists where he always ended up into the cav lists instead of inf lists. Always annoyed and angry about something, smokes pretty much of weed and his powerlevel is little bit below mine.
  9. Envious_Elazul

    Friendly and articulate discussion thread : )

    everyone are doing their best and it makes me feel happy, in one way we are all champions : )
  10. Envious_Elazul

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    K.A. said:
    In my opinion taleworlds lost a great opportunity at e3. They could show a duel between lust and steve to illustrate the combat system, which is the core of m&b. The siege video doesn't transmit the real essence of the game to who discovers it for the first time.

    So 1vs1 video shows the real essence of bannerlord instead of a siege, big fight and a lot going on? I'm pretty a siege video is way more interesting than a duel video.

    Even if fans didn't got much new info this time, I'm pretty sure they made new potential fans there with this performance.
  11. Envious_Elazul

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    kraggrim said:
    MrMundy said:
    Open Multiplayer, apply filters, and then just set everything so that you have an empty list. You can see the number of filterd players on the top right.

    Ah cheers, I though he meant you could see through steam somehow.

    8300 in steam, 1700 in multiplayer. Plus more SP offline/non-steam as he said. Seems fairly definitive, unless there's something I'm missing then maybe we can put this discussion to rest :smile:.

    Edit: I another factor might be to do with when clans/regiments choose to organise their activities or something. Dunno how big a chunk of the player base is actually involved in that though.

    There is currently a lot of different events going on at the moment, Saturday evening is quite busy. Just checked and there is about 10 000 players in Warband, 7000 doing singleplayer and 3000 doing multiplayer.
  12. Envious_Elazul

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    I end up coming here almost daily and being curious what kind of bannerlord related stuff people are speculating or talking about. Instead of that it's just same 5 guys spamming nonsense and crying for blog every day. Make it stop Alene, make it stop..  :cry:
  13. Envious_Elazul

    Not sure what happened

    Mount & Blade players has the worst kindred, siblings, kids, brothers etc.. Half of the banned people got banned because of them :dead:
  14. Envious_Elazul

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    This thread has way too many "i want everything right now" -persons. Just chill.
  15. Envious_Elazul

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    My friend told me he's currently downloading BannerIord early access game from Steam  :shock: called it quite obvious prank and didn't really paid any attention into it until I wanted to prove him wrong and did a search on steam. Surprisingly I am the one who's totally shocked now. Just go on and search BannerIord from Steam! I have a screenshot of BannerIord early acces Steam page because I know you won't believe me without
  16. Envious_Elazul

    Native Completed European 1h Dueling Contest Season 2 - [EDC2]

    In-Game Name: Elazul
    Steam Contact: Envious_Elazul
    Faction Desired: Nords
  17. Envious_Elazul

    Native Completed [NA] Sword & Bored Duel Tournament l CONGRATS OODLE

    In-game name: Elazul
    Steam contact: Envious_Elazul
    TaleWorlds contact: Envious_Elazul
    Faction desired: Nords
    EU/NA: EU
  18. Envious_Elazul

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    rariisan said:

    What possible Bannerlord mods are you fantasizing about?
    (you can't hide it from me, I'm 100% certain you're fantasizing about epic mods).

    Roman vs Barbarians multiplayer mod, similar to Mount and Gladius or March of Rome warband mods
  19. Envious_Elazul

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Stan546 said:
    Zaszx said:
    Lumos said:
    18/09/2016 @ 15:10 (UTC)
    Bannerlord release date confirmed, boys and girls! AWWWW  YEAH!

    Oops... Busted :grin:

    It's a ******** sunday though!

    In other news, better not be delaying this game for multilayer! I just want the single player fun!

    They should already be done with singleplayer and focus on multiplayer because thats the thing that matters, the real battlefield of true skills and heroes  :shifty:

    No but seriously I am one of those who only care about multiplayer experience. I truly love the learning curve in this game, because of it we can actually have few real heroes and key characters on huge battlefields who can make the difference while most of the guys are average soldiers. Also I am really interest to see what happens when Bannerlord servers are mixed with old skillful players of warband and completely new guys from Bannerlord. Also how does it affect to clan scene when there is already so many skillful and old players and then we have all these new guys with a huge motivation to build a clan.
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