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  1. SOku

    Why are the steam reviews so good?

    A lot of people enjoyed the game.
    It's lacking, but it's really not a bad game to spend a 100+ hours on.
    And any game you can spend a 100+ hours on is a game worth the retail price.

    And 95% of the players didn't even know what was promised for this game, read the dev blogs, or religiously followed any news regarding the development of the game, so they're not that attached to it. In my opinion, they're more objective than the disgruntled minority.

    Just like Cyberpunk 2077.
  2. SOku

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Just for you SOku

    When are we supposed to laugh exactly ? I don't see it on my runner.
  3. SOku

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Could you please stop using images that makes uncessary bloat to this discussion ? That's boring to scroll a Pepe just to read something in a forum
  4. SOku

    How disappointed are you in % about the current state of developement of Bannerlord?

    The question is how disappointed you are. So 100% is maximum disappointed.

    Ok my English lost me for a couple of hours, I understood the question backwards. What an idiot I am.
    So .. I basically voted the wrong value ..

    Thanks by the way :grin:
  5. SOku

    How disappointed are you in % about the current state of developement of Bannerlord?

    90% here. Almost year and half passed since EA release and almost no hope left for this game actually reach enjoyable state.

    RPG gameplay non-existent
    Kingdom management - non-existent
    Fief management non-existent
    Character progression still broken and mostly meaningless
    Companions still broken, boring and useless
    Family system still broken, boring and useless
    Quests still broken, boring and useless

    There is nothing good about this game outside of 3D battles, but even them become boring and repetitive very quickly.

    Did you mean 10% ? *
  6. SOku

    Is there any chance for Bannerlord to land on KFConsole??

    The world is getting crazy. If I read this in a science fiction book I would have laughed at the implausibility.


    To be honest, I still won't believe it until it is released...

    AMD made a bike so ... that's 2020-21 circa for you.

  7. SOku

    All kinds of problems with the main quest

    The problem of the main quest is it's existence.
    I get why they want to make an intro video, a quest and all that, but to me it doesn't work very well with a simulation in most cases.
    To give an example, i've played a certain amount of hours of starbound long time ago, and every time it feels like something was getting in the way of the full potential.. then I saw some video-review where they said the major problem of starbound was the main quest... and I think they're right!
    Then after that I've played Kenshi, and boom. No main quest, nothing. Just the world, you, and what you will do to survive..
    Just like some game made by TW, that also hasn't a main quest and was lot of fun...

    That's how the Sandbox mode is for, generally.

    Lore-wise the main quest is fine per se, I found a large amount of people who don't even know what " Banner " on Bannerlord means. Which is surprising for an hardcore fan audience.
    If only the main quest was better in term of writings, and more captivating, especially on it's objectives, I wouldn't mind it. The problem is, heck, it is barely touched since the premise of the EA. ( the only voice acting you can find on that game is there by the way )
  8. SOku

    Conspiracy Quest thoughts

    about the same time we gave up imperial measurements.

    Good so basically Australia being based 1/2 :grin:
  9. SOku

    Clan purpuse and diversity

    Hard agree with all of what you said, in fact I'm still delaying my own suggestion thread that had a point on this, @Apocal summarized, Clan Perks.
  10. SOku

    An idea for books in Calradia

    Yea I agree, there should be books in the game. It would be quite interesting too if the books will gather secrets, like treasures, in hidden areas,such as hideouts. It would be cool if there was a book seller to buy these books, or even from loot, perhaps from a lord? Books providing lore would be neat too. Perhaps even giving new recipes for crafting weapons??

    Holy smokes of course, a Reason to run through the giant map with an actual objective other than those repetitive and boring quests.
  11. SOku

    Conspiracy Quest thoughts

    It is used every day here that it would take too long to list, the real question is why Australia ditched the use of it.
  12. SOku

    Horse archers speed. What determines the speed of the group?

    For the sake of it, I had a short clip from the beginning of a battle I've recorded a while ago, look how they lag behind my Ferrari. That's why I tend to let them doing their things while I'm occupied to rearrange the troops.
    Nothing fancy thought, I wasn't feeling to find a better clip, I tend not to record my battles I have to admit.

  13. SOku

    Character traits should work

    That means the answer to two of those things was "no." At that point. But they take into account further interest, so go ahead and stampede in that thread because the game should give more feedback to players.

    I swear I was going to, then I noticed the date and wondered myself " why bother ? "
    So thanks for your commitment and your summary, let's see what happen to the next updates, of course we should also thank MRay.
  14. SOku

    Horse archers speed. What determines the speed of the group?

    For me it's my children as I have loads of them ( 8 ) but yeah keeping track of the horse you give to your troops should be imo more highlighted on the UI, these sort of things can be easily overlooked.
  15. SOku

    Horse archers speed. What determines the speed of the group?

    As far as I know yes, try putting one of your Sergeant ( Companion ) with a bad and slow horse leading your troops and see what happens.

    I feel that these sort of effect should be documented properly on the Encyclopedia, like ... Yeah as always the god damn Encyclopedia.
  16. SOku

    Character traits should work

    Wow, I didn't see the date of the thread you just linked, looks likes the "suggestion internally" is still pending in the void.
  17. SOku

    African Inspired Faction

    You complain about the generalisation of "sub-saharan africa" but casually drop "west asia"?

    I think we lost pretty much any logical reasoning a couple of posts ago.
    I won't even try to refute where does he think Slavic people comes from, are they Martian rather than European or something, from which people Russia got created ... it's a waste of time at this point. He conflates Slavs with "European" which says a lot ... Slavs are European... Rus are European.

    Wait .. no I was about to explain my idea.. let's not continue on this, I give up.
  18. SOku

    African Inspired Faction

    because it generalizes people that have no relation to each other and vastly different cultures.

    That's the point.
    Are you going to be fully contrarian and say that it's an horrible idea to call both a Spanish and a Russian European ?
    If you want to go specific, then nobody stops you to be more precise, say Southern or Mediterranean for Spain ( even Iberian Peninsula ) or Eastern Europe for the Russian Federation ( a part of it at least ).
    This is exactly what I'm doing right now, geographically speaking Eastern African civilizations are de-facto Sub-Saharan...

    Why am I even responding to this.
  19. SOku

    Replace Comrade term with Companion

    Not sure if the term comrade was used on Medieval Eras, but it predates the bolsheviks by a large margin to be honest.
    Comrades in arms, comrades of soldiers ...
  20. SOku

    Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    For one thing, the custom servers for the MP guys are tied to the release date. These guys are getting screwed by postponements (well, modders are also slightly screwed by endless development), the rest of us can wait indeed.

    Exactly what pops out of the whole announcement.
    Kind of expected, considering the ongoing uncertainty of Taleworlds finishing tasks they have given themselves. In a professional world this is unacceptable. In the semi-pro game dev world they should give at least a rough estimate written in their roadmap. After they make a proper roadmap with colored squares or something easier to read than an outdated list.

    I find it funny to put these into perspectives while CD Projekt RED just spent 40mins bragging about a new car, how tedious programming a game was, a new skin for a character, and two items. 9 months after the relative disaster they dropped in 2020, with a giant smoke screen in between.
    And they were supposed to hype the people around that I guess.
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