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  1. Super Jew

    Bannerlord Duel Ranking Official (North America)

    Wegnas won your last duel tournament and isn’t in the elite tier 🤡. Arni isn’t NA.
  2. Super Jew

    NA Duel Open Court of Cavalry | Duel Tourney | $100 Prize

    Name: Super Jew
    Discord: Super Jew#7195
    Region: NA East
  3. Super Jew


    Im just gonna say the majority of the No vote is Europeans. Obviously they fear LES is more who is a pillar of NA and will lead us to become the dominant scene in bannerlord.
    I think they are 100% EU.
  4. Super Jew

    not every weapon should be able to be sheathed, like pikes

    Good Gameplay > Realism

    Maybe in the future when there is more gamemodes this mechanic might fit in well.
  5. Super Jew

    In Progress Skirmish and captain queue broken for NA East

    For the past week when trying to do a 6v6 for a pickup game on NA East we (Rat party) haven't been able to get into a game. Clan system also hasn't been working for NA East. We are still able to play on West but not East.
  6. Super Jew

    who is the best duelist NA?

    Duckie Dweadsword #1
  7. Super Jew

    What Captain Mode actually needs right now.

    Like Olaf said captain is dead and the current player base would not be able to support this.
  8. Super Jew

    Is this what a siege should look like to you Taleworlds ?

    For TDM and Siege cavalry costs will be 200 and 350 gold instead of130 and 200.
    Also lots of changes are coming affecting cavalry gameplay.
    Are horse archers also going to made more expensive?
  9. Super Jew

    [NADL] Questions, Suggestions, Feedback

    Unban Duckie you Facist.
  10. Super Jew

    [NADL] Sign-up [Signups Done]

    Player Name: Super Jew
    Main Class: Infantry
    Main Gamemode Played: Used to be Captain but now Skirmish
    Your Country: United States of America
    Your State: The Great State of Michigan
  11. Super Jew

    Jim's Bannerlord Australia & New Zealand [Jims]

  12. Super Jew

    The US West captain servers are not working

    They should just delete the west servers for captain and skirmish. Nobody plays either of them unless if there is an event.
  13. Super Jew

    Skirmish Players vs Captains Players

    Now I know whey Arni is good, everytime he couches an explosion happens.
  14. Super Jew

    Rambo should always be a part of captain to an extent

    Yeah tbh it's pretty derpy to say no one was talking about it pre this CL season lol. I think you're letting your petty squabbles behind the scenes with certain players shorten your memory SJ
    I didn't say there was no complaints. I said, "there was next to no complaints about rambo before this season." This is true if you compare what people are talking about now and then. Before people talked about the nonexistent class balancing and more open maps. Now all they talk about is rambo because they struggle to win against players who are better at pvp. Instead of trying to be creative and beat the teams who rambo, they would rather complain about how some new team to CL is bending them over. Yes, rambo should be mitigated, but the options that people keep presenting are terrible and that is why I made this thread.

    Without significant throwing weapons on heavy infantry and shock infantry there isn't much room for any tactical decisions. Due to this it is easy for a team who has never played captain but is good at pvp to come into CL and beat everyone. I watched the entire VoV vs DM match from VoVs perspective. DM not only was beating them in pvp, but they were able to recognize better unit compositions against a team that has lots of experience in the game mode. For example, when DM was Khuzait vs Vlandia they knew that lancers with glaives could beat knights with the AI. VoV had the same opportunity in the game before but didn't recognize this composition that every pub player knows.
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