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  1. Frostic

    The Big Problem with Combat -- Unit collision and mass [FIX / SUGGESTION]

    Every time I watch this video, I get the urge to play this game, not the game we have. :facepalm:
    I agree :sad:. But we don't know how full the game was in that state. Perhaps they hard-coded alot of AI behaviour for these particular gameplay showcases.
  2. Frostic

    The Big Problem with Combat -- Unit collision and mass [FIX / SUGGESTION]

    [...] I hope Taleworlds manages to find the key... this effect should either disappear completely or be so extremely unnoticeable that it doesn't cause dizziness in first person or third person.
    I'm hopingalongside you Terco, I do think they might get it right as TaleWorlds have done it right in older versions of the game:

  3. Frostic

    Good looking beards

    I like the new campaign video.
    Exactly! And I can't wait to see what other cutscenes we get to see, great stuff!

    I overall like the Bannerlord experience (talking about SP here), it really feels like a Mount & Blade game but just a bit lackluster in depth as of right now. Alot of things feel oversimplified. But as of now it's still an early access title, so only time can tell what more awaits which is something I'm excited for.
  4. Frostic

    [Video test-Debate-Poll] Bot Idle animations in closed-order formation.

    Ideally, a bit of both would be great. Lower tier troops can be more casual, while top tier ones will be more disciplined.
    Exactly how I envisioned it as well.

    Great topic as usual Terco
  5. Frostic

    Some of the Artisticc Artworks from the CN Forum - 2021Q1

    Wow, these are all beyond amazing, I have no idea how TaleWorlds is ever going to be able to pick just a select few to win the contest.
  6. Frostic

    Community Feedback-based EARLY ACCESS ROADMAP - ready for you, Taleworlds!

    Sry for the OT, but as a non-native English speaker, what does "taking the L" mean?
    I believe the L stands for loss, but I'm not too sure (another non-native english speaker here)
  7. Frostic

    Community Feedback-based EARLY ACCESS ROADMAP - ready for you, Taleworlds!

    This is a brilliant post, but alas like many others, the flame that fueled my hope is starting to fade.
  8. Frostic

    Family history tab

    I'd love to see family trees. I think that'd make a sweet addition.
  9. Frostic

    Poll - Are u satisfied with how TW has been tackling this EA?

    You gave me a good chuckle :grin:!

    This is a really good thread, hope some dev picks it up.

    I voted 'bad' mostly because :
    1) poor design choices, even when a big part of the community is against those choices.
    2) i haven't seen any (cant recall anyway) attempts by TW Were they consult their fanbase about upcoming direction of the game that could be taken.
    3) there have been numerous threads with great suggestions, and i feel like there are at best only a few developers who take the time to react and sometimes bother to insert the ideas into the dev team. Theyre Sticking their necks out to make the fanbase feel like they're listened to.
    Where are the decision makers? Wheres the "active" part of community management here?

    I used to feel like: its their game, they can do whatever they want and it will be fine. For a while now, ive been doubting that assumption. Don't get me wrong, i play bannerlord a couple of times per month and enjoy it (to some extent) but the way TW is handling this is not making me feel like they're listening to the community. I hope they realise that they CAN turn this for the better.
    I couldn't with you more. Let's hope ™️ they'll improve on this.
  10. Frostic

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.5

    Sweet update, thanks Klebari!
  11. Frostic

    Bannerlord MP is a disaster and garbage, Taleworlds MUST stop being stubborn and ignoring their own community

    It's fine for skirmish and captain, but it's completely garbage in all other gamemodes.
    As we've been trying to make clear since the beta :sad:
  12. Frostic

    Quests are for early game only so there should be less focus on it

    I'd rather have different stages for the game, so yes, that means more quests. The problem with quests is a lack of proper structure. They should be locked behind renown/clan tiers just like workshops are. (right now you can still ask a lord to do a quest for him but he says you are too low renown. I'd like if the quest wouldn't show at all in the first place).

    So with different requirements, there would have to be more quests. You can make the exclamation mark different colors, too. (Orange! = legendary quests for clan tier 5-6, purple! = difficult/epic quests for clan tiers 3-4, green! = medium quests, can do them beginning at clan tier 1-2, and blue! = beginner quests and can do them at clan tier 0, so from the very beginning). Their rewards and difficulty would of course increase based on the tier they are at, there would be different types of quests for each tier.

    The game should in my opinion have more rpg features. Better polished mini-games as well. The more things to do in the game = the better, but we just need a better structure for them overall like I mentioned here, because if you just create more and more quests then the sentiment can be like yours: "don't need more of them". If they actually had a better and more clear purpose at every stage of the game, they would be a lot more enjoyable.

    Tournaments should also present difficulties based on clan tier just like the quests, because they present the same problem. Why do tournaments in mid/late game? If we had at least 3 tiers of tournament difficulties, there would be a different story. Tier 1-2 = easy combatants (blue color), tier 3-4 = medium (green), and tier 5-6 = challenging (orange or red). Again, more challenging (both armor-wise and skills), more fun, better rewards. I thought of not including the possibility of entering tournaments at tier 0 because then people just jump on farming tournaments, and I think a slower/more immersive/peasant start would make more sense. Like, at least be known a little before being accepted in a tournament. Reworking the arena, or making the arena "a tournament" in itself (so basically removing it from the game), would put it at clan tier 0 and I'd be happy with that. Right now there is literally no purpose for the arena - you make no money, you train skills way too slowly, it's useless... Make it like a tournament in itself where people come and watch you like you're gladiators killing each other, and increase exp gain and also monetary gain (500 for winning, then 1000 for tier 1-2, 2000 for the tier 3-4 tournament, and 4000 for the challenging 5-6 tier, this is just an example and can be adjusted as developers wish.
    I think this is a brilliant idea, and I'd love to see this come to life!
  13. Frostic

    The tactical way: beyond the melee cluster

    Truly a shame, I remember making a thread about it in beta. Captain mode has zero value for me as long as I cannot do something as basic as choosing which unit to attack.
    Absolutely, this targeting issue shows problematic with all unit types. Archers shooting at a shield wall while an exposed infantry unit (recruit, shock) is right next to it. Horse archers running into clusters of units while circling around another. Cavalry charging into a units with spears rather than any other exposed unit. This list goes on and on. I've never really jumped into multiplayer since the beta has ended, but I don't think it has improved by alot. But this problem does persists in singleplayer as well.

    It's good this thread is re-ignited; Bannerlord's not what it ought to be.
  14. Frostic

    Selective targeting for formations in battles.

    The lad knows he has my respect, both as a player and as a member of the community. He practically single-handedly tweaked the combat parameters (and thanks to Mister out of time for creating the prototype custom server client platform), many of which were replicated almost 100% by the devs and thus improving the playable experience in MP. And among other notable members of the community he gave invaluable feedback throughout the closed alpha beta period (June 2019 - March 2020).

    Unfortunately, he gave up some time ago seeing that certain walls don't respond to whatever questions you ask them.
    A pity, honestly.
    Absolutely agree, I played many games with him and he teached me alot! His feedback was insanely good. But much like him, I just lurk the forums nowadays as opposed to making suggestions.
  15. Frostic

    Selective targeting for formations in battles.

    Oh my sweet summer child 😌 🎻 , this is a requested feature dating back to the end of 2019 with Silen being one of the first to bring the issue to the table. Like many of you, I too would like to know if this mechanic is part of Taleworlds development plans.
    I've always wondered how many of Silen's brilliant suggestions came through
  16. Frostic

    Is this scraped out too?

    It is hard for me to keep it burning lately,
    but the flickering flame of hope™ has not yet been extinguished in my heart. :iamamoron: 🎻

    Same Terco... Same..... I guess it's a side effect of being part of the soon™ cult.
  17. Frostic

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

    Wow this seems like an awesome update! Keep up the good work! Playtesting it ASAP!
  18. Frostic

    This is so~~~~ fun for SiBir by 1.5.6beta

    I suggest opening a topic here:

    And providing a bit more details, no need to ping devs. If you post it in the section above it will be read for sure.
  19. Frostic

    So,is it known if TW plan to make villages 'upgradable'?

    They scrapped that idea.
    They scrapped upgrading villages to castles.

    Right now village upgrades just come from a the main (e.g. castle or town), increasing village production rate by x%
  20. Frostic

    In Progress [e.1.5.6] Rhemtoil Castle siege ladders bug

    So it might be that it just happened this once, but when sieging Rhemtoil Castle (Battania) using nothing ladders as siege engine the AI just stopped, significantly reducing my fps in the process. This footage shows AI behaviour: My fps goes (somewhat) back up when infantry is set to...
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