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  1. Ikarooz

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    mods are the reason why I stuck to this game for 7 years and not just some months
  2. Ikarooz

    MP Native cRPG

    Will there be awlpikes?
    knitler don't give me ptsd again plz
  3. Ikarooz

    MP Native cRPG

    Thehe, this one is going to be interesting, let's see where it goes

    Good luck! May CrossBowbimbo's Iberian Mace be with you!
  4. Ikarooz

    The 22nd Battalion

    damn, now thats a name I havent seen in a while

    best wishes from the crpg crowd
  5. Ikarooz

    The many issues i see with cavalry in MP

    About the amount of cav players on tdm:

    I'm for removing the ability to ride for most infantry classes, I dont see why a random peasant should be able to ride a warhorse, they shouldn't have enough riding skill for that
  6. Ikarooz

    WHY is there friendly melee damage

    give friendly fire to TDM or give me death
  7. Ikarooz

    How to punish noobs who turtle up with shield and wait for friends to come help?

    sounds good on paper till you realise you got 2 archers and 3 cav in ur team
    in that case Id go for 1h/spear/shield to protect the archers, they're practically cav-magnets. And you can protect them from other archers/melee guys aswell. And when a shield dude attacks, try to make him face his back to your archers so they get a clear shot

    More likely: bardiche guys are dead from archers, archers are dead from cav and then there's you thinking why did't you spawn as heavy archer.
    If everything is op, nothing is
  8. Ikarooz

    Voice lines play from random directions

    That has been confusing for quite a lot of players in skirmish. It really is weird to have "invisible" teammates telling you that theyre going to wipe their butts with the flag etc :smile: especially because at the first few times I actually went to look from where those voices came from

    A possible solution for this would be to change the voice so you always hear it as if it was your character that was yelling that, that would be way less confusing. A checkbox to disable that yelling would be nice too, it gets a bit tiresome after a while
  9. Ikarooz

    How to punish noobs who turtle up with shield and wait for friends to come help?

    mmmh, rather: stick to the team and function at your purpose
    as a shielder, charge any ranged unit or build a wall for your teammates
    as an axe/bardiche/etc, kill shielders and help killing
    as a polearm, defend the rear of your group from backstabbing cav and maybe harass enemies who are already fighting
    as a 2h: just kill and dance around

    Btw, do overhead attacks when you're in tight fights, otherwise youll just rub your weapon on the teammates and do nothing
  10. Ikarooz

    How to punish noobs who turtle up with shield and wait for friends to come help?

    It's weird how many weapon's I need to bring to a simple fight. First I need to bring a spear to kill cavalryman's horse, then i need axe to destroy he's shield and then a mace to actually kill him.

    Yea yea it's bit over the top, but it's not like i can choose what weapons I can bring. It's usually either spear or axe and if that's the choice then spear is a must have.
    well you can't be a swiss army knife on the battlefield, you have to choose a role and then play that role for the sake of a small group of teammates you will follow around. Running around alone barely helps, unless youre cav or ranged
    If you're facing a shielder you got two options atm: either fight him and do hold attacks/faints,try footwork to get around his shield or, if he is a turtle and only holds up his shield all the time, just run away and look for teammates. Not the bravest thing to do but in tdm the enemies spawn so extremely fast that chances are high that his teammates spawn beside him and end you
  11. Ikarooz

    Too much cavalry

    Not every unit should have enough riding skill to mount a horse, that would reduce the mounted units in a reasonable way
  12. Ikarooz

    Multiplayer is dying a slow death

    every mechanic that makes you blame the game and not yourself is a bad mechanic, block delay is one of them (unless you've been stunned by a heavier weapon ofc, does polestun still exist in bannerlord?)
  13. Ikarooz

    Multiplayer is dying a slow death

    The spawn system is getting more obnoxious day by day, Im also not a fan of the missing friendly fire with all those brainless enemy mobs running towards you, constantly swinging their weapons into their teammates faces, hoping to occasionally hit you. There's no duel server to improve, chambering is too hard to be valuable in combat

    I'll be taking a break for now until major issues have been (hopefully) fixed
  14. Ikarooz

    How to punish noobs who turtle up with shield and wait for friends to come help?

    get a shield destroying weapon like axe, bardiche, etc and whack it until it breaks
  15. Ikarooz

    Team Deathmatch

    I haven't played a single round where at least 2-3 people don't get furious about spawning into an enemy crowd. And I can understand that because it happens to me aswell way too often.You can't even feel safe inside a crowd of teammates because an enemy could spawn behind you anytime and kill you (until he gets roflstomped by your teammates, which makes it a loose-loose situation for both me and the enemy)

    The messed up spawning system is a big mood killer on the tdm servers atm
  16. Ikarooz


    good luck you annoying goblins :cool:

  17. Ikarooz

    Team Deathmatch

    We currently have two "playgrounds": team deathmatch/siege (newcomers paradise, but overall a big chaotic "bash their heads in"-playmode) and skirmish (tactical gamemode for veteran teams). The problem is that there's not a real place to go for people in between, who want more challenge than newcomers, but don't have a elite group to play with for skirmish

    A variation of team deathmatch would be nice, something thats similar to the warband team deathmatch, with short rounds, no respawn, friendly fire activated, call it "classic tdm" if you will. A gamemode like this would fill this huge gap, since it rewards an advanced playstyle, yet doesn't require that much teamwork.

    The only issue is that, once there is friendly fire, griefers will be there aswell, so a kick poll system might have to be considered

    Siege could use a "friendly fire" mode aswell, there's just more tension when you cant blindy swing/shoot at enemies without the risk of hitting your teammates

    oh and please add a duel server, lately me and my buddies surprisingly met an old rivaled clan in skirmish and we all simply turned the game into a big duel server. After playing that, I want a duel server even more now
  18. Ikarooz

    It is highly recommended that online games have people who can vote to kick people

    I didn't get into a situation yet where a kick or ban was needed, not a fan of kick-/banpolls showing up every 30 seconds because somebodys feefees where hurt

    once there's obvious cheating, do some good ol' recording of footage, screenshots and a report on the forum
  19. Ikarooz

    Multiplayer name choice

    multiple characters to choose from as in warband, ye that'd be nice
  20. Ikarooz

    Bring back Late Medieval Age gear to Bannerlord!

    Wont happen in vanilla. Setting is early medieval age, late medieval things like trebuchet are added for gameplay value, but there wont be full plate armors

    but you know, there will be mods, tons of mods
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