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  1. Karkus

    In Progress Castle Doors on Verecsand Castle are backwards

    Summary: The castle doors are installed backwards on Verecsand castle with the bars on the outside, so you can just open them from the outside. Makes sieging pretty easy How to Reproduce: Besiege Verecsand, run up to the gates and use (F) to open them Have you used cheats and if so which: Nope...
  2. Karkus

    Resolved Unable to move troops up or down the troop list

    Summary: I am unable to reposition my troops in the party screen, attempting to drag them up or down the list does nothing How to Reproduce: try to rearrange troops in the party screen Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM...
  3. Karkus

    In Progress Losing relationship points with clans when opponent lords die in battle

    As the title says, when an opponent lord dies in in battle I take a relationship hit with a variety of clans as if I had executed them. Is this working as intended?
  4. Karkus

    Resolved Crazy fast parties on the map

    Just started a new playthrough for 1.5.8 and I am seeing some really fast parties zooming by, I've seen speeds up to 38.1. The ones I have managed to get a look at before they zoom off seem to be joining armies
  5. Karkus

    Resolved Change clothing button in CC bugged

    When I click the button to show the clothing in 1.5.8 Character Customization, it only adds shoulders and boots to the model no main armor
  6. Karkus

    Resolved 1.5.7 Too much renown when my brother wins a Tournament

    I parked my brother in a city after freeing him as he's an expensive bastard. At this point I'm clan tier 1, I go about trying to raise renown and suddenly I get a message saying that I am clan tier 3(!!). I check the log and my brother had just won a tournament. It's hard to say how may...
  7. Karkus

    In Progress No Clans have Joined Sturgia

    Version 1.5.6 I'm doing a Sturgian playthrough and on day 550. We've taken all the original Battanian cities/castles, a few Northern Empire cities/castles and are eating into Vlandia now (the Battanians have taken thier southern cities) so things are going well, BUT no Clans have Joined us...
  8. Karkus

    Resolved Crash when sieging, sometimes

    Summary: When besieging certain castles and towns I crash every time I click the Lead an Assault button at Jalmarys or Garontor Castle. I'll update if I find more. I am able to besiege other settlements, I have taken most of the Vlandian settlements south of Pravend and have successfully...
  9. Karkus

    Resolved Crash when I try to access the Clan screen via the L key

    As the title says I get a crash when I try to go to the clan screen. I have just hit Clan Tier 4, I do not belong to a Kingdom but I do own Sanala and Askar and the 2 castles to the west of them, aquired through the Everything Has A Price perk. I am happy to provide more info
  10. Karkus

    Resolved Crash while starting new campaign 1.5

    When I try to start a new campaign in 1.5 I can select my culture but when I click the next button the culture background remains and the character creator never loads. I can move all the sliders and select different options but I never get a visual representation. When clicking next I can...
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