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  1. CaptainLee

    Want Man-Hunters, Less bandits, Less hideouts, want Auto resolve changed for player, want control of parties, Rant

    One looter band per raided village. Right now they are pointless free XP and loot with zero risk/reward. Reduce outlaw bands as well.
  2. CaptainLee


    Geez guys Axios was only kidding loosen your sphinters a bit.
  3. CaptainLee


    I almost feel they should have a beta version that people can test before its pushed to release. Maybe keep a stable branch separate on an older version so people don't have to mess around with bugs...

    Yo dawg I heard you like betas, so I put a beta in your beta whilst you test the beta.

    Wrong as usual, Axios. Hail Nagash.
  4. CaptainLee

    1.6.3 when?

    yes 1.6.3 will be any day now. from what I've heard battle terrain and battle orders, won't ne in 1.6.3

    Huh. I wonder what it will actually have, then.
  5. CaptainLee

    How disappointed are you in % about the current state of developement of Bannerlord?

    30% due to the base game lacking alternative career path to joining a faction and the lack of neutral locations.
  6. CaptainLee

    1.6.3 Comes out today or tomorrow

    I'd be furious... had I believed you in the first place.
  7. CaptainLee

    Time Travelling Horse Riding Longbowmen, Sphincterism, Dispelling Myth, Expertise, Turkeytism.

    ..No it doesn't. I also have a degree in history with emphasis on the medieval period in North Western Europe. It does not make me an expert..

    LOL Do you want to rewrite this? Youve nullified your own argument. I DONT HAVE a Degree in HISTORY with an EMPHASIS on the Medieval Period. I HAVE a Degree in MEDIEVAL HISTORY on the MEDIEVAL PERIOD with a MINOR EMPHASIS on the CLASSICAL PERIOD and another MINOR EMPHASIS in LATIN specifically MEDIEVAL LATIN so I could read and handle documents from the Bodleian in the ORIGINAL.

    If I had wanted to do a GENERAL HISTORY DEGREE like yourself I would have gone to a University offering GENERAL History DEGREES. And you are an expert lad in GENERAL HISTORY. Unless your degree was from the University of Worthless? Thats what degree means. A degree of expertise above basic. BLESS YA lol, you didnt quite think through all that fella.


    You guys debate between all you like. I didnt write my post because i seek validation or need to debate facts. My job is to present them with my considerable expertise.

    Have a good one :smile:

    So aside from not being an expert you are also apparently completely clueless about University degrees. What a pathetic throwing of toys out of the pram. Grow up.

    The weird thing is, this has all been discussed previously, and I've argued on the side of Longbows being used by mounted English soldiers in the Hundred Years War. Perhaps you should have sought out those threads before coming in here with your 'LOOK AT ME I'M AN EXPERT!!' nonsense. I'd be interested to hear what your Alma mater was (it certainly wasn't the charm school) because by god they are sure producing some self-important graduates.
  8. CaptainLee

    Time Travelling Horse Riding Longbowmen, Sphincterism, Dispelling Myth, Expertise, Turkeytism.

    1) Firstly I did a Degree in Medieval & Classical History with a Minor in Latin so that makes me an expert. If you havent done a degree in this subject your not.

    No it doesn't. I also have a degree in history with emphasis on the medieval period in North Western Europe. It does not make me an expert.
  9. CaptainLee

    Muted for saying 'horse archers are homosexual'

    I can't deal with this snowflake, weak offence attitude.

    No, it seems not. So much so you came here to complain you were muted (the horror!) in a computer game.
  10. CaptainLee

    Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    Best news I've heard in a long time.
  11. CaptainLee

    Future Plans

    Order of battle looks great, but please tell me you're thinking of adding more neutral locations to the map to make the experiance less narrow. It would be a huge wasted opportunity not to.
  12. CaptainLee

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    There is also NO excuse to break something which was working good on HDD previously. You're either missing my point or ignoring it intentionally.

    And other point - "cheap" is quite the relative thing. What's cheap for you maybe "OMG r u srs" for anyone else. Don't know what country you live in, but back where I'm from, an SSD for 1 Tb costs more than $200. A good thing that in your country these are the money you spent on a coffee every day, but back in my country it by no means can be called "cheap".

    Once again - the game worked fine on HDD. Now it is not. It needs to be fixed and WE should not fix it ourselves by buying SSD, then a better video card, then something else. As simple as that.

    Additional Notes: These estimates may change during final release.

    This is from the steam requirements page for Bannerlord. It doesn't say it will work 'fine' on a HDD come full release. It did previously? So what? It's in EA, it's subject to change.

    Once again- There is no reason not to have the game on an SSD. It is by far the best choice for load times, affordable, and frankly, essential for all modern games. This isn't like buying the latest graphics card, it's keeping up with very modestly priced technological improvements. If TW want to optimise things for those with SSDs then thats perfectly reasonable. As simple as that.
  13. CaptainLee

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    Confirmed, it got worse since 1.6.0. Micro freezes all over the map, menu and inventory, encyclopedia - lag lag lag.

    That should by no means justify the fact that before the game's performance was way much better on HDD. Now it's a mess.

    As I said before, today they brake something that will make you buy an SSD. And if you keep justifying this, we may come to the point, where someone will say to you

    Hell, even Cyberpunk 2077 runs way much better now. Need a fix for it.

    On the contrary, it's more like 'If you don't have a 3D graphics card, you are not going to be able to play any recent game efficiently'. Sure, some people didn't like that back in the late 90's, but games started more and more to require one. Frankly, given SSDs are both cheap, improve load times hugely and in no way new technology, there is NO excuse not to have one if your primary hobby is gaming.
  14. CaptainLee

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    Currently 1.6.1 is unplayable on HDD.

    As it's been said above on various posts, all menus (inventory, kingdom, etc) lag horribly.

    Even before starting an actual campaign, the arrow clicks between pages at the character creation screen lag too!

    The lag is everywhere in this game and the sad thing is this is the case after all those "performance" improvements.

    Unplayable with those 3-4 seconds of lag on every action.

    If gaming is one of your primary hobbies there is no reason at all you shouldn't have an SSD.
  15. CaptainLee

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Holodays: when your development feels like the Holocaust and you go on holidays.

    On the Holodeck.
  16. CaptainLee

    Development Update #8 when?

    It's been one to two months between updates 1-7 yet the last one was four months ago. TW's inability to keep to even the most modest schedule continues to perplex.
  17. CaptainLee

    Will TW finish the Perks?

    By the end of EA? More than likely.
  18. CaptainLee

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    back in the days of yore of the first M&B there was an active forummite named Grunwalder, he was very popular but one day disapeared from the forums, a while later a relative of his revealed he had died of cancer and to honor his memory he got Grunwalder the founding father of the Rhodoks named after him (and the castle constructed where Grunwalder fell in lore)

    Except it was all faked since people noticed he registered warband and with fire & sword long after his supposed "tragic" death and then a moderator confirmed he was seen doing the same thing on other gamming forums.

    Christing hell, the amount of people that have 'died' on forums I've been on and later found to be BSing is depressingly high.
  19. CaptainLee

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Glad they improved the cultural traits but they really don't have a lot of character to them still. Is there any real need to choose one over the other? They don't really promote utilising a particular culture's troops. Just to copy/paste from a previous suggestion of mine-

    Vlandia cultural traits:
    Sweat on the training field: 20% more upgrade XP to troops from battles (Vlandian troops only)
    Sword brothers: Companions gain XP bonuses.
    Castle builders: Castle walls are tougher for the owner.

    Sturgia cultural traits:
    Cold lands breed hot war: 20% less speed penalty from snow. Only functions if party is at least 75% Sturgian troops.
    Axemen of the north: Axe-armed sturgian troops do additional shield damage.

    Empire cultural traits:
    Imperial knowhow: 20% construction speed bonus to town projects, wall repairs, and siege engines.
    Imperial pride: Parties consisting solely of empire troops gain small morale and XP bonuses. Empire companions also.

    Aseria cultural traits:
    Sand and gold: Caravans are 30% cheaper to build. 10% less trade penalty. Caravans have additional guards.
    Desert strike: Aserai cavalry gain speed and attack bonuses in desert maps.

    Khuzait cultural traits:
    Under our hooves: 20% extra speed bonus for horsemen on campaign map. Only functions when party is at least 75% mounted troops.
    Meritocratic command: Stats improve faster through battle experiance.

    Battania cultural traits:
    Waystalker: Forests give 15% less speed penalty to parties. Easier to spot forest bandit lairs, and bonuses to attacking them.
    Not one of us: If party is less than 75% Battanian troops, recieve a morale penalty. If more, receive a morale buff.
    The trees have eyes: When attacking in forest, chance for party to gain 'surprise attack' stat bonuses and enemy debuffs.
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