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  1. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    Isn't it bound to be a bit different in each campaign? The amount of lords dying within the first year I mean. Are they dying in battles with looters and bandits?
    It has to be, if they aim for 10 deaths a year, then there must be some game where 20 or near zero would also die in that first year.

    I think it be great if they add a quest for the player to do, the quest ALWAYS triggers if a clan has lost a certain amount of members. The quest is the player help the clan find a new member! The player initiates this quest from one of the secondary dialogues so it doesn't interfere with other quests. This way THE PLAYER can, when they choose help a clan no go extinct when they suffer from RNG!

    In addition I think alternative spouses (meaning not from existing clans) and adoption would be good things to add, so we can circumvent the rng of bot preproduction as the game goes on.
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    Somethings gotta give

    I agree TW needs to do something at some point about this and other common complaints regarding the futility of wars. For some parts an option might be best, such as the campaign AI option in warband which greatly effected the quality of troops the AI had. For some parts though they certainly should have improvements to the base game, such as control over vassals and fiefs and options to actually have some kind of game play after making a kingdom.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    This video compares bannerlord player activity to several over rts games. The trend that bannerlord displays isnt all that different.
    STAN can't even comprehend what he's looking at there. All he does is steal people's posts (who don't want to be in his videos) and blabber over them incoherently for cheap "content". He has zero understanding of game mechanics and doesn't even play the updates himself. He's a poser and a fraud.
    He is the absolute least reputable, most ill-informed person on youtube to ever dare make a bannerlord video. If you're going to listen to youtubers at least choose people who put time into playing the game like @Flesson19 or @ItalianSpartacus .

    Here's a forum topic about the steam charts too, of which, of course STAN also :poop:'d a blabbery react video to, nothing he does is anything thig but just regurgitating what he steals from here and reddit. He only remains because he is too small and boring to be dealt with like a proper lolcow. He just kinda sucks and won't stop reading peoples posts in his crappy videos.
    Turn on add block 4z2tSdrYNDY
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    Where are my Sword Sister's at?

    I don't know if they still exist in the game, but at one point you could find them in the encyclopedia, they were an unremarkable infantry troop. I also recall somebody getting some from a AI party and I think it spawned as some part of the post-kingdom Dragonbanner quest... quests. That was a long time ago and those quests have been overhauled since.

    I too would like real warband quality sword sister, I have also asked for them maybe be culture dependent to, like the final tier reflect what region the game from. Would be really really fun!
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    How is Medicine going for you? My INT character got 123 Medicine at day 287.

    The removal of the "main level reduces all skill learning" has been a big help for all skills, however I feel Medicine is still a bit slow and awkward to raise up. Getting to 123 is a good milestone for me because this exceeds the starting medicine of the aserai surgeon wanderers. Though you're...
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    The heroes have ~2% death probability. (This is 0 medicine, with 100 medicine it is reduced to 1% and with 200 medicine it's below 0.6%. So having a good surgeon in your party really benefits if you're fighting a lot.) Another effect of the patch is that now the medicine is way more effective in changing death probabilities (e.g. you can achieve 50% reduction with 0 to 100 medicine) (Modified by a 30% wounded penalty, meaning in simulated battles it's about ~30% lower.)
    Has medicine changed at all for troops survivability?
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    In Progress [1.6.3] Ranged AI bug

    Could you capture a video of this issue?
    @00:14 Jawwal throws the wrong way, @01:14 or so KG shoot the wrong way, others too but those are obvious examples.
    Note for devs, probably want smoother formation for "fallow me" for HA or ranged Cav, we want them to face and fire on enemy constantly as we lead them, they did this better in older version but it seems to have been altered over time.
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    In Progress [1.6.3] Ranged AI bug

    I have noticed this too. It may be they are releasing thier shot instead of re-holstering (or whatever) when they are unable to aim at the enemy, or just some new fun bug. It's very easy to see with HA on fallow me. They will consistently turn the wrong way and fire an arrow while you bring them in a circle around enemies and I am sure there is no enemy in that direction. I have also noticed foot archers/xbow on charge seem to keep moving closer completely unnecessarily, in older version they would simple hold ground once in optimal range but now they keep moving up after each shot. I want them to fight up close but not pre-maturely, holding thier ground and fire fire fire is what they should do.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    Has anybody noticed any weird behaviour with ranged troops? I've noticed horse archers aiming the opposite way after they get at a certain angle from their targets and sometimes foot troops throw their ranged in the direction they are walking, even if they are facing away from the enemy.
    Yes. I have noticed and am watching and considering how to report it. It may be they are releasing thier shot instead of re-holstering (or whatever) when they are unable to aim at the enemy, or just some new fun bug. It's very easy to see with HA on fallow me. If you want to report it go ahead and I'll add into the report at some point.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    Improved the way attribute and focus points are distributed for the AI.
    Is this what's going on with this wanderer having everything unassigned? Edit: No I guess not, after recruiting several more none of the others have un spent perks/points, they do have better attributes and fp selection set though.

    This is the first one I hired on 1.6.3 so I don't know if they're all like this, but that's an improvement Many players have asked to be able to just choose the perks themselves.!
  11. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    100% agree, rates should be split if they aren’t already.
    They should do this with a lot of settings man, custom game rules are always good
    Well, the % numbers are something to be looked at and revised via thorough testing, yet, the idea is to split death chances seems a good one to me, hope the team will at least have a look at that :smile:

    Yep, that seems to be an ideal option. Just like we have an option to disable death in battle at all, would be also nice to have an option to raise/decrease the death %. Combined with the idea of splitting the overall death % into death in battle probability and simulated battle death probability it sounds very solid.
    Yes, and option would be good because players (ever since death was enabled) have been absolutely complaining that thier faction and everyone around them dies out to fast because of the player involved battles (at 10% chance)! For some it could be enjoyable or even advantageous though, so options are the way to go! I kinda like getting everyone killed, my only qualm is when the game doesn't let me choose to easily hold back certain troops, like in keep fight or siege where it's hard to protect or control certain units/family.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    You guys are pre-maturely complaining about the 2% bot death. You should actually finish a new campaign and see how it goes. Most players will eventually decapitate every one anyways when they figure out they can't order vassals around or give themselves more fiefs, or make vassals take care of thier's or do anything useful whatsoever.
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    Why are the steam reviews so good?

    To break it down, I really don't understand the massive amount of pushback that BL gets on issues like Combat and Armor. I haven't had those issues, or at least experienced them to a massive degree.
    Have you considered you might just be a casual? 🤡
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    Nah it's fine and the fastest and funnest way to finish the map! Just butcher the AI lords in the field 1 faction at time, tunz of money and food always, leave 1 lord ruler in each faction so you don't create rebellions, then kill them them all at once and force the game to give you all fiefs, then pass all security and loyalty policies and you can control the entire world perfectly with no vassals or governors! Relations are absolutely worthless, you can even get married to someone from a clan with -100 relations! You can force recruit whatever you want, nothing matters. I can't understate how much of a problem I think it is that it is immensely faster and easier to wipe out the map solo then it is as a ruler with vassals! This should be a serious red flag that the ruler/vassal system is not good enough!

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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    Khada still got the long glaive and noble bow....and now they're mine!
  16. Ananda_The_Destroyer


    At least the last patch I got had nicotine
    I'm being sarcastic in case you wondered! I haven't even used a nicotine patch, I just quite like a man. 3 times! I don't have a problem with the update as I have advocated that it's better to release lesser updates if the main updates aren't ready yet.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    Decreased the chance of death caused by battle wounds in missions for all heroes except the player (the chance is the same in both missions and simulations).
    Can the player finally die in battle? (no) Is it 2% for everyone else?(yes)
    • Fixed a bug that caused clan roles to be deleted after the assignment.
    The least expensive horses are now used first while upgrading troops.
    Fixed a bug that caused item tiers to be wrongly calculated. This bug also prevented workshops from producing lowest tier and highest tier items.
    Yay! This makes sense in hindsight! Glad it's fixed!
    Improved the way attribute and focus points are distributed for the AI.
    Was getting excited till I read AI ;/
    Good bug fixes and QOL.
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    The logic for this game

    did you cheat in any way? money, influence, skill?
    Nope, no cheats or mods. I just start the game normally, get money from horse quest, marry, rescue brother, build party, but instead of ransoming the lords I attack, I execute them on the spot, 1 faction at a time, sparring only 1 per faction. Once I have the perks keen sight and mounted patrols (via normal gameplay, like every other playthrough)I will hold these rulers in my party until I have them all. This important because if you finish a faction pre-maturely the land goes to another faction which will let rebellions pop all over thier foreign land, they have almost zero competence at maintaining fiefs if they get a bunch at once like that.

    But I found it hard to believe that you can conquorer with your own clan
    Why? I'm faster and more powerful with a full KG party and scouting perks, I never have to fight anyone I don't want to. Think they stay in 1k+ armies forever? Think 100 KG can't each kill 10 enemies if they really had to anyways (they can)? I did it last May too without KG and just heavy HA. Even in games where I don't kill them I still hunt them down and keep the entire faction prisoner while I take thier fiefs 1 by1 with just my 1 party..... I mean who can stop me they're all in my prisoners.

    unless you play some other game version that's in easy mode or something
    Nope, Bannerlord difficulty! Native! If you can beat an average Lord party you can do this (maybe not as fast and easily), you're just defeating and killing lords until their aren't any. Nobody makes you fight an army (though you can and I do), you can always hunt elsewhere and wait for it to split up.
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    How many battles do you lose?

    Then I realized (don't ask my how that's even possible) that 80 percent of their men were Khan's Guards.
    This is why I kill them first, or imprison them and take all land if not killing. Khuzait too good to live!
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    "Footmen on horses" should be as fast as cavalry and be able to carry one more animal.

    And Cav don't think cav can handle an extra animal. Its ride one, herd one
    If anyone can confirm or deny this I'd like to know. I also think it's ride 1 handle 1 but I think this only because I've read so, I don't really know. I just look at the stats to determine if I need to sell/store some animals or not.
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