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  1. Yangbang

    Attack speeds with less scaled speed per level and more scaled for damage

    I get that a novice warrior wouldn't know how to handle their weapons compared to a more trained and experience person. But the slow snail speed swings do in early game are an eye sore and nerve wrecking. Could the idea of having the scaled speed of leveling up 1 hand, 2 hand, and pole arms be...
  2. Yangbang

    Can we have throwing axes and javelins/spears recoverable please.

    So obviously we can't be picking arrows off freshly beaten enemies. But throwing axes and javelins could totally be recovered, (with real life logic). Several times I'll be chucking my last javelin and getting an enemy square in the face. The sight causes his cowardly buddy to break a run and if...
  3. Yangbang

    Can we have an option to save the blueprints of weapons we smith?

    So far i'm really enjoy the smithing, tho i do play with mods that remove the annoying stamina feature of it. I think that part of smithing is really limiting and un-fun. But everything else tho is great, and i'm looking forward to more features to it, like armor and shield making. the one...
  4. Yangbang

    One mod that I dearly wish can become a feature (Buying patrols)

    I've only recently started playing with mods for Bannerlord and now I can't play without them. Mods truly fill the gap of what is missing in vanilla Bannerlord. I pray that hopefully they come to be ingame features. This is purely a gameplay changing mod that makes the world of Calradia fill...
  5. Yangbang

    What do you think the scale of Calradia is supposed to be? (in terms of travel distance)

    So there's no real standard of distance in Bannerlord that we can use to measure with, say for the big ball of fire up in the sky. We don't have any mile signs or speed measurements, so we're going to have to calculate distance by days. Since we're playing with a faction called the Empire...
  6. Yangbang

    I miss reputations with fiefs just being a single recruitment factor. (Recruitment)

    I like the innovation that bannerlord has with the new recruitment system. Change is cool and fun and all. But honestly, I really miss the single overall reputation system with a fief when it comes to recruitment. It just doesn't sit well with me that I gotta shake hands with every notable NPC...
  7. Yangbang

    Banner mania confuses me. How can we change that?

    So it's cool that every dam party has a flag waving high in the air above them, but that still doesn't tell me crap oh who they are. Banners and flags should be distinct that from afar we can tell who they are roughly and their affiliation (beyond just by color). We know that each faction has...
  8. Yangbang

    (Suggestion) Have upgrading troops only in Towns or Castles and also allow multiple leveling.

    This is just purely off immersion. I may have to add the unpopular penguin meme in here because i have a feeling that people want everything nowadays to be streamlined. A lot of people have not been liking the idea of having to outfit your horsemen with actual horses from your inventory. A...
  9. Yangbang

    The world Calradia needs roads in detail, here's how.

    As I roam across the open fields and woodlands of Calradia, the frozen north to the dunes of the south. I've began to notice something very unsettling about this world... I'm literally just wandering around aimlessly and so is every party I cross. And why is that? Why even with all these grand...
  10. Yangbang

    Need More Info Bad pathing thru water by mountainside

    Summary: Bad pathing thru water by mountainside How to Reproduce: have character travel north of Avalyps, character will then cut mountain side and travel thru water. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Avalyps Media (Screenshots & Video): Picture for reference Version: 1.0.11 Computer Specs...
  11. Yangbang

    [Suggestion] Have random chance of a high tier AI troop member become potential Companion.

    Merged Promote regular soldier to companion if certain conditions are met by @Panpek (OP starts here ) and Making a Captain/Follower out of one of your troops by @Dr-Shinobi (OP starts here ) into this thread I have any old school Medieval Total war fans here. Remember that you could have your...
  12. Yangbang

    Tavern Keeper should be more knowledgeable of all quest givers connected to city

    Every city Tavern Keeper should be able to update you with quests involving not only the city figure heads, but also all village quest givers too that are connected to that city. The Tavern Keeper should be open ears to all work far and wide that comes thru that city. It would really help with...
  13. Yangbang

    Need More Info (Bug) Fording bug at bridge by Argoron

    Summary: Fording bug at bridge by Argoron How to Reproduce: Travel over the bridge right next to Argoron Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Argoron Version: 1.1.0 Beta
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