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  1. McDadden

    Somethings gotta give

    Many have posted and talked about army or lord spam. I just wanted to show absolute proof there is something weird when it comes to ai lords spawning in with way more troops than they should. I often wonder where they get them. This link shows the status of a current war with the Western Empire...
  2. McDadden

    How many battles do you lose?

    I'll admit, my difficulty settings are always maxed out except for one: Map movement speed.
    Probably not the only one who does that, but **** it, gotta be fast. 🛫
    All realistic except for player received dmg. I wear the heaviest armor i can find for me and my horse and I save scum the most when I get one shot while riding around in a major battle. That's the only real time I ever take a loss. Without me commanding the action my men rush in for the slaughter, so I have to keep them restrained and organized. It's infuriating to get picked off by one arrow by some tier 2 archer while i'm practically in plate armor.
  3. McDadden

    Sturgian Troop tree

    I have brought this issue along with other people, but after watching a recent video by Mr Chicken Bannerlord on youtube it has given me a new idea. I think most would agree the Sturgian troop tree is troubled and while they have some good units it just doesn't have a good feel. The simple fix...
  4. McDadden

    Resolved Pravend siege ai problem

    Summary: walls of pravend, if breached during bomardment phase, become inaccessible for ai during the assault phase. They stand outside along the walls and get picked off. How to Reproduce: Take down the walls to Pravend then assault Have you used cheats and if so which: none and no mods Scene...
  5. McDadden

    Some ideas for adding flavor and balance to Sturgia's Troop Tree

    A lot of these issues have been touched on in other posts, but the community seems mostly agreed on them. Archers are way too powerful. Autocalc (and thus the majority of battles taking place) favor horse factions too heavily. Unit rosters still need work. More factions are needed or the current ones need more impact.
    To keep with the OP, I've tried playing as Sturgia and it was really hard for me. The interesting mechanic with their faction is you can have lots of good infantry and naturally acquire good cavalry while levelling them up. The other good thing about their cavalry is they are also decent on foot so you're not really handicapped when it comes to sieges. Not a long list of pros, but it's something
  6. McDadden

    How is the economy now?

    So I think the ability to upgrade caravans further in the late game when you're rocking large parties and forever wars is a significant loss for playability. I'd like to be able to manually add troops to a caravan and manage it's wage budget like I do with my parties.
    +1. Totally agree. I've paid the extra money for better troops in the caravan and instantly regretted it when four days later I find they've been captured by bandits. I find it crazy how easy they get destroyed. If you've ever really focused on hunting caravans, it's not that easy. You need specific perks and troop comp in order to catch them and then actually beat them.
    I started a raider playthrough to focus on doing this to see how much killing villagers and caravans affects a city at a time during a war. Also hoping to turn some hefty profits in the process.
  7. McDadden

    Some ideas for adding flavor and balance to Sturgia's Troop Tree

    I won't bother looking it back up to add the link, but I made a very similar post to this a few months ago. It seemed that many were resistant to such an idea because they felt it would imbalance the game. This would probably be true due to the auto calc heavily favoring cav units.
    I wholeheartedly agree that the sturgians should have a huscarl like unit. I wish they had over 200 one handed and athletics and wreck other infantry the way fians have that in archery and two handed.

    I'm personally not as concerned about historical context about fictional nations, but I get where yall are coming from. There is no denying that the sturgian units need another re work.
  8. McDadden

    What do you do in a medium-long campaign when NOT at war?

    Sell it back to the market... after a short period it shows up as reduced shortage. While it is morally reprehensible to create a food shortage, it is also very profitable to sell their food back to them after a siege.
    This and your earlier post are utterly devious and I love it. I've done soft sieges where I just sit in front of a city gate to block the villagers and caravans but not attract armies, but your plan is so much better. I'm gonna have to try this.

    Back to the OP,
    I think everyone agrees there is not enough peace time or rp elements in the game. I love feasts and all the other ideas people have suggested. I would love to see small interactions we could have with family members or other lords that would do nothing other than give a small relations boost. How about a quest to walk your wife or child through town and get 1 to 3 relation? I would do it for the rp alone. Maybe duels with other lords for battle practice for relation or small bet? The quests overall should be doubled and way more are needed for the vassal and ruler level.
  9. McDadden

    Please fix the archers auto-reformation from loose formation

    Same. I've commited 2,F2,F1 and then 2,F2,F3 to muscle memory at this point.
  10. McDadden

    Recruit minor factions troops.

    Couldn't agree more. Great idea and much needed for added troop diversity in the game.
  11. McDadden

    Infinite Armies

    You had me lol there. True words. I feel your pain 100%
  12. McDadden

    41 Lords in prison and still no peace? patch 1.5.10

    Thanks for pointing that out mexxico. Unfortunately this does change in the late game where factions that are completely beaten will still demand tribute if you want peace. Otherwise the few remaining lords will continue raiding villages and being a nuisance.
  13. McDadden

    Feedback on Prison Breaks

    I've done numerous breakouts and i've always had my civ gear regardless of sneaking in or entering a neutral town. There are several 2h swords you can make that are short, super fast and deal enough dmg to one or two hit just about any guard. Entering neutral towns and breaking out whoever is the best way to gain roguery. Also pick whoever is the cheapest, it's the same amount of xp regardless of who you break out.
    My main complaint is the prisoner should hang back and let me do the work.
  14. McDadden

    About BFC and KKG balance

    I agree they are the best two units in the game, but there will always be a best unit in the game. Increasing their daily cost wont prevent most players from farming large armies of them. I almost always run a daily deficit but dont worry about it because of the large loot hauls I trade in along with ransoms.
  15. McDadden

    Reworked Economy tied to troop Upgrades

    Is there a way that there could be a screen added to cities for troop upgrades? It seems strange to be wondering around the world and at any moment I can decide to throw some denars at a man with a shirt and pitchfork and poof; now he's a soldier with a shield and sword or a bow. What if you had...
  16. McDadden

    Balancing Castles/Cities

    Agree on all points. Castles are and should be military centers and cities economic ones
  17. McDadden

    Infinite Armies

    To reply to the op, many have voiced grief over this issue. Army spam is a fact of life in bannerlord. While I also find it annoying and there are some tweeks that could be made, there is something that is overlooked if they went too far. People want the wars to have impact and meaning, but imagine if after a handful of major battles the enemy faction is sapped and you can roll over them. A few battles doesn't take long to play out in real time. I'm just pointing out there's a balance to be had and you don't wanna throw out the baby with the bathwater
    There are so many nobles that spawn with 15-30 troops. Math is simple, it doesn't take long and they have several hundred troops and can repeat that forever
  18. McDadden

    The epitome of the catastrophical "design" decisions - the lack of Court

    Agree with everything said here. Many have been saying for a while there needs to be more to do. I love the gameplay loop, but over time it gets stale and need something to break up the monotony and make it feel more like a living world.
  19. McDadden

    Huge Army Battles

    Agree with several of the others. Keeping control of your formations is the key to surviving the big battles. It would be nice if the ai enemy would try to reform their own ranks and counter attack.
    As far a controlling the entire army, the only real ways to do it is either form your own army or be the leader of the faction. The latter is the best way because no matter how many troops are involved or regardless if it's an army or not you will still control everyone. I personally love this feature.
  20. McDadden

    How Do You Retreat?

    A major problem I have with the retreat mechanic is that it is very exploitable if you want it to be and useless when you don't. If you have all archers, you can set up a line and wait til they get close and retreat then rinse and repeat til they're all dead. If you're actually losing and want to get away, sorry but you'll go back to the same battle screen just to redeploy and get beaten again. Once you're in the battle, you're there til it's over.
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