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  1. Knight of calradia

    Discussion + Suggestions

    With regards to the Diplomacy mod, are everyone getting negative interest in Vinica or is the town random for each gameplay, or does it occur occasionally? Also preparing more land negated the interest generation for me. Is this a normal thing?
  2. Knight of calradia

    Perisno 1.1x - Main Thread | V1.3.6 | 8-27-2021

    I guess I can post some feedback here on the current version? Then here are some things which I'd like to point out:

    - Illica Falki Questline - the Drachen Army did not spawn for me, at least I've searched around the area of Voldeberg and Drachen quite a bit and still haven't found it. I took the quest when the town was under Drachen control still if that makes any difference.

    - The Dueler Questline - when I went to receive the final reward, I could repeat the dialogue and farm exp (2000xp reward) indefinitely. I did this a few times to test and it is an easy way to cheat. The person disappears after exiting the tavern though. Correct me if I'm wrong on this one because I can't rely on my memory 100%, although I remember the reward was 2000 exp from completing the dialogue.

    - Third Legion Questline - after they have returned to their capital, and set up their own kingdom, they have +3000 soldiers in the town, but this amount dwindles away to +1000 quite quickly (same with Zann towns really), being an easy target to a steamrolling kingdom. Maybe something can be done to maintain a high garrison number, and protect this particularly weak kingdom, in the likely late-game scenario.

    - Sidherton Geldar Questline - so in this quest, maybe I'm a total noob, but he only has 'exhaustive' dialogue lines for some reason, now that I went to see him later as a king. It seems as though I'm not able to complete his questline, even though I have not started it. I joined the Elintoran kingdom early on so maybe that had something to do with it. I could not take the quest when I was a vassal for their kingdom, and when the town was controlled by Zann also, although this could be an interesting alternative for completing the quest, reclaiming the town from the Zann Dynasty for the Elintoran/Geldar Elves.

    - Remus Questline - I have spoken more than 100 times with different travelers, but unfortunately I have not been able to progress with the quest. Any help? I have completed all the necessary steps until now.

    - Could you add a feature, so that you can choose your religion when you start a new game and have it adopted as your kingdom's religion when you start your own kingdom?

    - Also considering all the CTDs and the like, have you thought about making a basic version of the game, where there is a lesser number of items, etc. to eliminate factors that are likely to cause CTDs? Maybe I'm asking too much, but such a version could i.e. contain existing minor factions in the place of the dwarves and the giants, for example, if this kind of resolution solves anything.

    - Concerning the Galwe Royal Engineer - have you considered making a questline to access his troops, instead of having to be stuck with the Tolranian culture when the faction has already been obliterated?

    - Forde - rescue prisoner bug? - not sure if this is just my issue, but when the Elitoran and Maccavia were at war, I went there to attempt to rescue the Maccavian prisoners, without having any conflicts with either kingdom, besides having negative relations with the King. I tried to rescue the Maccavian Queen & King from the prison, but both times they turned hostile against me and the guards as well. Also when initiating the prison break, after pressing the option with the guard, the Elintoran guards started attacking the civilians on sight and killed them.

    Some feedback on the code:

    - The basic Diplomacy mod has a built-in framework, as I understood from reading others' feedback as well, to make it slightly harder to form pacts with kingdoms whose fiefs your kingdom has. This could be perhaps changed to only regard the center as part of their kingdom, or could this alter how they act towards other kingdoms when it comes to maintaining their kingdom's internal territory?

    - Again with the Diplomacy mod - could you make it available so that you can give a fief to a defeated kingdom, in order to restore them back from the 'defeated' status perhaps? It would be interesting to see this kind of feature so that you can have some allies due to the handicaps of the Diplomacy mod itself. Maybe this is difficult due to the code, but worth testing maybe :smile:

    Apologies about the stream of complaining, overall everything was wonderful, once I figured out a way to reduce the rate of CTDs, but not having solved the issue completely though (have to experiment more, tried most available methods). Previously the rate of CTDs was about once in everyone 15-20 minutes, now I can manage for over an hour (victory sound intensifies).

    BTW I know some of these belong to the Bug reports thread (+discussion& suggestings) but just wanted to ask here since I may have some problem on my end which is causing the irregularities. I can move the message there if you feel it is more convenient.
  3. Knight of calradia

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Always Busy. Currently working on v1.2. Should be released later this month.

    - Michadr

    Happy to hear from you. All the best to you guys, I like the contribution you're making to our awesome community. Keep up the great work! I hope sometime in the future I can do something as well, but pretty busy this month with all my other deadlines. Next spring I have a slightly infrequent schedule so maybe then, but can't be certain about my plans especially now with COVID-19...

    Merry Christmas ~
  4. Knight of calradia

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    How is the development team doing, if I may ask? I like what had been done so far :smile:

    BTW it was nice working with you guys some years ago, unfortunately, my rig was such a potato I couldn't really do my job in the Dev Team that well. Sorry bout' that..
  5. Knight of calradia

    No bodyguards in 1.0?

    I play on 1.13 and can purchase bodyguards from one of the personal assistants. Too bad they spawn in battle and get killed easily though, even when placing them at the bottom of the pack.
  6. Knight of calradia

    [DISCUSSION] Fan Suggestion Thread

    I want to be a Noldor lord/lady! Can you implement this please ?  :grin: Also wouldn't mind some diplomacy options for dealing with faction relations... in my current gameplay on max difficult I've found myself battered between two factions and have already lost my sweet saphire rune bow in the three hundred days of fighting :cry: . I lack motivation to fight back because every time we take something the enemy is going to take it back despite of the fact that my faction has close to 30 lords and during peace time about 4000+ troops. Also a good addition would be adding more unique spawns as they tend to get rarer as the days go by and minor factions get obliterated. It of course would lead to a situation in which the player finds him/herself piled up in Q-Gems so there could be an option to release the unique spawn/hero for a rune. The runes could have multiple uses; be used to forge unique pieces of equipment, add up troop health/damage if equipped (note that you will need a rune slot in your character), or anything else you might care to think about. Besides all this you should be able to upgrade the level of your military patrol and add the feature from M&B fire/sword bla to invest in caravans. Thanks and enjoy the game!

    PS if you find some of the features ':facepalm:' please ignore them and move on! :lol:

    Edit: Big thanks to devs for bringing about this awesome mod! Every update is a positive addition to the mod so keep on doing what you do because it's very much appreciated!
  7. Knight of calradia

    Armeijan harmaisiin

    Joo pänttään nyt tosta lenkkeilyn aloittamisesta. Ajattelin sitemmin käydä salilla jonkun aikaan et voin hankkia tarvittavan peruskunnon tohon lenkkeilyyn. Ei tietenkään ole välttämätöntä, mutta ajattelin et käy paremmin jos teen niin päin. Pitääpi vielä hankkia riittävät ulkoiluvarusteet joka on kyl pois opiskelijan lompakosta :neutral: mut sinänsä hyvä sijoitus. Kiitos neuvoista!
  8. Knight of calradia

    Armeijan harmaisiin

    Joten, mulla alkais asepalvelus tossa 14 kk:n päästä ja kysyisin onks jonku harrastuksen aloittaminen vai kuntosalilla käynti parempi kun tällä hetkellä ainut harrastus on tupakointi (1-2 sätkää päivässä) muttei kyl oo mitään riippuvuutta siitä. Aloittaisin nollasta (ei ylipainoa) ja olen lukiolainen (abi). Kysyisin myös oisko mitkä jutut salilla niitä mitä kanttis tehdä ja jotka olis hyödyksi sit asepalveluksessa. Kiitos ja hyviä jatkoja.

  9. Knight of calradia

    Light & Darkness II - News arrive! (Sep. 21, 2016)

    Just dropped by to see if there was a newer version and there actually is... (going to be really soon)! I hope it comes out before Bannerlord though. Keep up the good work!  :party: :party:
  10. Knight of calradia

    Formation usage (a poll)

    It all depends on my troop composition, difficulty settings, enemy tactics, enemy troop composition and terrain. On max difficulty I'm used to losing troops but I hardly lose battles. The aftermath after every battle is tiring so I do it in advance and then move on from where I left at. The success of formations heavily depends the player's importance on the battlefield, For example the player can kite the enemies to his advantage or take out the enemies' heavy cavalry whilst they are distracted by ally troops. I'm used to using simple commands such as stand closer or split up, hold your position, hold your fire/fire at will depending on the variables of the battlefield. Of course additional commands can substantially change the flow of the battle but simpler is usually better in terms of tactics. I haven't even tried flanking on max difficulty because the enemy's heavy infantry is sure to crush my attack so I keep my pace to avoid pointless losses.
  11. Knight of calradia

    Enemy faction too passive

    Lol I always get massacred at first sight when I declare my own kingdom.. you're one lucky ***  :grin:
  12. Knight of calradia

    The Real Reason Why the Fierdvain are usually the first Faction eliminated.

    Well as it stands the Fierdsvain were superior in the version 3.6 and at the moment Ravenstern and D'shar are the 2 factions to split that power (Ravenstern being the one whom plays it's cards carefully). Adding more lords would make me happy as ever so I wouldn't need to watch them outcasts switch over their factions whilst hating every king or queen they ride by.
  13. Knight of calradia

    3.8 Balance Suggestion

    Good stuffs! Add bigger throwing weapons so you can actually use them effectively in melee. Also losing units on the max difficulty doesn't make much of a difference to me because I have to constantly hire more to cover up the losses but having more durable troops in my army would surely help inevitably. This could actually work... good luck on working on the update. Thumps up!!  :party:

    Edit: "minor bans (bands) for loot" and "there are plenty to chose (choose) from". PS: Don't hate me  :fruity: :fruity:
  14. Knight of calradia

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Epicrules said:
    Knight of calradia said:
    Did you fix the "prisoners turning into enemies" when helping them to escape from a prison thing ?

    Thanks in advance, KoC

    That's a bug with the native game and can't be consistently reproduced, even by TaleWorlds. I've never once had it happen to me.

    Okidoki. Thanks for vital information sir ~~
  15. Knight of calradia

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Did you fix the "prisoners turning into enemies" when helping them to escape from a prison thing ?

    Thanks in advance, KoC
  16. Knight of calradia

    New mods ?

    Bonez899 said:
    Not sure of new mods but mods like Prophesy of Pendor or Silverstag are there and still active with updates.

    Also you might want to check out Viking Conquest on Steam. It should still be on sale for ~$5 or less and is a brand new DLC created by Taleworlds and the Brytenwalda team.

    Downloading Viking Conquest & Prophesy of Pendor (didn't know they already released 3.7 holy crap because it's may favorite mod) 
  17. Knight of calradia

    New mods ?

    I've been playing other games for 2 years now and I'm looking forward to make a comeback to M&B Warband, but are there any new mods ? I pretty much played all the good ones till I stopped playing.
  18. Knight of calradia

    Max difficulty tips

    Actually, it doesn't work very well because there are two major factions which have only one town and they cannot send out very many caravans..., also my leadership happens to be 8 so correction to that.
  19. Knight of calradia

    Max difficulty tips

    zykox said:
    Knight of calradia said:
    How about the order rank points as I have 20 of them or so ?, and as you may not know my leadership is only 7 so are there any other methods to afford my costly garrisons when our kingdom is in truce ?

    Leadership 7 is already pretty much.

    There is a thread on how to make money or save money:,326944.0.html

    I've read it through, but I have already very nice relationships with everyone so the only downside is that we are constantly at war.
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