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  1. Frostic

    In Progress [e.1.5.6] Rhemtoil Castle siege ladders bug

    So it might be that it just happened this once, but when sieging Rhemtoil Castle (Battania) using nothing ladders as siege engine the AI just stopped, significantly reducing my fps in the process. This footage shows AI behaviour: My fps goes (somewhat) back up when infantry is set to...
  2. Frostic

    Need More Info Intel processors are underpreforming

    Hey there, My i7 8700K @3.7 GHz can't handle 500v500 battles, running at a sloppy 20-30 fps. I'm pretty sure that it's a cpu bottleneck because turning graphics down gives me maybe 1 fps more. There seems to be a general issue with Intel proccessors, my guess is that Intel's cores arent...
  3. Frostic

    Official release date of EA

    Steam store just got updated, 31st of march guys. :party: :party:
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