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  1. Hank

    In Progress Battles lockup/freeze/stutter despite lowest possible settings

    Summary: No matter how low I put the graphics settings, battles started locking up and freezing (no matter the size, it even happens in Arena, and no particular action such as attacking seems to cause it) around patch 1.1, and I figured they would get better but even the patch today did not...
  2. Hank

    Trying to create new dialog

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to create a new dialog that allows patrols to be recruited by the player for a certain amount of money. Here's what I have so far in module_dialogs: I'm fairly new at trying to create whole new scripts, so any ideas of where you can tell me to go would be much...
  3. Hank

    SP Native Rise of the Mercenaries (New screenshots)

    I have been working on a small mod recently between classes and during my down time. Here is the story so far: I have already created several new towns, castles, and villages which will be included in the initial release, whenever that will be. Planned features: 1. New, expanded mercenary...
  4. Hank


    Nevermind, I'm dumb :D
  5. Hank

    Module_Dialogs error while compiling.

    Hey guys, I recently re-added the forager and scout parties, and while compiling I encountered this: I couldn't figure it out, but the line it references, line 12472, is at the very bottom of the script. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. Hank


    Really dumb question here - I've been searching and searching for an answer but have found none, so I'm going to ask. How do you get the nobility line? In my case, I'm the Marinians (sp?) and so I would like to get a Marinian Mercenary - so I captured a town, built that Bourqeuies thing or...
  7. Hank

    Internet Troubles (Very Slow)

    Hey guys, I'm hoping I could get help from you guys. So I have Shaw High Speed Internet, and it used to be really great, until I got my new computer, and since then my internet has these periods where it's really slow. PAINFULLY slow. Even making this thread was painful. Sometimes it lasts from...
  8. Hank

    Screenshots Coming Up As Nothing But White

    So I'm trying to take a screenshot in-game, but when I press print-screen then go into paint, and paste it, the entire thing comes up just blank, like a white sheet. Same thing happens in Photoshop. I'm running 0.960. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Hank

    Installing an external hard drive on Windows 98

    Hey guys, So I got a new computer, and I'm giving my old one to my dad. Currently, my dad's running on a Windows 98 SE, which is, you know, ancient. But he's been stubborn about it, and he wants absolutely EVERYTHING transfered over. He has some 15 gigs of stuff to move, and I can do it with my...
  10. Hank

    What mediates party size for Bandits and Deserters?

    Ok, so I've been decimating forces of various factions for some time now, except lords are now spawning with something like 20-30 units in their party, so I'm taking time to kill bandits to let them rebuild a bit so I can fight bigger lord parties. However, I'm encountering bandit and deserter...
  11. Hank

    Kingdom Lord Parties

    So I'm trying to increase the limit to the number of units a Kingdom's Lord's Party has, and I've found the "Ideal Size" tidbit in the module_scripts section, and I know that a lord starts with a base of 30 (from what I gather) but what I want too know is that can I change it for different...
  12. Hank

    List of what villages belong to what faction?

    So here I am, trying to rename the various villages, but I don't know what belongs to what faction - does anyone have a list of what village belongs to what village? There sure is a lot of them.  :( Thanks a bunch!
  13. Hank

    Not compling "quick_strings.txt" and Troop error

    For some reason, my build_module.bat won't compile quick_strings.txt, and thereby I can't get into the game because it's missing. Now I've tried copying and pasting the quick_strings.txt from native to my mod, which seems to work fine, but now the new units I've added (or, rather, the units I...
  14. Hank

    Being able to have one unit upgrade into three different ones?

    So I'm currently working on a mod, which is my first, and I was creating some new units and setting up the upgrading trees - now I was wondering, can I get a unit to upgrade into three different ones? For instance, giving the player the choice of upgrading a farmer into a watchman, mercenary...
  15. Hank

    Heros becoming Vassals

    While playing, I noticed that I had a large amount of men that I saved (from various parties or from bandits) stored away in my granted castles - somewhere around 400. Now I was thinking - what if our heroes could be like vassals to us. We could train them to, say, level 15 or so then at that...
  16. Hank

    Mount&Blade: Hurt and Heal

    Well, here today I will introduce you too a game called Hurt and Heal, where a few characters are thrown into a fray, and then each person chooses one person to hurt and one person to heal, so it goes like this: Say there's a Nord recruit with 10 health and a Swadian peasant with 10 health, and...
  17. Hank

    Mount&Blade - I'm on your walls

    I was bored: And yes, I killed all those guys - it took a crap load of effort. (and cntrl + h)
  18. Hank

    Released Prisoners seen on the World Map

    I was playing today, and I freed around 72+ men and women from the grasps of a group of Dark Knights, and I was thinking - what happens to them since I can't take them with me? So I thought - what if you leave some prisoners behind, then they go on their way - on the world map. Like, if you...
  19. Hank

    How long will my activation key take?

    Hey guys, just registered. Played the trail of the game and loved it - I really want the actual game, so I bought it with my dad's paypal (I'm only 16, don't have my own yet), and I was wondering how and when will I get the registration key? Thanks.
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