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  1. sleepy dragon

    Future Plans

    I appreciate the roadmap but I feel this won't be enough to revive the game.
  2. sleepy dragon

    North American Server Inconsistency

    There is an issue related to the NAE service provider, we are looking into it.
    Make them central :smile:
  3. sleepy dragon

    What happened?

    There is a lot of polish. Just take DM for example.
    Dunno if soul plays bannerlord tho
  4. sleepy dragon

    What happened?

    Agreed besides the last paragraph. The quality simply isn't there. The biggest update was the addition of a new game mode, and it really lacks in quality. It offers less freedom than the Ludus, a modded Warband server. Their balance patches didn't work at all, they just jumped from one issue to the other because of their class system and sometimes, they even came back to the previous issues by trying to solve the new ones.
    Let's not even talk about the servers, that's the pinnacle of Taleworlds mediocrity.
    Bannerlord has neither soul nor polish.
  5. sleepy dragon

    Poll: The unification of North American servers

    Which begs the question of why it hasn't been done already, and wasn't done in the first place.
    Only thing I can imagine is their server provider doesn't have servers in central and they don't want to change them. Maybe they just don't care though and are fine with NA being ruined.
  6. sleepy dragon

    Poll: The unification of North American servers

    Just do central servers
    This is the only sensible thing to do.
  7. sleepy dragon

    Bannerlord & Prime matter?

    Already milked consumers with early access, might as well milk a publisher.
  8. sleepy dragon

    Congrats TW - you killed your own game

    Rhade literally hit the nail on the head so hard it went straight through the board and stabbed us in the foot and weve just been floundering around in pain ever since.
    Rhade never misses
  9. sleepy dragon

    A Suggestion: Taunts and Emotes in MP

    Emotes where my least favorite part of neogk, no ty
  10. sleepy dragon

    Revert the last patch

    It's a feature
  11. sleepy dragon


    They came over, killed some random nobodies and left....... kinda dumb
    Sounds like EU coming to NA
  12. sleepy dragon

    Menace of Wenfire {SLAYERS OF MEN ELITE!}

    wher wer u when canton was kill
    Behind the blade
  13. sleepy dragon

    P.O.G.A.A.H propositions and suggestions list to improve infantry ✂

    We read it when it was posted.
    No response does not mean it is being ignored.
    Might want to communicate it's not being ignored earlier then, like a decent company would.
  14. sleepy dragon

    What are you playing right now?

    Banned every game? She's not what I'd call OP, but then I'm stuck in unranked for a little while yet 'cause I last played in 2016. The players I'm against are not what I'd call excellent.
    People tend to just ban new heroes in ranked, I think there was a bug that was making her banned more often as well.
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