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  1. AngryNerd

    Abuse of the votekicking system needs serious attention

    Why is it that only sweaty mediocre players with thousand or more hours yet still in low divisions are the ones that actually want to kick new players for not being good enough lmao, you guys are bad because you are ****ing bad and bullying new players isn't gonna make you any better.
  2. AngryNerd

    [CFL] Grand Final

    we got default gg
  3. AngryNerd

    Future Plans

    "Ranked Matchmaking"​

    How do you want to implement ranked matchmaking in a multiplayer game that about 30 people play?
  4. AngryNerd

    Congratulations TW

    TW devs are stuck in an endless cycle of removing and adding back darts and javelins to infantry classes. send them some help and we might get custom servers and combat rework by year 2035
  5. AngryNerd

    Would you currently prefer custom servers or what taleworlds has in mind to implement before them?

    Lets get spectator tools first then we can talk about esports.
    Lets get a good combat first then we can talk about esports ))
  6. AngryNerd

    [CFL] Suggestions and Discussion

    We need a hero to count them from screenshots
  7. AngryNerd

    EU Skirmish Open Bannerlord Draft Cup 4 - Sign Ups Open (56/56)

    Name : ONeil
    Nationality : GB
    Main Class : Inf/Cav
    Steam Link :
    I confirm that I will be there on a draft cup itself (31.07.2021 at 17.00 CEST). I think so will let know otherwise

    I should be a good 100k player
  8. AngryNerd

    EU Skirmish Open Bannerlord Draft Cup 4 - Sign Ups Open (56/56)

    Name : Inspire
    Nationality : I dare not speak of it
    Main Class : Cav
    Steam Link :
    I confirm that I will be there on a draft cup itself (31.07.2021 at 17.00 CEST).

    Hes banned on forums but can confirm via steam

    Name : AngryNerd
    Nationality : Polish
    Main Class : inf
    Steam Link :
    I confirm that I will be there on a draft cup itself (31.07.2021 at 17.00 CEST).
  9. AngryNerd

    EU Native Battle In-progress European Infantry League!

    Player Addition
    Team Name: Team1503
    Player's Name: Shovenio
  10. AngryNerd

    Will Bannerlord have serious ranked in the future?

    You can't have ranked based matchups in a game with 30 active players.
  11. AngryNerd

    EU Native Battle Completed [Carnage Fantasy League] Player Sign-Ups

    Name: AngryNerd
    Nationality: Polish
    Prefered Class: inf
    Past Teams / Experience: Malta, Polish NC team
  12. AngryNerd

    EU Native Battle In-progress European Infantry League!

    Team1503 20-2 OROSPU_

  13. AngryNerd

    What does the community want?

    Where is option: "I would play multiplayer if it wasn't complete garbage"?
  14. AngryNerd

    EU Native Battle In-progress European Infantry League!

    Team name: Team 1503
    Tag: *nickname*1503
    Players in your team: AngryNerd, Longinus, DonNeto
    Captains steam link:
  15. AngryNerd

    Why Is This Forum Section So Toxic?

    Garbage company that doesn't care about most dedicated playerbase, doesn't even bother to keep contact with them, sad. And people who actually tryhard this game are just letting TW know it's ok for them to treat community like trash, they'll play anyway.
  16. AngryNerd

    INT Native Duel Busby Redemption Duel Tournament - 160$ Prize Pool

    angrynerd 7-3 tristan gfs
  17. AngryNerd

    EU Other Completed European 3 vs. 3 Sword & Board Tournament I

    no E key 2-0 sloth gluttony and greed
  18. AngryNerd

    P.O.G.A.A.H propositions and suggestions list to improve infantry ✂

    Nerfing kicks further is pointless, as TW said nerf to missed kick is comming so punishing it will be easier.
    Fair enough, didn't know that, my bad.
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