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  1. sleepy dragon

    Why are NA servers still in NY?

    This is a big problem that Taleworlds needs to address. The game is in a near unplayable state for west coast NA. The ping gap between an 80 ping west player and an 8 ping east player is ridiculous. NA servers in Warband have been located in Chicago for near the entire life span of the game...
  2. sleepy dragon

    Rittenhouse - Wardens of the Last Dragon [NA]

    Rittenhouse is a collaboration of experienced Warband veterans. Our goal is to help nurture competitive Bannerlord. We are looking for scrims, and are open to help new players interested in competitive play. We won't claim that we are the best in NA like other clans. Instead, we'll just wait for...
  3. sleepy dragon

    [NASS] Server Booking

    Server    Bookings NASS Admin Mod Please be sure to book your server(s) at least 24 hours prior to the match. In order to do so, please fill out the 'Server Booking Form' below. The servers can be used for both NASS and casual matches, however, NASS matches will have priority due to the...
  4. sleepy dragon

    [NASS] Ruleset

    »RULES« » INDEX Behavior Rules § 1 Maturity and Respect § 2 Cheating Tournament Rules § 3 Tournament Format § 4 Regular Season Format § 5 Playoffs Format § 6 Picks, Scheduling & Scoring § 7 Maps & Factions Roster Rules § 8 Team Rosters § 9 Multiteaming Match Rules § 10 Match Server §...
  5. sleepy dragon

    {lit}Literally Average (New Thread)

    [glow=red,2,300] Captain: Kelquethas Co-Captain: All Luck [font=comic sans]Members: Abellard   Ebdanian BattleCry (TOTALLY NOT A MEMBER OF LIT ROB) Gorlock (Dave)   Mav   Red Sentry Volpel   Shemaforash Juve Thunderbeu Snazzelicious Watly TRAITORS: GIBBY...
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