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  1. Crowcorrector

    Selecting multiple groups for battle commands

    Not sure if this is a bug or not. In previous builds (1.3 and below. Haven't played 1.4), the player was able to select multiple groups (eg. Inf and archers) to command by holding the control button (or shift?) And selecting the group numbers (eg. 1 and 2) prior to issuing the commands. In...
  2. Crowcorrector

    Freeman: Guerilla Warfare, Something to help waiting for BL

    Check out Freeman: Guerilla Warfare, basically M&B with guns...and a release date which is on the 1st of Feb It's in the beta stage so manage your expectations.  The Devs are in constant contact with their community re. Feedback and...
  3. Crowcorrector

    No Appearance at PC Gamer 2018

    Well the PC Gamer weekend is in a month By this time in 2016 and 2017 TW had announced they would be attending or providing journalists with some material.  They're not listed on the exhibitors section this year. Do you reckon it's safe to assume that...
  4. Crowcorrector

    Locking custom group formations

    From gameplay vids we've seen that it is possible to split your units into different groupings.  (Eg.  Splitting your cavalry into cav group 1 and cav group 2) Has anyone spotted ths option to lock several  of these groupings into formations from the vertical menu/ options bar on the left of...
  5. Crowcorrector

    Optimism for 2018

    So this time last year, it had been 9  months since the 30min PC gamer 2016 gameplay vids which showcased loads.  I was slightly dissappointed that TW didn't manage to release the game that year but was dead certain,  due to the seemingly complete gameplay showcase,  that a release in 2017 was...
  6. Crowcorrector

    next info event

    I'm assuming that all they're showing at Gamescon is the multiplayer.  What is the next gaming event which TW might attend that we need to hibernate till... PC gamer in Feb 18?
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