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  1. Jur

    In Progress Quest rewards

    Please fix quest rewards. I buy 400 dinars worth of grain for village and I gain 22 relation. Then I do quest where I have to fight 40 deserters, I give them half of gold back and I get just 7 relation.
  2. Jur

    Resolved Map AI can't set priorities.

    While kingdom villages are being sacked and burned down, AI will chase after bandits. Even when it has superior numbers. To be fair it had first set raiders as the target, but then changed it's mind. It happens a lot that it changes it's mind. In same game I had witnessed how was 300 army...
  3. Jur

    Resolved Steam "TIME PLAYED" is wrong

    Last two weeks I played only 15 mins of custom battle, but Steam says that I played 58 hours. I also have a problem where I can't run from Steam because launcher never shows up, soI have to start the game manually... It's probably connected.
  4. Jur

    SP Native JurBankFeatures

    Plan of this mode is to implement small features that are missing from the game, like following partys on the map. Following party can come in handy when you are escorting caravans. You can also propose what small features would you like to have and if possible I will add them. FOLLOW FEATURE...
  5. Jur

    [SUGGESTION]Dance duel

    Since dancing became really popular in MP, maybe there should also be DUEL game mode where players would dance against each other and spectators would rate them. Looser would get beheaded.
  6. Jur

    Slovenija do Tokija!

  7. Jur


    Hello Italian friends! I have a mission for you. I allready offered it to my useless clan mate Turambar but he is to white and nerdy to do it. He doesn't even know the company named BCS, which is in my opinion an Italian jewel. So here is the mission: I would need you to find BCS 740 Power...
  8. Jur

    Changing the beggining misson

    I want to change the beginning mission where you fight the bandid and then talk with merchant who tells you to get 5 man. I managed to change the quest, but the thing that I would like to do is. Just after you finish the conversation with merchant  would like that you get moved to another...
  9. Jur

    SP Fantasy Bleach (Anime mode) Alhpa 1.010

    I was thinking long time about this.I already saw topic about Bleach mode but they said that this doesn't fit to this game. But I will give a try any way. I have already dones some things but I would need at least texturer who would help me. What bleach is? For those that don't know anime or...
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