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  1. TFK_Ted

    Ted's Scene- & Mapping Workshop Vol.2

    Head here for Warband and related mods: [WB][NW][PW] - Ted's Scene- & Mapping-Workshop Heyho, although I have not worked on Bannerlord for months due to its current development, I still wanted to share some pictures of how Hougoumont came to live for Sword & Musket. The Bannerlord engine...
  2. TFK_Ted

    Contest: Guess the release date!

    This actually sounded like a great idea, reason enough for me to hijack it.  :iamamoron: Rules - The guess refers to the date of full release (not the beta) - You must only make one guess - You are not allowed to change your guess - Taleworlds-members and associates are excluded from this...
  3. TFK_Ted

    [B] [WB][NW][PW] - Ted's Scene- & Mapping-Workshop

    Native Oasis - Released as OSP in the Scening Contest - Generic Mountain Castle Napoleonic Wars GR Nr33 Kaserne - a cooperation with Engels. Currently used by Graf Roon Nr.33...
  4. TFK_Ted

    How to place spr props using Edit Mode

    Hey, I've got a question (You never thought anything like that would happen, right?  :wink: ) How can I place spr probs, like rhodok walls, towers or swadian houses and so on using the edit mode? I can't find these probs in the list of placeable objects.  :| I wanted to built a medieval city...
  5. TFK_Ted

    [NEW][Clan] The Fallen Knights TFK

    Because the Clanthread was closed, I decided to start a new Thread for Discussions and so on. I think it won't be as nice like the old Thread ebcause that's my first Taleworlds Thread, but here it is  :D (Sorry for my bad English  :wink: ) Since: 19.6.2013  Location: Germany  Clantag...
  6. TFK_Ted

    [Clan] The Fallen Knights TFK

    Weil der Clanthread geschlossen wurde, mache ih hier einfach mal nen neuen auf :D Since: 19.6.2013  Location: Germany  Clantag: TFK_name  Active: Yes  Recruiting: Yes Geschichte: Ergebnisse:                                                                        Our famous banner:  ...
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