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  1. Medivhtratos

    Captivity of the Main Character

    I will bring this up since sometimes it happens to me, I've got caught and get imprisoned. Playing as vassal or king: In 1.6.0 you won't loose all your inventory but you will loose all your soldiers. So after the captivity you will get released in enemy territory with the rest of your...
  2. Medivhtratos

    Feedback on the Athletic Skill

    @SadShogun , @Dejan Hey guys, i just wanna give a feedback regarding the speed change of Athletics in 1.5.10. Though I appreciate that I´m no longer a "Speedy Gonzales" on foot, it has also it downsides. 1. Because of the Reduction you will gain less Athletics XP Speed Bonus from movement is...
  3. Medivhtratos

    In Progress Just a xml hint again

    Hey guys, just a hint regarding values for some units: Desert Bandit Boss has 130 in athletics but is a mounted soldier Jawwal start with 180 in athletics at tier 1, funny to watch but, yeah well you know
  4. Medivhtratos

    In Progress 1.5.10 no health regeneration after captured

    Summary: after you start a war(as minor faction) with a main faction, by raiding a village and you become a prisoner, your campaign icon becomes invisible after you get released from prison. Furthermore your health won't regenerate over 18% How to Reproduce: raid a village as minor faction(no...
  5. Medivhtratos

    1.5.10 Athletics to slow for you? Here a solution

    1. Install DNSpy or Visual Studio 2. Open the TalesWorldCampaign.dll 3. Search in this .dll after the "DefaultSkillEffects" class 4. Change in this class the numbers, regarding Athletic, by right clicking the Method "InitializeALL" and than press "C# to work with method" 5. Save your changed...
  6. Medivhtratos

    BL Coding Agent Driven Properties Questions

    Hi guys, i need some information regarding the SetAIRelatedProperties method protected void SetAiRelatedProperties(Agent agent, AgentDrivenProperties agentDrivenProperties, WeaponComponentData equippedItem, WeaponComponentData secondaryItem) { int meleeSkill =...
  7. Medivhtratos

    In Progress Prison break Quest fail bug + xWounded

    Hey guys, If you get wounded during a Prison Break, you are still able to leave the city with 0% hp and 1 wounded troop in your party. The wounded troop doesnt vanish after your character is healed to full health again. If you repeat this 20 times you will have 20 wounded soldiers in your...
  8. Medivhtratos

    1.5.9 Ok where are the Crossbows?

    Just simple as that. After a long time we have our Noble Bows back and also High End Armor appeared in the shops of the towns. Now I play my first Crossbow playthrough... guess what its year 1092 and the Bound Crossbow can nowhere be found, all other stuff is since 1090 in the market. Only the...
  9. Medivhtratos

    Resolved Minor Bug(s) (xml adjustments)

    Hey everyone, Maybe this thread can be continued through the EA, related to minor adjustments in xml files. Bug: Weight of Armor Compare the Weight of high quality Armors: High Weight: 1. Imperial Lamellar(22.1) 2. Coat of Plates over Mail(25.1) 3.Northern Lamellar over Hauberk(28.0 )...
  10. Medivhtratos

    Resolved Wrong Unit/Troop stats

    So this is just a little bug, but at least it is one :smile: Some Units doesn´t have the "right" stats, regarding their type Still, best example: Battanian Oathsworn(Infantry) Skill: 130 Riding, 80 Athletics Aseri Veteran Faris(Horse Skirmisher) Throwing: 80 => Aserai Faris, one Tier lower...
  11. Medivhtratos

    Suggestion: Medicine leveling / Rougery leveling

    Hi folks,developers At the moment, we have different kinds of methods to lvl up our Medicine Skills and Rougery skills. The most used methods looks like this public static void OnPrisonerSell(MobileParty mobileParty, float count) { float skillXp = 6f * count...
  12. Medivhtratos

    Suggestion: Make a sepparate method for SetAiRelatedProperties for MP

    The Headline says all. This thread is related to the MP captain mode AI and the SP AI. Since both modes are using the same Method for the Agent Behaviour. Suggestion: I think they shouldn´t share at least this Method. Copy Paste the Method and change their callups. So that we have one for SP...
  13. Medivhtratos

    How we can raise Medicine XP gain / Suggestions are wishable

    (speculations) For a Hero that has 0hp, the Surgeon/MainHero gets: 10x100?x0,01 = 10XP (without any multiplier factor=Learning Rate factor) For 20 wounded Troops, the Surgeon/MainHero gets: 20x10=200XP (without any multiplier factor=Learning Rate factor) Because both Methods are named...
  14. Medivhtratos

    Reduce High quality Armor prices this link shows you the method in your code with which you could do it.
  15. Medivhtratos

    Armors/weapons are still to expensive here a Suggestion

    Just how i solve the high prices right now. The underlined number was 7.5f before/original Programm Code. here the shop result by selling a high quality armor right out of the cheat inventory with 7.5f: And here an Image after changing the code to 5.4f: As you can see, the Price is...
  16. Medivhtratos

    Resolved All grain/wheat villages have now "Cow" as Primary Production in their Tool Tip

    As it states, after loading an old save of 1.5.4 to 1.5.5 every Village which is producing primaly "grain", the Tool Tip, if you hover over the Village, changed to "Primary Production: cow". Have to add, that they still produce "grain", so you only have to look if it is a grain field near the...
  17. Medivhtratos

    Resolved Crash in tutorial

    Version 1. 5.4 No mods Description: Game crashes during the tutorial. When you leave the training ground and want a chat with the "refugee" group which is near the village your game crashes. How to reproduce: Do not skip the tutorial and leave the training grounds. Try to chat with that group...
  18. Medivhtratos

    Resolved [1.5.1] Notable Power still decreasing

    Hello developers and Community Supporters After a decent amount of ingame time i saw in a battania village a Notable with a negative Power Number(-97 or so). Since this shouldn´t happen after a hotfix in 1.4.3 i thought i should report this. I also tested it with a notable in Rhotae who startet...
  19. Medivhtratos

    Some weird Army behaviour 1.5.0

    Sometimes AI Armies showing up weird behaviour, I noticed it in 1.4.3 beta the first time where an Army has gone in and out in one town for a week(Empire Army). Now the same occured with a 1.5.0 playthrough, with a sturgian army. Thats the Video i have made I was a mercenary of Sturgia...
  20. Medivhtratos

    Resolved Cant join an ongoing Siege (Bug) 1.4.3 Beta

    Game version 1.4.3. Beta Friendly faction Army is sieging a Castle. As a mercenary party, who comes later to the siege, you can join the ongoing siege and have the Option to "Attack" or "Let your Troops join the sieging". If you press "Attack" where you normaly join personally the Siege with...
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