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  1. Talgorn

    how do I remarry?

    Remarry? You filthy heathen. May your accursed soul be incessantly tortured in the darkest abys of Hades upon your death!

    The Emperor Protects!
    Assuming you are not abusing the name of Hades and we are in fact talking about the standards and practices of an ancient Hellenic polytheistic society, I am no heathen, sir.

    A quick Wikipedia read offers this little insight into the practice of remarriage in ancient Greece: "Another common reason for marriages to end was if someone was widowed. Women were often made widows when their husbands died in war, men commonly became widows as a result of death during childbirth. It was common for those who were divorced or widowed to be remarried" -- source

    I treasured my wonderful Vlandian wife, and now she is gone. I think I'm ready to get back out there.

    My question remains. Good day to you.
  2. Talgorn

    Mods Aren't Loading in 1.5.9?

    Having same problem and it's aggravating that no one has responded to this. Me and you can't be the only ones.
    hey there! My bad for not updating this thread, but I reported this in the crash reports forum and got an answer!

    Go into the module folder for your mod, into the bin/Win64_Shipping_Client, and go through any .dll files your mod contains -- under properties check unblock and make sure you to hit apply.

    Since doing that, I've had no trouble loading mods.
  3. Talgorn

    how do I remarry?

    My wife died in childbirth. I don't have the courtship dialogues with ladies, is there a reason for this? Is there some sort of grieving period before I can remarry? Thanks
  4. Talgorn

    Resolved Game crashes when loading any mod

    Thank you! That fixed it.
  5. Talgorn

    Resolved Game crashes when loading any mod

    Delete the Developer Console mod, you don't need it anymore as the game has a built in one.
    Agreed, although my point was that this happens with any mod; I'm not trying to troubleshoot this one specifically.
  6. Talgorn

    Can't find the barter dialogue while at war

    You've got to track down the leader of the clan and click the "perhaps we don't have to come to blows" > "what do you think of your liege..." options. It's way less tedious is you use a mod which lets you send messengers.
    On your second point; thanks for the suggestion! Mods are broken for me right now, but if I can get them working again I'll definitely look into that
  7. Talgorn

    Can't find the barter dialogue while at war

    You've got to track down the leader of the clan and click the "perhaps we don't have to come to blows" > "what do you think of your liege..." options. It's way less tedious is you use a mod which lets you send messengers.
    Roger roger. That's actually what I meant; I'm talking to clan leaders and that option doesn't appear. Is it possible that there are certain conditions that I'm missing?

    Update: I forgot to make my own kingdom, haha. Thank you for your help!
  8. Talgorn

    Resolved Game crashes when loading any mod

    Summary: Hi there! Whenever I opt to load a mod, the launcher gives me the warning below, followed by the crash message I've also included. How to Reproduce: Load a mod and launch the game. Have you used cheats and if so which: No. Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  9. Talgorn

    Can't find the barter dialogue while at war

    Since declaring a new kingdom, I can't find the barter system to try and get lords and ladies to defect. I can only get the barter system up to make peace with that faction. Any idea what's going on here? Do I need to make peace with my old faction before I can poach their leaders?
  10. Talgorn

    How do I manage Loyalty Drift?

    security drift tries to make loyalty 50. if you have less, it will start increasing.
    i'd say leave it alone.
    security gives a boost to loyalty but keeping a strong garrison is expensive.
    idk if it was changed.
    Thank you!
  11. Talgorn

    How do I manage Loyalty Drift?

    I want to upgrade my cities, make them stable and profitable but I'm having a lot of trouble keeping loyalty up. Any advice? I've been using companions of the same culture as governors to try to hold things together, but with increasingly negative loyalty drift values it seems the best I can...
  12. Talgorn

    Mods Aren't Loading in 1.5.9?

    Hello there, I started a new sandbox playthrough on, and suddenly I can't seem to load any mods.. Regardless of which one I select, I get a crash message like this: "Cannot load: ..\..\Modules\SimpleShieldPatterns\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\SimpleShieldPatterns.dll" This...
  13. Talgorn

    a question about lord death in battle

    as i said there i wanted death from old age and birth like the old mechanic not completly disable it
    death from old age is way more realistic than a lord dying almost every single battleand companions too they have allways been important and amazing for the game now they are normal soldiers with some buffs
    well said, I'd also like to see this implemented somewhere!
  14. Talgorn

    Question: is there anyway to disable death in combat without disabling birth and old age?

    Nope. There is a mod on Nexus (several for diff versions) though.
    Hello there. I tried this one: and the game crashes on the loading screen at the current version ( Any idea if there's one for more recent versions? I've only seen the one.
  15. Talgorn

    Companions are short and unskilled .. why.

    It's been like this for me since March, I just don't understand. Why are they almost all tiny compared to an average height character? I find it very distracting, idk maybe it's just me. It also makes me sad how it seems their attributes and focus points have no correlation whatsoever to...
  16. Talgorn

    Swapping between beta and main?

    Hi there. I've just started playing beta single player. I'm wondering, what's the best way to swap back to main for multiplayer? I've been opting out of and for betas in the properties tab in my steam library, idk if there's a way to avoid the download time by having access to both simultaneously?
  17. Talgorn

    Rebel against kingdom?

    To my knowledge, there is no way of forming your own kingdom without going through the main story line or unlocking the dev console with a mod.

    This also goes for if you create your kingdom through the main quest, then leave it. You can't remake it without dev console.
    Makes sense. I wish there was a way to continue the storyline by taking back the banner and rebelling.
  18. Talgorn

    Rebel against kingdom?

    Not sure if it changes when you've shared the banner with someone else but I founded my kingdom by leaving Battania and keeping my fiefs. Do that by going to the Kingdom tab and just hitting Leave and "Keep fiefs", this will cause every lord's relation with you from that kingdom to drop significantly (it's like -60 points) and they'll declare war on you, when you meet them they'll say something a long the lines of "You've rebelled, not cool man!". Maybe save first and see what happens? I'd definitely like to know what happens after as I assume you'll have to go back to one of the NPCs to found your kingdom.

    I did that, and I'm guessing we're in the same boat? I kept my fiefs and am indeed at war with Battania. I can't create armies though, and the kingdom tab is grayed out -- it says I am not in a kingdom.
  19. Talgorn

    Rebel against kingdom?

    Is there a way for me to form my own kingdom after leaving another (after having shared the banner with the previous king)? As is I see no option to do so.. I'm just running around with my own fiefs but no kingdom. I appreciate that in this early game mode, I was asked to choose to a path.
  20. Talgorn

    Game crashes with siege launch

    whenever i try to lead an assault, the game crashes.
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