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  1. bladeex

    Save files after the update

    So we got the update which is very nice and very cool, thanks for the hard work TW, but my previous saves won't work with the new version, i have to start over AGAIN. Am i right?
  2. bladeex

    Should i buy the game with this config?

    Hello there! I was wondering if i should buy the game with this config? FX-8350 1050Ti 8Gb ram Note that the beta runs fine, but i cant really decide. Thanks for the answers!
  3. bladeex

    Low fps

    Hey guys,i have a really low fps in Viking conquest,i tried everything but it seems i cant get a good fps(60fps) and its laggy af.Very often it dips below 30fps. My specs: FX8350 1050ti 8 gigs of ram
  4. bladeex

    Zooming problem

    Hey guys as you can see my problem is this,my game zooms while moving mouse.My options are default.
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