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  1. Maximou

    [Council Tournament II]

    This is an announcement of Maximou. I am Maximou. After meeting, the council has decided to open its doors to the best of you once again. The tournament winner will have the privilege to challenge the council member of his choice to take his place. We are the council. We are One. Everyone can...
  2. Maximou

    Strange bug

    I was playing Light&Darkness and i had to follow what was said on the Horn Star so i went near Emer but everytime nothing appears and i don't know why i don't want to restart my entire save, any ideas why guys?
  3. Maximou

    Best Tryhards of 2015-2016

    There is my list : Soul , Grey_Warden , BD , Peter , Rempica , Arni , etc.          Soul / 100 MAX ,  Grey_Warden / 95 MAX , BD / 100 MAX , Peter / 110 MAX , Fietta / 100 MAX Rempica / 99,99 MAX , Arni / 9000 MAX. You can't find better tryhards. Needs new BP points.
  4. Maximou

    Maximou's Video Thread

    [spoiler]  I Hope you Enjoy it  :)
  5. Maximou

    My second duel video
  6. Maximou

    My First Duel video    Please comment  :)                                                                  
  7. Maximou

    Need a Training with a grandmaster

    a need a training with a grandmaster to learn the feint master thank you in advance
  8. Maximou

    Would like to join the AE

    Would be part of this team if I can play a good 400h upgrade my Steam Maximou I am 14 years old thank you advance  :)
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