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  1. Worlok

    Join faction as vassal crashes the game

    1.6.3 fixed this issue. I can join the kingdom as vassal now.
  2. Worlok

    1.6.3 when?

    Fair enough. But your not going to start a new vanilla game. Am I right?
    I don't think I'll play vanilla again anymore indeed.
  3. Worlok

    1.6.3 when?

    Does it really matter? Are you really going to start a game again?

    Actually yes it matters but from different perspective as you would think. We are working on a mod which includes europe campaign map (Kingdom Come mod). Since 1.6.0 everything is broken in campaign map and I believe it's due to the preps for the new terrain system.
    So basically I cannot work on our mod campaign map because 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 is broken. My hope is that 1.6.3 which includes terrain system will stabilise the scene editor.
    And yes I will definitely start a new game if our mod will be finished.
  4. Worlok

    1.6.3 when?

    So no hope for getting this post160 nightmare away soon.
  5. Worlok

    1.6.3 when?

    And will it contain the new terrain system?
  6. Worlok

    Join faction as vassal crashes the game

    Does anyone else experience this issue? The game crashes every time I try to join the faction as vassal: I am not sure if this might be caused by my mod but I don't think so. Essentially the mod is just campaign map and clans/heroes names. Crash-dump -...
  7. Worlok

    Party priority - defensive

    Does anyone actually have experience with the party logic - neutral/defensive/aggressive? Why is my party moving to an enemy town (under war) after I configured defensive stance?
  8. Worlok

    1.6.3 Comes out today or tomorrow

    It means everything I said was a lie. But the intent was to bring some hype to the community with some hopeful daydream. Thought this thread could help bring some much-needed levity to the current climate between Taleworlds and its community.
    It will help you to get on my ignore list indeed.
  9. Worlok

    1.6.3 Comes out today or tomorrow

    My larp insider tells me it's bigger than just the new terrain system. Think big picture. When has a larp ever let you down?
    We'll see. I cannot imagine anything bigger then that,, maybe only full release :grin:
  10. Worlok

    1.6.3 Comes out today or tomorrow

    When? Where? Who?
    It was discussed few times on the modding discord channel and it was mentioned it is expected in 1.6.3 or 1.6.4.
  11. Worlok

    1.6.3 Comes out today or tomorrow

    Well, the long expected terrain system was confirmed few times before. So this is not a special insider info.
  12. Worlok

    In Progress Object graphics bug

    Summary: Visual bug of wheat(?) How to Reproduce: Visit village Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): empire_village_p Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Win10 GPU: AMD Radeon RX550 4G GPU Driver Version: 2021.0430.0946.17581 CPU: AMD A8 7600 RAM: 16G...
  13. Worlok

    Mod "collections" - FFA

    My most recent modded run I had a ton of fun with, although for 1.6.0 not 1.6.1:

    Calradia Expanded - what I wish the map actually looked like
    Calradia Expanded Kingdoms - splits the kingdoms into appropriate factions that do a better job representing the a pre-warband era. Actually get to play as Vaegir
    Freelancer - not sure if still working, but added my favorite feature from modded warband. Lets you serve as a troop in early game to build skills in a much more sensible way then immediately leading a party.
    Does CE actually work on 1.6.0?
  14. Worlok

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    I´m not 100% sure but I believe you can check it in the enzyclopedia.

    If you are in the town it also shows you which workshops are in the town, no need to walk around.
    Welcome back mate. Nice to have you around again.
    Good stuff TW. Keep up the good work.
  15. Worlok

    Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Is this some known bug in 1.6.0?
  16. Worlok

    1.6.1 Villages and Modding

    There is actually one mode - more settlement actions. I used to play with this mod and it makes difference. Yet, it still does not add any use to the village scenes. They are menus to work on some village projects like building houses, work in mine/farms or train militia but those are just menus which does not have anything related to village scene. Maybe if the mod would change these projects in the way that you would need to go to specific NPCs for each village project. But still you would just sit on the main map scene during "work in progress" of projects.
    My biggest problem with all scenes (village, castle, town) is the disconnectedness from the main map timeline. These scenes are in their own universe where the time is stopped. For me it's total immersion breaking. But it is what it is.

    Once, I experimented with one mod where I created my own village and for every level of the village I created a separate scene. Something like MyVillage1 to MyVillage10. MyVillage1 was a simple village with few houses and MyVillage10 was a full level village. Then when I worked on some projects in the village I manually changed the village scene in the settlements.xml to the higher version. However I had to restart the game to have the upgraded village. Still it was a more immersive experience...
  17. Worlok

    who still has hope in TW.

    Sure, they still release updates. Following up on bug reports. So yes, there is still hope.
    The question is - you mean hope for what? There was a huge hyped up expectation which could not be fulfilled by TW. They are working in there own pace.
  18. Worlok

    In Progress Scene Editor Custom main maps have had severe issues for several updates now

    I've been informed that this issue is fixed and we are hoping to push it to the game as soon as possible!
    Great news, thank you!
  19. Worlok

    In Progress Scene Editor Custom main maps have had severe issues for several updates now

    I created some video to show exactly what is the issue.
    Short summary - we need to change the tileset from WorldMap to None and use our own vista. (which is painted outside of scene editor)
    This first video shows that the painted terrain is working in the Scene Editor but when the map is loaded in the game it is not there.
    Just a side note - the quality of the vista is also worse in game as in Scene Editor.

    Another video with the original tileset - WorldMap. This is not customizable at all.
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