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    Maqamat - 13th to 18th centuries

    Arabe 3929  :arrow: Arabe 5847  :arrow: Arabe 6094  :arrow: (manuscript adab 2272) Illustrated by Ahmad bin Dughaish in 1709 AD. A marginal...
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    Origins of Common Pop Culture Icons

    :wink: How, When, Why... enjoy! here's a fun, quick start... 5 Surprising Real-World Origins of Pop Culture Icons! :arrow: Pop Culture Origins :arrow: Tower of...
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    100 Busho & more samurai research finds!

    100 Famous Busho (Japanese Military Commanders) Illustration Gallery published by Shinjinbutsu Oraisha, featuring Sengoku era shoguns, daimyō lords and samurai retainers... 2. Akechi Mitsuharu - 明智 光春  :arrow: 3. Akechi Mitsuhide - 明智 光秀 ...
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    Plague Doctors & Beaked Physicians

    :wink: for those interested in researching Plague Doctors costumes, . I again hope this is helpful for modding, personal interest, reenactments, or for anyone, who's just looking for historically themed, Halloween costumes, that's more than just a Venetian masquerade mask... here a few...
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    Updated Gladiator Reasearch - Development and Typology

    Updated Chronological research, classification and reconstructions, based on theories regarding the evolution of Roman gladiatorial games and equipment. Mostly based on the research of Konstantin Nossov, Silvano Mattesini, and displayed here with artwork by Angus Mcbride, Johnny Shumate, Steve...
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    Stirling Castle's Oak Medallions restoration

    Carved in the 16th century and restored on the 21st... :wink: enjoy :arrow: :arrow:
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    Ye Old Ballade of Abdul Abulbul Amir & Ivan Skavinsky Skavar!

    :D  Percy French's 1877 song "Abdul Abulbul Amir" set in the atmosphere of the Russo-Turkish War... Original Lyrics :arrow: Alternative Version: The Ballad of Ivan Petrofsky Skevar Songs by Frank Crumit - 1927 :arrow...
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    Thought provoking animation

    :D Been interested in old animation, concerning serious, philosophical, political and social themes. Its interesting how ideas changed over time since WWII and throughout the cold war.  They can be kinda creepy sometimes, in a way that modern animation fails to achieve or surpass.  :ohdear: Its...
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    [research]Anatolia - Seulucids and Lysimachids

    :D so I guess we can have an Anatolia (Seleucids, Lysimachians...etc) research thread then... Lysimachids 320BC-281BC Early Seleucids 320BC-280BC Later Seleucids 280 BC-83 BC Galatians (mercenaries and axulia) Seleucid and Ptolemaic Reformed Armies 168-145 BC (Volume 1) :arrow...
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    Lorica Segmentata Research

    :D just a quick look at the evolution of different types of  Roman "Lorica Segmentata" armor designs, over the ages! Updated with research done by M.C. Bishop, M. D. Thomas, Raffaele D'Amato and Graham Sumner and others. I also tried to include the corresponding artwork from various other...
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    History in Costumes - From the Pharaohs to the Dandy

    :mrgreen: found an interesting book, to be taken with a grain of salt, or a whole salt flat! more fantasy than historical, yet still helpful in brainstorming costumes for a variety of settings... История в костюмах от фараона до денди
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    Interesting Article: Moorish Defence against Viking Raids

    Moors against Majus by David Nicolle  :wink: The Defence of Spain and Morocco against the Vikings 844-97AD :arrow:
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    Ottoman Research

    Ottoman Uniform Updates by Dr. Chris Flaherty 1600 TILL 1800 OTTOMAN MILITARY RANK SYSTEM :arrow: 1600, 1700, 1800 PERIOD CAVALRY :arrow:
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    :D so what are your favorite army camo patterns, colors & designs! I'll start with the following...
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    The MATMOHAIR dedicated Special Topic

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    Battle of Talas

    8-) just some random stuff on an otherwise obscure topic... The Battle of Talas (Battle of Artlakh) (怛羅斯會戰) (معركة نهر طلاس) :arrow: - :arrow: -
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    NINJA! - Shinobi, Kunoichi & the history of Ninjutsu

    On most occasions the ninja looked no different from anybody else... :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:
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    Military Mascots

    :wink: So what's everyone's take on army mascots?!...
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    Rime of the Ancient Mariners

    Classic era navy sailors & marines from the battle of Salamis 480 BC...enjoy! Greek Fleet Persian Fleet
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