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  1. PrinceofAmber

    Suggestion: Please make Import/Export Characters

    Hi Devs, I have been playing Mount and Blade series since 2009. It is one of the top 10 games of all times, according to me. Please make Import Export Characters, as available in the original Mount and Blade games. I love horse archery, but in Bannerlord, I currently have to stop my horse...
  2. PrinceofAmber

    A banner raised next to the baggage

    Back in the original Mount and Blade, the developers released an update where a banner is placed next to the baggage.  This is to make easy the locating of the baggage, for replenishing arrows. In Warband, arrows have to be modded to have greater numbers of them, and replenishing arrows from...
  3. PrinceofAmber

    Can you couch lance with staff, in Warband?

    Hi, In original Mount and Blade, I really liked using the staff (including iron staff) with couched lance mode.  This allows me to knock out enemies and take them prisoner, which is my main method of income, to sell them to ransom brokers. I am playing Warband again, and I am unable to couch...
  4. PrinceofAmber

    How do I mark my baggage/chest with a banner?

    Hi,  I am playing Steam version of Mount and Blade vanilla, and also Warband. In both I do not have a vertical banner marking my baggage/chest.  It's just a yellow box on the ground, and it's not easy to find in battle. I know that Steam versions are already updated to the most recent version...
  5. PrinceofAmber

    My arrows run out while fighting Sea Raiders

    I started my first Warband game, as a nomad, with 30 arrows. In vanilla M&B, when my arrows run out during a battle with Sea Raiders, I would ride back to my chest, and do Access Baggage, and my arrows would be refilled. But in Warband that does not work.  I access baggage, and my arrows (that...
  6. PrinceofAmber

    Cannot couch lance

    I am new to Warband.  I am a veteran of original Mount and Blade. I have a healthy sumpter horse on day 3.  Have 9 of strength and 9 of agility, riding skills is 3. Weapon is a cracked lance. At maximum speed on flat ground, the lance remains diagonal rather than couched.  I even see that when...
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