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  1. Crowcorrector

    What is the next major content after Rebellions?

    Looter armies, naval combats, creating castles, new factions or new castles are things that I’m looking for.


    You're not getting any of these things so better temper your expectations from now. Best you can hope for is mods.

    Devs atated that they are interested in producing a Naval combat DLC after the game is released, so expect it around 2052 or 2053
  2. Crowcorrector

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    I have criticized the slow development of the game, but this is a patch TW deserves it : job well done.

    Yes this is a good patch. Stuff like rebellions and keep battles add depth to the game that keeps it from getting stale with long playthroughs. I'm booting up BL again after 3 months for this patch and I'm as excited for it as I was back in March

    Definitely beats updates with sheep models and 1 to 2 new armours!
  3. Crowcorrector

    New video from TW

    Wonder if it'll have that part like warband where you could bribe a nearby village elder to create a distraction that would drawn away troops from the garrison thus making it easier to pull off the prision break?

    Ah yes I had forgotten that! Small details like that really increase immersion.

    In Bannerlord I really thought they would tie prision breaks into gangs. Eg. You can wipe out gangs in alleys and replace them with your own men like we saw in the March 2016 PC gamer demo. If you have enough of your men installed throughout the gang alleys, they can assist with the breakout fight or something, so instead of it being you + prisoner vs loads of guards, it would be you + prisoner + your gang crew. Stuff like that would increase playability and immersion by synergising different game concepsts.
  4. Crowcorrector

    New video from TW

    Prison break mission looks cool! I'm glad they finally managed to incorporate this 10 year concept from Warband into Bannerlord.

    Pity they didn't develope it further by tying it into gangs.
  5. Crowcorrector

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.5

    Thanks for the fixes.

    Any news on fixing siege towers, including street and keep battle scenes or implementing hiring your own crime gangs like we saw at PC Gamer 2016?
  6. Crowcorrector

    Why is every single NPC ugly as sin....and white?

    Wheres our cultural diversity?

    I too, am rather concerned at the absence of black Sturgians. More diversity please.

    Whilst we're at it, can we also have some Asian Vlandians, because diversity?
  7. Crowcorrector

    Improve/Increase the skills and the number of female NPCs (nobles and wanderers)

    Bannerlord is not historical fantasy.

    Well you're right that it's MENT to be historical fiction, the fantasy part is having women leading every other army and fighting.
  8. Crowcorrector

    Improve/Increase the skills and the number of female NPCs (nobles and wanderers)

    There are way too many women posing as lords and it's already immersion breaking.

    This guy gets it.

    Bannerlord is ment to be historical fantasy, not high fantasy.
  9. Crowcorrector

    There is no challenge in1vs1 AI combat...

    Can you please link it?

    Probably refering to this
  10. Crowcorrector

    Development Priorities

    Speaking of how to make money in the early game; hopefully TWs reintroduces their idea of criminal enterprises they demonstrated in the PC Gamer March 2016 gameplay.

    If I rememver correctly they were planning on alloying the player to install their own troops as criminal gangs in cities as a way to make income in the early game
  11. Crowcorrector

    Is there going to be an official troop editor?

    Custom troop trees for Warband was amazing. It could only be used by the player for player kingdom, and i'd love to see it would be a part of the Native Bannerlord, but its quite a stretch.

    Since Bannerlord has minor factions which are basically clans that have their own dedicated troop trees with 3 upgrade levels, it could be fesable to have the player included in this category. That way the player would be able to make their own custom troop tree (with 3 upgrade levels, like other minor factions) without starting a kingdom. I personally think it would fit with the current gameplay mechanics/ lore of minor faction
  12. Crowcorrector

    A nord invasion as an end-game disaster?

    Probably won't happen in the base game.

    TWs originally did something similar with earlier iterations of the original M&B by including an invasion by a force known as the "Dark Knights", but this was removed from the game.

    The devs have repeatedly stated that once the game is complete, they are interested in producing a DLC with ships. If they dio eventually take that path, it would make sense to include the Nords with that DLC.
  13. Crowcorrector

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.2

    I'm curious about the launch of the mod tools
    Any idea?

    They said 3-4 weeks time at Gamescom (27th-ish Aug), so probably end of Sept.
  14. Crowcorrector

    For those who needs tip about leveling up the Leadership skill

    I didn't know this, thank you. I was wondering how I was gaining it.

    Tbh it's officially:
    "Learn by: Command simulated battles. Win battles at difficult odds. Escape from encounters by sacrificing troops if necessary."

    Though I find my tactics randomly increasing when I'm leading troops in battle and commanding them around.
  15. Crowcorrector

    recruitment of units of minor factions

    I believe, he meant this one:


    Yeah spot on. There were others you could see dotted around.
  16. Crowcorrector

    recruitment of units of minor factions

    I think it would be better if each faction had a hideout somewhere. This location would be revealed once the player reached ceratin relations with them.

    This would be awesome! I think this was TW's original plan. If you look at the PC Gamer gameplay footage from March 2016, you can see minor faction bases on the campaign map. It wouod be pretty cool if they brought this back
  17. Crowcorrector

    Make the army compositions of some NPC lords more diverse and unique to add flavor and reduce monotony

    No, please don´t make them have full archer / full cav / full recruit armies.

    This sounds like the worst idea ever.

    Even the Khuzaits don't have 100% horse mounted armies
  18. Crowcorrector

    For those who needs tip about leveling up the Leadership skill

    Thanks for the tips. I still think that Leadership Perks needs a rework. You should be able to gain Leadership without having to lead an army, and technically you are already leading a group of men to battle all the time.

    +1 Yeah, if tactics is related to giving troops commands, leadership should be linked to "leading your men in battle". Maybe engaging the enemy with your troops in the "follow me" command, or being within a certan close proximity to your men during battles to simulate 'leading from the front'
  19. Crowcorrector

    Viking Culture Must Return Back (Please)

    It wouldn't be any more out of the game's time period than it was in Warband, which takes place 200 years later and yet has very stereotypical vikings...

    You're right, I forgot the game is set in 1080, which is towards the end of the viking age. I always regress to thinking that the game is set in 500-600AD, because of the Byzantine focus.
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