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  1. pan-boroda

    WB Coding Questions for troop tree and party templates

    People, tell me about such issues. 1) I split the recruitment of troops into village, city and serf Is it possible to somehow prescribe that the village troops were common for several factions and, accordingly, displayed for each faction in the troop tree? 2) Is it possible to somehow prescribe...
  2. pan-boroda

    WB Scening Siege scene issue

    Good evening. Please tell me with this problem. During a siege, the troops completely ignore the siege ladder, and stupidly break into the closed door. The spawn points seemed to be set as above: "10 - defenders, 15 - reinforcements of defenders, 3 - sortie". What could be the problem?
  3. pan-boroda

    Problem with adding troop icons

    Good afternoon, people. Need help with the next issue based on scripts laid out for OSP Map Icons Pack I tried to add my icons to the developed mod I inserted the script script_draw_icons at the end of module_scripts icons of troops after ("bridge_snow_a", mcn_no_shadow...
  4. pan-boroda

    question on adding troops

    Friends, tell me more on this issue. I would like to add that when hiring nobles, a certain number of warriors were automatically added to the squadron (something like squires), depending on the number of hired nobles (for example, 1 nobleman - 3 squires). If you register as above, then...
  5. pan-boroda

    B Medieval 1487 AD: A Time for Change

    Good afternoon friends. For a long time waiting for that mode will be released, similar to the KBL, dedicated to eastern Europe and the East. As a result, without waiting, I begin to slowly make his own. Fast does not work, not enough time, so any help is welcomed. Planned factions: At...
  6. pan-boroda


    Friends, prompt someone to add artillery controlled bots in mod? If one adds that you could not provide scripts adding artillery for internal use. I guarantee that these scripts are needed for personal use and public access will not be posted. Who can help, please contact PM
  7. pan-boroda


    Good afternoon. After reinstalling Windows in BRF-Editor stops displaying textures. The path to them is registered, the textures themselves lie in the folder "Textures", but not displayed in BRF. While the texture is not only displayed in BRF, in the game they are. Tell me, what's the problem?
  8. pan-boroda


    Prompt, after replacing a module system of native things for another when loading ejects the following error: get_shader failed for: dot3_alpha_biased_flag_item_small. What's the problem?
  9. pan-boroda


    good afternoon. Tell me why when compiling of module system next error is issued in module_script whether it is possible to do about?
  10. pan-boroda

    Problem with adding a new ship

    Good afternoon. Tell me if anyone knows. I decided to add a new ship based Floris mod. Conditionally zebec. Made changes to the party_templates, party, constantes. Change by analogy ship Information in games_menus was as follows: further added that: Errors missing when compiling. However...
  11. pan-boroda

    The question of money

    Good afternoon. Question to the developers. Tell me how you did the division of money into dollars and cents? Where and in a module system that you prescribed for this?
  12. pan-boroda

    Age and family ties

    Good afternoon. Tell me how and where I can be changed age of NPCs and Lords? And where family ties are changing in a module system?
  13. pan-boroda

    recruitment of troops

    Good day, tell me how to register in a module system recruiting troops in cities and fortresses? Which files I must change?
  14. pan-boroda


    Good afternoon. Tell me how to split the money into several types. For instance, to 50 dinars were 1 solid. Similarly, it was already in the same mode about the Wild West, where the currency has been divided into dollars and cents
  15. pan-boroda

    SP Medieval Musket Era Eastern Europe. Renaissance era

    There is quite a lot of mods on this era. However, Eastern Europe, the Volga region and the Caucasus almost no attention. I decided to make a mod, a Central and Eastern Europe 1530-1550 period. At the moment, you need a team of associates who are ready to assist in the development of mod...
  16. pan-boroda

    new faction

    Tell me, is it possible to create a new faction, using only text files? Or at least give the city from one another faction?
  17. pan-boroda


    Here will be posted states of the Caucasus and Asia Minor of the era
  18. pan-boroda

    Warriors of Russia

  19. pan-boroda

    Russian principalities

    propose here to spread information about the Russian principalities of the time... Refinements to the villages and feudal lords are welcome.
  20. pan-boroda

    Russian principalities

    Is it necessary to add several Russian principalities into mod ... I think so ... Even after the Mongol invasion of the Russian principalities retained their independence, and other principalities, though being a tribute to the Horde, but pursued an independent foreign and internal policy
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