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  1. Knight of calradia

    New mods ?

    I've been playing other games for 2 years now and I'm looking forward to make a comeback to M&B Warband, but are there any new mods ? I pretty much played all the good ones till I stopped playing.
  2. Knight of calradia

    Max difficulty tips

    So I've decided to play at least one playthrough (hopefully more) at max difficulty and since you have to use different strategies, I've decided to ask from you guys how to get easy starting phase ? This includes: what troops should I get early game ?, who should I fight against to gain...
  3. Knight of calradia

    Adding a new Item statistic slot through module system (

    As it says in the title, I'm wondering is it possible to do this because I would need the slot to be able to add hole new system for the new slot I would acquire, but I of course would have to require it first.
  4. Knight of calradia

    Enlisting to armies

    Hey, I just came across this feature and I'm wondering that is it any good or rewarding in any point of the game ?, because I have tried it out in Floris, but this a hole different mod to play with and it might even be a bad idea to try it out. Thanks in advance.
  5. Knight of calradia

    How to deal with op ?

    Alright, I'll be telling about my main "issue" with fighting against little over power of three men especially in tournaments and battle ground, so I'll ask from you folks that, do you know any way, to stop their rush and chop their skulls before they get better of me ?
  6. Knight of calradia

    Hundred years war or Viking period ?

    Hello folks, I'm going to make a presentation and I want to ask your opinions about these two subjects, and don't mind me if I'm bothering :).
  7. Knight of calradia

    Skill: Accuracy

    Hi people. This is idea of a new skill and I have discussed a little bit of this skill, and decided to start working on it so there is some info: So does someone have suggestions how to do this with module system ? Greetings.
  8. Knight of calradia

    Moding diplomacy 1.143

    Hi folks! I decided to make a changes to diplomacy mod and maybe add something. So this a topic where you can post your ideas about changes and addons. I will mostly do some module system changes so just to keep it original as much as I can. This my little side operation because I have some...
  9. Knight of calradia

    Best tactic to advance in the game ?

    Hi, I'm currently trying to be part of Empire faction and I have +12 or 16 relation with noldor. So is the empire good faction to join or not ? Or do you have any other plan ? Ps: Played this game 3 times to nearly end so I'm not new player in this mod. Greetings.
  10. Knight of calradia

    Best way to train your proficiency

    Hi folks. I'm just wondering what is the best way to increase your proficiency ? Because It's quite slow to just fight in the battles and spend so much time to increase specific proficiency. Thanks in advance.
  11. Knight of calradia

    Moving clouds ?

    Hi people. I would like know is it possible to make moving clouds to move around on the sky when battling ?
  12. Knight of calradia

    New youtuber

    Hi. This is a new youtuber what I Found to be interesting so desided to provide a word because he is not very popular so I hope you guys are going to check this out:
  13. Knight of calradia

    Post your images here!

    Okey I made this topic for little bit of a variation and you can post your images here, so let me send some of mines: images from Brytenwalda mod: Blood and steel mod: Floris mod pack: I got some kind of lag and can't right now upload more images but I will post more at the later...
  14. Knight of calradia

    Trouble with adding minor faction.

    Hi. I got problem with adding minor faction what says: C++ Runtime error...... = (regular runtime error which means that there is no problem source). This should not be happening because I have added party template, troop(s), parties(spawning point) and faction for my new "minor faction" with...
  15. Knight of calradia

    [WB] Does anyone know about this update?

    Hi. There is in modules/native folder troops (1) and items (1) which you have change as troops and items and make a backup of you regular ones. And you have to put load_mod_resource = (?) both of the file names in resource folder. So does anyone know/use this update? Just curious :)
  16. Knight of calradia

    SAY your opinion!!!

    Hi. could someone say opinion of my new arena? Good,bad Worse?  :?  And what should I add ????
  17. Knight of calradia

    Historical matters

    Hello folks! I am asking infromations about following cultures: Viking,Roman,Crusaders (not really culture) and Byrantize. I need 2 more cultures to replace sarradins and khregits because I don't really like them personally. So post your Ideas of Greatest cultures what you have known been in...
  18. Knight of calradia

    about of character

    I'm making mod and I have idea that there would be with selections that you can be hero when you start a new game and you would have let say better stats and gear. So does someone know what files I need to modify py/txt ? This should be able to do because blood and steel have a similar system.I...
  19. Knight of calradia

    modaamisen alkeet

    sori että olen pistänyt jo kolme topiccia mutta eihän muutenkaan kukaan käy :). Elikkä aloitan foorumin jossa opetan modaamisen alkeita eli vastaan kysymyksiin ja niin edes päin tietämykseni mukaan. Ensimmäinen askel on avata mount & blade/warband/wse pistää windowed mode ja edit mode jotka...
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