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  1. Zenithars

    VPS/Dedi Discussion

    I decided to make this thread regarding Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Server boxes. Both of rent, and your own design. My first question, does anyone know of a good/budget friendly/cheap VPS host? Preferably... 2GB of RAM with a good Upload Speed and at least 2 cores under $10 in the US?
  2. Zenithars

    Free-weekend Admin Hell (ID's?)

    So, this is just a question posed to Taleworlds and anyone else who knows. With it being the free weekend, anyone can litterly just get a new UID after they get banned and just keep joining servers. Will the Keys remain Usable by people who buy the game after, or will the Keys used in the Free...
  3. Zenithars

    Teamspeak open to all Clans (Private Sections Included)

    The Area-Alpha Teamspeak (Hosted alongside Alpha Alliance) is providing clan sections to all who need, or want them. The only requirement is activity. (You will receive Admin over your section, including a Server Group. Should you be well liked, you well gain Server Moderator and so on ) Just...
  4. Zenithars

    Ever Played?

    Here is the goal of this thread. You say whether or not you have played the previous posters' game and then list your own. To begin with. Ever played... Star Wars: Battlefront II?
  5. Zenithars

    Back to School Thread

    Topic Requested to be deleted by Moderator. Purpose of this thread was misused. :)
  6. Zenithars

    Servers for Use | Booking Servers for Matches/Events

    [center] Dear Community, The entire purpose of me making this thread is to offer servers to anyone willing to use them. I come from my Gaming Community which has recently begun expanding to different games, and we offer servers in all. My hope is that the Community will grow both itself, and...
  7. Zenithars

    Server Monitoring Signature?

    I've been looking around and I wonder, is there a Signature that can monitor a server and do the following? - Tell you the name - Amount of players currently on it - Current Map - Your Ping to it I've been looking for one for ages, would be nice to know if anyone else has had luck with this or...
  8. Zenithars

    *New Server* PF_RP [Active Roleplay] [Modified Rules]

    [center]Rules, Roleplay, Awesome Admins, Banking,  and a Friendly Community! These things await any person who wants to join our Persistent Frontier Role-Play server! We have modified rules and Admins that are experiences and tested to see if they're ready or not! We're relatively new, but we...
  9. Zenithars

    [AA] Alpha Alliance

    Alpha Alliance Forum - Join the clan - Steam - Teamspeak - Server(s) - Roster/Ranks- Server Admins Leader: - Council of Lords:Icarus, Sliceman, and Sitvek, BlackPanda Website: Steamgroup: TeamSpeak 3 server...
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