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  1. Jur


    what bug is it?
  2. Jur

    Campaign map time does not go by when player is in battle

    The code could look for any interested parties in battle vicinity and calculate their time of arrival, then spawn them in battle as timed reinforcements.
    I think that mode like this already exist, but I forgot its name and if it is still updated.
  3. Jur

    What happened to the promised follow-up post for future plans?

    It is my fault that any post along these lines hasn't arrived sooner, and that is something I intend to fix when possible. However, you shouldn't expect anything within the next couple of weeks due to the national holiday taking place here next week. Please accept my apologies for the delay.
  4. Jur

    Freelancer should be implemented into vanilla Bannerlord

    He probably can't wait to get PM from this guy.
  5. Jur

    Freelancer should be implemented into vanilla Bannerlord

    You didn't answer my question.
  6. Jur

    What happened?

    I woulden't call implementing features without properly testing them quality work.
  7. Jur

    100% CPU usage all the time

    I think that all of you is doing something wrong because in every recent patch note it is writen that game is more optimized and that they had increased performance.
  8. Jur

    Freelancer should be implemented into vanilla Bannerlord

    Metafa what mods have you done? You sound as a spoiled kid or as a troll / AW. Defenetly not as someone with 20 years of coding experience.
  9. Jur

    Does Tale Worlds fear their own Community?

    They aren't afraid, they just don't care.
  10. Jur

    Custom servers rant.

    Does this mean that you aren't sure if you still have to decide if there will be custom servers or just when they will be released?
  11. Jur

    Next New Big Feature after Campaign Battle Maps and Keep Battle? (W/Dev Replies)

    We will continue to support the game for years to come.

  12. Jur

    Bannerlord Dev Blog Generator with Generative Pre-trained Transformer

    I wish that part of this dev blogs would be real. You are master as always Bloc.
    @Rubinsaw he is free to work on what ever he likes. It is his free time and his hobbies.
  13. Jur

    Prison Break: Suiciding Prisoner...

    That would be to complicated for players.
  14. Jur

    Making console port instead of improving EA on PC. Why is it worthless.

    well Callum said that most of the people is still working on PC EA, so should be fun to see what will happen with console version. Could be something like Cyberpunk 2077 release.
  15. Jur


    Mod is great, but unfortunately creator got fed but by TW...
  16. Jur

    Elephant DLC?


    For game development companies, it is standard to do R&D as part of the regular processes. This is done for the base product as well as potential future additions. The work might or might not be released to an end-user. This is why it's usually only announced when it's largely ready - to avoid false expectations.

    The model accidentally released was something being tried by a team member who had no remaining tasks and pretty much the entire Bannerlord team is busy working on early access features.

    Any assets created by Taleworlds are, of course, protected under copyright law and they cannot be released as part of mods unless prior permission is obtained.
    Wait, who is then working on console port?
  17. Jur

    Elephant DLC?

    Eh... you have taxes and steam cut, so basically they kept around 50% of the sales.
    A programmer can easily earn 30-40$ / hour. If you have lots of them, the money runs out fast.
    I doubt that Turkish programers earn 30/40$.
  18. Jur

    Elephant DLC?

    Consider buying the DLC a donation. You donate money for the company to continue development (because plot twist: programmers and artists are expensive, and buying the game once is likely not gonna sustain them forever), and in return you receive a small token of appreciation (the elephant). Nobody forces you to do it though.
    I don't think that they need donations. They aren't Burekina faso, they made plenty of money with EA.
  19. Jur

    Prime Matter new publisher

    Armagan Yavuz, Founder of TaleWorlds Entertainment, said(
    Mount & Blade II Bannerlord is having a very successful Early Access period and we are blown away by the interest and support of our community. As we get closer to the official launch, our priority is to make Bannerlord accessible to all gamers, and retail is a big part of that. We are happy to partner with Koch Media and entrust them with this important responsibility, and have full confidence they will help us to serve our gamers in the best possible way.

    I would like to have some of what Armagan is smoking. I know that this is PR but still, he could show his face on the forum and answer some questions.
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