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  1. lolwarrior

    Two Questions

    Lol here, just bought the game and having fun with it, more than I had with MM. Here are two newb questions I had on my mind. 1) Pubs- How do they work? Where do I sign up? I was a part of a regiment but found that I can't dedicate enough time to it. Heard pubs a couple of times and I really...
  2. lolwarrior

    Something WFAS does nicely.

    I have heard a lot of hate from the community against WFAS and most of it, I find it to be reasonable hate. However, among many of WFAS's shortcomings, I like something new that they brought into the M&B franchise. Unique lord armies. Have any of you noticed how some lords have an army of all...
  3. lolwarrior


    I decided that since there aren't the favorite factions of WFAS on the forums, I decided to start this topic. This is how a response should look like. (No flaming any factions you don't like!) Favorite Faction - Crimean Khanate Why- Because of my ethnicity and their horse troops and armor...
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