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  1. Jurgen

    ? Happy New Year!

    My congratulations! Sorry, I don’t have enough time for subtitles, but I would like to congratulate all the beta players and the development team. This is amazing. I am glad that after 8 years, I managed to see the bannerlord! Happy New Year!
  2. Jurgen

    Поиск собратьев для вечернего заезда в бету баннерлорд

    Здарова, Мужики! Кто уже под шумок взял себе бету или получил от Арманыча, подъезжайте в пати.  Для тех кто без беты, есть такая маза: Кому интересно, пишите сюда, либо напрямую к Александру:
  3. Jurgen

    Easy Nations Cup or the last tournament before the release of Bannerlord

    I apologize in advance for my bad English!  8-) Hey. We all know that many have already been invited to the beta test of bannerlord. I guess some tournaments will be the last here. Even many old warband players, they suddenly went online after a five-year vacation. Olonzo, Neud and others...
  4. Jurgen

    Run some more light summer tournament while people are on vacation

    Hi, will there be any more tournaments? 8х8
  5. Jurgen

    Where can I find new arts, and how to find out which ones are sturgians?

    Hi, I wanted to find out where i can see new art, and how to find out which helmets here are Sturgian?
  6. Jurgen

    Give yourself a collection of Mount Blade and other games at a discount.

    Hey. Congratulations on the upcoming holidays you. For the purpose of future events, I decided to buy a few gifts for my clan members; Unfortunately, there may not be enough money for everyone, so I decided to sell my old account on the cheap. There is a Mount Blade collection. And full of the...
  7. Jurgen

    Server Lord Metzger lag? Your opinion

    To begin with, I want to thank the Lord Metzger and his team for always offering the server, to play on it. Thank you. I've been playing for a long time, and we've been practicing there all the time. All this time, for several months, I listened to a lot of criticism about these servers, and at...
  8. Jurgen

    Kievan Rus [Nation's Cup 2018]

    [center] UKRAINE & FRIENDS » CAPTAINS Jurgen Jurgen » ROSTER
  9. Jurgen

    Will the National Cup be this fall?

    Will the National Cup be this fall?
  10. Jurgen

    Is there a script when you see the names of your players over your head?

    Is there a script or mod when you see the names of your players over your head in the game? Just like on the stream. I want to try to play like that, seeing the nicknames of my allies
  11. Jurgen

    What do you think about creating a native total battles of 100 vs 100?

    In the Napoleonic wars, mass battles were often conducted against the basic rules of the linear battle. What do you think about mass battles on the Native? Is there any sense in creating them and if you would have played it. Not long ago, one streamer gathered people into a similar battle, and...
  12. Jurgen

    Are there any other active clans on the native?

    It turns out that we play with the same, and there is no one else. Perhaps there are still some clans, and I'm not familiar with them? If you want to play 5x5 8x8 or even more than 10 people, write:
  13. Jurgen

    Can not see some server.

    My friends, some, sometimes say that they do not see any specific servers. For example, WSC2_de_1, but the rest are  visible. Either they see all the servers, but do not see it entirely. The problem was solved in the first friend by the fact that he rebooted the router. Another friend could not...
  14. Jurgen

    [Russian-speaking] Hawkband Clan | The Cossacks

    Hawkband | The Cossacks Greetings, brave warriors! We are The Hawks: russian-speaking clan who mainly plays Native, but sometimes we could play other mods. If you want to have a battle or to join us, read this theme: Few people remember, but as soon as this mod was released, we ran under the...
  15. Jurgen

    [Russian-speaking] Hawkband Clan | KIEVAN RUS

    Hawkband | Kievan Rus Greetings, brave warriors! We are The Hawks: russian-speaking clan who mainly plays Native, but sometimes we could play other mods. If you want to have a battle or to join us, read this theme: Russian page:,375236.0.html...
  16. Jurgen

    New section

    Your forum is very hammered by the past information. Create a section for exclusively active events in this time period. So that people can see there exclusively active activities; Inactive events would be transferred to the archive. Administrators of this section will be people who are active...
  17. Jurgen

    [Russian-speaking] Hawkband Clan

    Website | Rusmnb | Discord | Steam Greetings to our English-speaking brothers from Mount and Blade community. We are Hawks- real Warband veterans, but time does its job. Our claws got blunt, vigilance is not as good as it once was. Many warriors fled from the battlefield, following the star...
  18. Jurgen

    15te Landwehr Division (Recruiting CIS/СНГ/РУССКОЯЗЫЧНЫЙ)

    Здравствуйте,ну-ка присаживайтесь и обьясните мне по какому вы делу , ах-да вы же хотите вступить в наши ряды.Извините , что-то задримал... -вот бланк и условие вступления , в нем отписаны все информационные данные для новобранцев , вам всего лишь требуется заполнить простейшую анкету о своей...
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