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  1. WMorton

    How does everyone feel about the recent patch?

    So im not going to add any of my own opinions to this thread since TW's has graced me with 3 warnings on my profile because facts hurt their feelings, how does everyone else feel about the most recent patch? Was the addition of perks a good idea or do you think it broke the balance of the game...
  2. WMorton

    I'm no longer enjoying this game

    This first part is just going to be a general statement of what im hitting on with this thread. I've been playing this game as I've mentioned in previous threads for 2 years as of next month. In that time I have seen barely any improvements added to the MP and combat sides of the game. It seems...
  3. WMorton

    Is there any development going on for MP?

    There are a lot of directions that I can take this thread but I think that the community will be able to direct it best in the comments, however I will make a few pointers/ questions... 1. Where is the communication on the MP side of the forums? 2. Are you ever going to fix crashes for your...
  4. WMorton

    Question about patching process for Devs?

    @AVRC I know I critique you guys endlessly but im in a good mood today so I want to ask a fair question. What is your work-process or procedure for taking community feedback and implementing it ingame? Additionally who do you primarily listen to? Is it from forums, friends in community, or/...
  5. WMorton

    Civil Imploration towards our lords from TW

    I implore you to reimplement the player count during que. I know you like to pretend that the game has players in it but I personally would like to not waste my time spending 20 minutes in a que that is supposed to take 5 minutes just because I need to come to my own conclusion that the game is...
  6. WMorton

    Have a little question about the Modding Tools and Native game

    So on revelation that I no longer want to play this **** game I have come to the crossroads of uninstalling this waste of capital. I was wondering if I will still be able to use the Bannerlord Modding Tools if I uninstall the main game? I have a feeling the answer is no but its worth a try...
  7. WMorton

    Taleworlds picks favorites and bans people on the whim of their friends' pleas

    Yesterday a current of EU clans invaded NA duel servers looking to cause mayhem and destruction with hordes of warriors sizing up with each other. These nerds wore the tags of KOH and were disturbing the sanctity of our holy server. However the forces of light led by the holy order of SYN...
  8. WMorton

    Suggestion for Devs, 3rd Person Camera Fix

    I'm going to @AVRC because he good at looking into issues like this. I think the 3rd Person Camera needs a slight adjustment and here is what I mean... When im fighting enemies in really any gamemode, I'm going to refer to skirmish primarily, there are multiple times when I get pushed into a...
  9. WMorton

    When will the next "Statement regarding Multiplayer" appear?

    The jist is in the title. However it has been almost 4 months since the last "major" bit of communication has been released to us on the forums and an ungodly amount of time since there was a video statement regarding multiplayer since I think that last 2 haven't mentioned it at all. Although...
  10. WMorton


    I can't tell you how frustrating ive been the last couple of days playing on East Coast Servers. I already have to deal with the 95 ping that I usually have due to the West Coast servers being dead; PLEASE ADD CENTRAL SERVERS FFS. Anyways, over the last week or 2 there has been terrible packet...
  11. WMorton

    How much longer do we have to wait for more MP News?

    The last Statements Regarding Multiplayer was in September of 2020, about 5 months ago. In the last few Development update videos there has been extremely sparse information regarding multiplayer and I think the community deserves to know what is going on with said development. At the bare...
  12. WMorton

    With all these Events popping up where is 1-life Gamemode?

    Title says the jist of what im getting at. It is obvious that the community is yearning for a large scale 1-life gamemode similar if not the same as what we had in Warband. So i'll ask how are we progressing with this? The community is becoming increasingly desperate for such a gamemode and...
  13. WMorton

    Question about MP News

    Its been almost 4 months since the last "Statement Regarding Multiplayer" blah blah blah. Just wondering when we will be seeing more news about the future of MP and whats in the pipeline. @AVRC @Callum
  14. WMorton

    Important Lessons From the Past

    I thought I would tag a video in this post from a well known Youtuber in the M&B community who has been covering the game from about the very beginning. These are some of his takes on what made Warband so great and I think that TW and the community at large can be reminded of some things.
  15. WMorton

    New Development Update Video Rant

    I have been on these forums since September of 2019 when this game was still in Beta talking about issues pertaining to the Multiplayer side of this game. I understand that the Multiplayer department of Bannerlord is undermanned and funded, however the lack of care at this point directed towards...
  16. WMorton

    Taleworlds what will the end product look like?

    I have been wondering for a very long time what their eventual goal for this game will be. The singleplayer at the moment is between mediocre and average enjoyment. I feel like the factions are extremely unbalanced and the game is an extreme grind and just feels unsatisfying. I primarily play MP...
  17. WMorton

    I finally did it, I finally Uninstalled the game.

    Im done playing this game. We have constantly been asking for multiplayer to be fix and they keep giving us to little to late and im just ****ing done. Hope more people come to their senses and realized there is no reason to play anymore.
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