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  1. ezkia29

    I need help finding "xml" files in order to make a mod

    Greetings warriors of all Calradia! I'm trying to make a simple mod for Bannerlord by editing some xml files, by now I have only done one that disables the hitmarker. Now I'm trying to edit the body collisions between characters and the only file I have found is the "monsters.xml" (inside...
  2. ezkia29

    Siege Engines

    And what about different siege towers? We saw some different types on pre release videos, where are they?
  3. ezkia29

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

    What about bringing us that "One Step Ahead" Tactics perk that has dissapear?
  4. ezkia29

    Multiplayer needs rework

    Hello fellows warriors of all Calradia. I know that some people enjoy the multiplayer on Bannerlod, but it is obvious that the community preferred back multiplayer on Warband. I used to play more multiplayer than singleplayer back then, but now after some hours I'm not even able to touch it...
  5. ezkia29

    Resolved One step ahead perk doesn't work

    It would've been a perfect skill for making ambushes. But, it seems we won't see neither a perk nor the ambush mechanics.
    Yeah, and both of them were said that were going to be in the final game.
  6. ezkia29

    BL Other Body collision and body pushing other troops

    Hi knights of all Calradia! I'm pretty new on modding and after a little mod for the hud I'm trying to configure body collision settings to make another little mod. I just want to change two little things but I can't find them in the files, that's why I'm here asking for some help: 1.- I want...
  7. ezkia29

    Resolved One step ahead perk doesn't work

    This form of solution is really shamefull, I was willing to use this skill wtf TaleWorlds...
  8. ezkia29

    𝒜 𝔅𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔢𝔯𝔩𝔬𝔯𝔡 ℭ𝔯𝔦𝔱𝔦𝔮𝔲𝔢 (Cities, Tournaments, Quests, Stats, AI and more)

    Has someone noticed the infantry movement speed? They run like Usain Bolt, if not try to play a custom battle defending a siege and watch all the enemy infantry going through a wall that has 0 health points, they reach the fortress before you are able to climb the ladder to defend the walls. If you see them running is so ****ing weird... I even laugh in order to not cry.

    And better if I don't talk about the inexistence of the body block, you can run through all your troops like nothing. If you make a bad decision you can just fall back and let your troops charge through you, you will slip to the back line. Same happens if you want to join, it is so ****ing weird, there is no battle strees feeling.
  9. ezkia29

    First person bow-crossbow aims

    Call me out if I'm wrong but bows and crossbows don't have sights... at least not in this kind of period. Not sure about first person, when I've played seemed to actually find it easier shooting in third because it didn't seem like I had to compensate the drop as badly, but I think need more playing around with it to get a feel for it. I will probably still use first person for shooting anyway, since you can block your own view in third person.
    Only some of them had sights (some crossbows) but I'm not talking about having modern sights just being able to use part of the crossbow or the bow as a reference for aiming, as you can see here you can have no reference without the reticle:

    While aiming you should be able to put your eye on the end of the crossbow, here I'm going to use Mordhau as an example, it has a reticle for bows and crossbows, i don't use them but you can hace a reference with the bow or the crossbow while aiming:


    Did I made myself clear now? I mean in the first image you have no reference to know where the bolt is going if you don't have the reticle, but in both of mordhau pictures you can clearly know, maybe bow is harder, as it is in real life.

    Thank you all for the answers!
  10. ezkia29

    First person bow-crossbow aims

    I play all my games that support it in FPV exclusively.
    that said we do need an option to toggle the aiming reticle on/off
    Mount and blade has it, but if you turn it off it is bull**** for ranged and melee combat...
  11. ezkia29

    First person bow-crossbow aims

    I think this is one of those cases of diminishing returns.
    Alot of work for each bow and not much reward, especially since like you said barely anyone uses that pov.
    Yes, but don't you think that people don't use it because it is really bad?

    I always use 1st person view for bows/crossbows, and the reticle is much more convenient than what you suggest imo.
    I meant that I would like to play without reticle for inmersion, just aiming with the bow or crossbow as if you try it now it's pretty hard to aim well, you have almost no reference as you see the bow or the crossbow on one side.
  12. ezkia29

    First person bow-crossbow aims

    Greetings knights and peasants of all Calradia!

    First person is a feature that most of people don't even use, in my case I only use it for horse riding and ranged weapons in Warband, sometimes never... My point here is to say that this feature could have been imporved since Warband, but it looks exactly the same. For example in ranged weapons why do we need a reticle in first person? You should be able to aim with the bow or crossbow "sight". I'm talking about that because of inmersion... what do you think people?

    Apart from that I could talk about interface features like hitmarkers, killfeed, red walls to limit maps...

    Thank you and sorry for my english!
  13. ezkia29

    Equipment Slots in Bannerlord

    Mabons said:
    Isn't there also an option to switch between two armour/weapon set ups? I seem to recall someone talking about it.
    It seems that there isn't any option like that in the game. The only thing about different sets is that you have one "fighting" set and one "civilian" set. We have seen a skill about that civilian set in the skill tree which lets you have a one handed weapon in that set, which means that you may not be able to have good armor and weapons in towns/villages (probably only knifes).

    Skill Image:
  14. ezkia29

    Camels !! wow, why not Elephants

    Yeah, correct me if I'm wrong but modders will be able to create new "skeletons" for new animals/monsters/humans, aren't they? I mean not like in warband where every mount felt exatly like a horse. Here in native we have at least the camel one and the horse one. Apart  from that we can have seen other animals like dogs, sheeps...
  15. ezkia29

    The Bannerlord Banner Poll

    Captain Obvious said:
    Terco is a master of photoshop, he truly is. I think he has basically shown the perfect balance between the two ideas for banners and would do perfect.
    Can't agree more.
  16. ezkia29

    Sieges, garrison sally outs and relieving armies (POLL)

    They could just do it exactly like in Total War games, I think that the way they make armies join the battle as reinforcements is pretty well done. Maybe if you attack at night you can avoid the nearby army or things like having the enemy army coming in the middle of the siege and you must derivate some troops to that flank... I don't know, we just want the best way to represent whatever is going on the campaign map on the battlefield.
  17. ezkia29

    Your very first playthrough

    SturgiaStrong said:
    To all vlandian guys. Don't you think, that Vlandian Nobles (especially King) looks like schmucks?Though they supposed to be inspired from Normans

    Yes, but I would say that it has happened in general with all factions. I want to see cultural differences between each faction's characters, you know, more women in northern factions, those viking style beards... Normans for Vlandians...
  18. ezkia29

    Whats diference between relation and influence in game?

    KhergitLancer99 said:
    I would assume higher the relation, lower the required influence to get the guy do something.
    Yeah, but I would like it to be massive, like if one lord hates you, you must spend like x5 times the influence you meed for another one which may be your friend.
  19. ezkia29

    Your very first playthrough

    Captain Obvious said:

    Imma go Vlandia because that is the only option ! I'll go with a serious play through though, and learn as I go, always liked doing it that way. Going to be a male, and probably use my own name because I am like that haha - but I'll be going with a trusty sword and shield :grin: Probably a cheeky lance on the side too. I'll probably go with Vlandia with allegence, take a battanian castle (cause I'm growing more and more to like the Battanian style) and depending on what happens I might make my own kingdom.

    Damm boi, that's exactly what I'm going to do, but I will first start in Battania killing bandits and making profit with a bow and then become a Vlandian vassall as it's going to be my homeland. Then I will fight with a one-handed/two-handed sword made by myself, a shield, and a battanian bow. Maybe I will have a lance for cavalry clashes. I'm gonna name it by myself and I will try to role-play being myself, answering everything as I would do if I was there. I want to visit ever location, not fast travel to tavern or things like that, just walk in towns and loose time having the best inmmersion as possible. Depending on how hard it is the game on normal I may switch the personal damage to low just to stand more in battles (just like film protagonists do).

    Later I will try different runs with each culture. Probably battania firs, Aserai, Empire to reunite the whole calradia, sturgia and khuzait. Creating each character like Salahadin for Aserai, Gengis khan for khuzait... And after all of that, i will play mods, Rome (punic wars, Hanibbal against Scipion if possible) and lord of the rings first.
  20. ezkia29

    Interview with Armağan Yavuz ! ( @Gamescom2019 )

    Finally some good information from a youtuber, I'm really tired of resonant's bull****.
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