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  1. Envious_Elazul

    Stuttering gameplay and lagging

    For a week I have got a weird lagging problem with Mount and Blade Warband while I play it online. I have limited my fps to 120 and it has been like that always. Now fps has started to jump between 100 and 120 when it used to be pretty stable 120. In gameplay there is delay in animations, no...
  2. Envious_Elazul

    The Brothers Clan - The Elite Warriors of Siege Servers

    Greetings! I decided to start a new and fresh forum thread for my Brothers clan. The old one has been made by our former leader Raging_Rabbit and since he's not active with Warband anymore. I think it's the best opinion to make a new one with updated info and to be available to update those...
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