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  1. Sir John Hawkwood

    Manuel Du Bon Artilleur - Editio Prima

    Hello, this is the first time i write outside The Forge, i don't know well where to post this so i do here, on NW DLC's board. I wanted to share my thoughts about NW's Artillery. I write after many, hundreds of hours playing as Artillerist, and felt somehow compelled to report on it. I've...
  2. Sir John Hawkwood

    Hello again - Help with Stirrups

    Hello Calradian folk! I'm back. Five months went by since my last visit here. But i came here every now and then at every meal to pay The Forge a visit, after i was no more logged in. Erst let me tell you i resumed modding not long ago, as i could, i don't know how long i'll be able to, but i...
  3. Sir John Hawkwood

    The Burp of the Dragon

    Guid Evenin all, i'm here to ask for help anew, i would need to add a fire effect in Warband. A fire effect which gives the impression of warm air, or if you prefer, heat wave. I asked some of the deepest knowers of shaders and effects, and some of them say it is achievable. The heat effect...
  4. Sir John Hawkwood

    Modders' Suggestions

    Hello Talewords, I apologize for making a new thread about suggestions, if it's opportune please move this thread elsewhere. I would hotly suggest to make completely editable vertex animations and weapon flags, as well as dual wields (simpler, but do it). Thanks
  5. Sir John Hawkwood

    Matching Vertex Animation-Help

    Hello everyone, I'm new on, thank you for this forum which is the best for M&B and solved me several problems so far. I'm a M&B amateur player and recently began to mod it, i got a problem which is hindering my work next to very end and i dont know what to do, i already searched...
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