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  1. PotatoKat

    Cannot find Imhotep's Tomb.

    Hello, I've been fighting the walking dead for a while and the tales of Imhotep got into my ears. I looked everywhere at  the village Imhotep was supposed to be buried at but I cannot find him. Where is he?
  2. PotatoKat

    How do I get Slayer Amulet

    I've become what I fight, vampire so I went to the sea at the heart of the world... But the Apothecary tells me to get the amulet of slayer but where do I get one?
  3. PotatoKat

    Where is the black baron?

    I am looking for the legendary black baron or black knight (what's his name again?) I've been travelling to land of Rhodok search every corner of every village except the one with skull. XD Still I have no clue where he is.
  4. PotatoKat

    Who are the Slayers?

    Who are they? Are they slayer of evil forces or they are professional mercenary?
  5. PotatoKat

    How do I get pegasus from Mephistopheles?

    The topic title says it all. Do I have to win him a gamble or something?
  6. PotatoKat

    Love the new anti hero helmet

    Yay! I looks better than the last one, is this one same as the first one? I mean The one before mask helmet.
  7. PotatoKat

    How to remove Single Player mode and Custom Battle?

    Hello, I am creating a multiplayer mod and I would like to know how to remove single player and custom battle modes?
  8. PotatoKat

    Upgrade troop path syntax error

    I have encounter a problem which I do not understand. It's a syntax error on upgrade path, I check on it and it looks pretty normal. Any solution on this?
  9. PotatoKat

    Unarmed Troop error?

    I think I broke module_troop so I get this, am I correct? Is there are way to fix this?
  10. PotatoKat

    Some bots are missing equipments

    Some multiplayer classes are missing equipments, i.e. Waffenknecht doesn't has greaves or Venetian knight has only a bascinet, will there be a fix for this?
  11. PotatoKat

    How were infantrymen recruited during the Middle ages?

    Are there any document or manuscript that told us about recruiting soldiers in their time?
  12. PotatoKat

    A question about pictures on loading screen

    Where can I get pictures on loading screen in this mod?
  13. PotatoKat

    How to make a recruit code like in this mod?

    I want to know how do I make a code that separate troop tree into the normal and elite?
  14. PotatoKat

    How to make a separate troops trees and recruit high tier troops from castle

    How do I make knights or high tier troops can be only recruit in a castle/town?
  15. PotatoKat

    Does mount & Blade use kilogram or pound to measure the weight of an item?

    The title says it all. So is it pound or kilogram?
  16. PotatoKat

    Add description to items?

    Is it possible to add description to items in Mount & Blade?
  17. PotatoKat


    Excuse me, where can I get the soundtrack of this mod?
  18. PotatoKat


    Hello, I have a question today. While editing the item with Item Editor I found a toggle box that says "fit_to_head" so I wonder what is it for?
  19. PotatoKat

    RGL error get object failed for texture:hair_white

    The title said it all. Seriously what happen?
  20. PotatoKat

    What would you do if you saw a ghost?

    Imagine you're walking on a hallway and suddenly a ghost appear in front of you. What would you do? If it was me I would run like an olympic athlete.  :lol:
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