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  1. Silver Wolf

    To Taleworlds - Sturgian Otroki - realy? :D

    What words do you mean?

    Don't wanna get too off topic now, but since you've asked, my favourite example is "hladna pića".
    Meaning cold beverages in Croatian, and something completely different in Czech. :ROFLMAO:

    @Silver Wolf - if i traveler to croatia on holiday so you language I understand. You are from Croatia, I suppose?

    Yep, but I've been working and studying in Czech Republic for the past 3.5 years.
  2. Silver Wolf

    To Taleworlds - Sturgian Otroki - realy? :D

    Probably yes ... I am surprised, I thought we took this word from the old Slavs.

    There's a lot of intermixed meanings between the same words in Slavic languages from my experience.
    I was surprised when I found out that Czech language uses a lot of words that were historically used in Croatian and are now deemed archaic, but that is most likely because Croatian language went through many reforms in the past 200 years.
  3. Silver Wolf

    To Taleworlds - Sturgian Otroki - realy? :D

    Southern Slavic languages also use the term "Rob".
    And "Otrok" means child in Slovenian.

    Czech and Slovak languages are probably the only ones using the word "Otrok" in that sense (meaning slave).
  4. Silver Wolf

    [Tool] TpacTool - An unofficial asset explorer [0.3.2]

    Bannerlord uses Gloss (inverted roughness) as part of the specular, which stacks Metallic in the red channel, Gloss in the green channel and Ambient Occlusion in the blue channel for PBR materials.

    Thanks a lot, I was trying to find some info on that but google wasn't giving me the results I needed.
  5. Silver Wolf

    [Tool] TpacTool - An unofficial asset explorer [0.3.2]

    If you look at them in the Texture Inspector, you'll see that they only have information in the red and green channels. I believe the blue channel data can be calculated from the red and green channels at run time, allowing Taleworlds to optimise the storage requirements for normal maps. However, I'm no expert in these matters and could be wrong.

    They truly just seem to be negatives it seems, I've tried simply reversing them and they work just fine...

    Also I haven't seen any roughness maps being extracted so far.
    Seems weird considering Bannerlord uses PBR.
  6. Silver Wolf

    [Tool] TpacTool - An unofficial asset explorer [0.3.2]

    Thanks for all the work szszss, this works really well already.

    I also have a question for the people using the tool.
    Does anyone know why almost all armour normal maps seem to be negatives (being yellow instead of blue).
  7. Silver Wolf

    [Tool] TpacTool - An unofficial asset explorer [0.3.2]

    I have a question.
    Is it possible to open and export textures in the new version of TpacTools?

    I've tested the previous one and it seemed that while some of the textures were accessible the majority were still unavailable (all of the armour textures for example).
  8. Silver Wolf

    [Tool] TpacTool - An unofficial asset explorer [0.3.2]

    As she didn't update the downloadable executable here's a version built from her master:

    Thanks a lot NPC99, this saved me a lot of time!
  9. Silver Wolf

    Riding and Athletics, 1.4.3

    Not sure why they kept the system in the first place?
    It simply doesn't work.

    Something much simpler but fully functional would have been much better.
  10. Silver Wolf

    [Tool] TpacTool - An unofficial asset explorer [0.3.2]

    Just tested it, same here.
    I've used it yesterday before updating.
  11. Silver Wolf

    Who of the old guard are still around?

    Hello D'Sparil, nice to see you again. :grin:
  12. Silver Wolf

    [Showcase] The Myrelian Forge

    Sounds great, looking forward to see what you have in store for us.
  13. Silver Wolf

    OSP Kit Axe Trap

    This is amazing! :grin: Good work.
  14. Silver Wolf

    TEATRC for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to drop by and post a bit of news. Some time ago I have assembled a small team and restarted efforts to create a new version of The Eagle and the Radiant Cross for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Here's a link to our Mod DB page if you'd like to take a look...
  15. Silver Wolf

    Research - Bannerlord Models

    Thanks! :grin:

    Also if someone else ends up looking for it in TpackTools it's way easier to find it by switching from package sorting to the alphabetical list sorting by clicking "Group by package" folder icon in the bottom left corner of the window. I wasn't aware of this feature before.
  16. Silver Wolf

    Research - Bannerlord Models

    One more question.
    Have you managed to find this armour somewhere among the assets?

    I've been looking for it for a while now but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  17. Silver Wolf

    Multiplayer Is Hurt Immensely By a Lack of Medium Infantry. (With Charts)

    Well written, +1 from me.

    Finally a post concerning multiplayer that isn't pure cancer.
  18. Silver Wolf

    [Tool] TpacTool - An unofficial asset explorer [0.3.2]

    Thanks a lot! :xf-smile:
  19. Silver Wolf

    TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    Because of the asset explorer tool we now know that armour meshes come in base form, converted form (feminized) and slim form (narrower arms for gauntlets). Will the mesh editing tools be able to do the conversions automatically (similar to Warband's openBRF) or will we have to make those changes manually in 3D modelling software?
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