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    World map discussion for 1217AD
  2. HugoTheFrenchMan


    Troop tree discussion for 1217AD
  3. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Immersion, Realism, Improved Gameplay, & Flavor

    Disscusion about Immersion, Realism, Improved Gameplay, & Flavor in 1217AD
  4. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Arms and Armor

    Disscusion about Arms and Armor in 1217AD
  5. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Fiefs, World-Map, Travel, & Trade

    Disscusion about Fiefs, World-Map, Travel, & Trade in 1217AD
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    Discussion about the Factions in 1217AD
  7. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Battles, Combat, and Sieges

    Disscusion about Battles, Combat, and Sieges
  8. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Diplomacy & Household/Court

    Disscusion about Diplomacy & Household/Court
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    This is where Mod Updates will be posted
  10. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Garfield Kart

    Experience love with Garfield Kart an absolutely amazing game that can cure diseases and is totally not a rip off of mario kart
  11. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Suggestion:War rooms, Intrigue (to a small scale) and ambushes + a few other things

    War Rooms: This is probably the least feasible but lets go. You and other lords or if king you summon or mabye some sort of marshal mechanic where he decides this, ok back on track you are summoned into a meeting for strategy where different clan leaders would give suggestions dependent on...
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    Can we please talk about how stupid being a vassal is right now

    So i was playing a vlandian campaign as a vassal i took dominion over battania but kept getting these random fiefs like way too far away So can anybody please answer to me why will kings only give you things you dont want i think this is something that needs sorting out because i have dunglanys...
  13. HugoTheFrenchMan

    When was the first time you ever played mount&blade

    Simple question.When was the first time you played m&b For me it was the 2004 original m&b demo when i was 5
  14. HugoTheFrenchMan

    A simple question

    Hello in the begging early acess statement and statements before and after you stated that the 2nd half of ea will be content updates and if any dev can respond i would love to hear and if this is still the case
  15. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Resolved I cannot take screenshots

    I was doing some tests with khuziat snowballing and whenever i tried to take screenshots to post the game would just crash
  16. HugoTheFrenchMan

    There should be some sort of outsider culture

    So in warband you technically come from a land far away from calradia and in bannerlord the begging quest suggests that you the character are a massive liar i think in the sandbox release you should be able to choose some sort of outsider culture to where you can costumize you're own bonuses and...
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