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  1. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Campaign map time does not go by when player is in battle

    Never really seen why this should happen I guess some people would enjoy but I would rather not like an extra 1000 men showing up to a battle because they were just a small amount out of my view distance.
    The AI recovers armies and teooos too fast for this to be a thing even at a slowed down pace you would get random 45 men stacks keep pilimg and piling on and at some point a bigger army of like 300. Not to mention that it would probably cause a bunch of lag and take quite a while
  2. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    But what game should I play?
    May I interest you in a game known as Raid: Shadow Legends
  3. HugoTheFrenchMan

    How does one get the wife pregnant?

    You have to be im an army with her or in a settlement with her
  4. HugoTheFrenchMan


    Tesla and Toaster version when?
  5. HugoTheFrenchMan

    We! The followers in the name of the powers of Soon!!

    But Soon gives Hope as we Hope that Soon there will be immersive features as such it's all in one bootcamp.
  6. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    There are a few new loading screen artworks. Not sure if that's all though.

    Here are the new items.
    Art looks super cool and the items are actually pretty fine
  7. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    I know who it was hehehe
    Big man is here
  8. HugoTheFrenchMan

    1.6.0b releasing at 20:00 UTC+3 (Confirmed)

    danEN is clearly armagans alt :iamamoron:
    There is clearly no alternative to this statement.
  9. HugoTheFrenchMan

    So, we are expecting 1.6.0 later today, right?

    I believe dejan said a few days ago changes to modding are coming this patch as well aimed at making tc easier
  10. HugoTheFrenchMan

    1.6.0b releasing at 20:00 UTC+3 (Confirmed)

    Doubtful but hopeful
    Haven't played in a while mabye something good ro get me back
  11. HugoTheFrenchMan

    POLL: DLCs from Taleworlds

    Depends on what it is really.
    If it's just an expansion to the base game probably not, for one it's TW empty promises for days second I just wouldn't see it as worth it, it's a stance I have taken in some of paradox DLCs unless its like super major additions which I doubt, I would not go if it's just a bit of flavour using PDX as an example again we have the Third Rome flavour pack too much cost little flavour, if it was something akin to Viking Conquest, That's something I'd buy. In conclusion really it's a topic to be discussed but the game isn't fully out yet mostly depends on the idea and the execution.
  12. HugoTheFrenchMan

    What happened to Bread?

    Overtly complex in a matter that will never be explained
  13. HugoTheFrenchMan

    This Forum is Fun

    The forum is a pit of eternal pain and suffering of truth yet all come back to it everyday to experience it.
  14. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Why Is This Forum Section So Toxic?

    Having only read the OP the reason this forum is so toxic is due to to how well not good the MP is
  15. HugoTheFrenchMan

    TaleWorlds, We Need a New Mexxico


    He is the one that solved the snowballing problem. He is the the one that talks to us scrubs.

    He and Duh are like the only guys from TW who care.....they´re devs but doing a better job then TWs community managers...(but that´s not hard lol)
    Without Mexxico we are ****ed....

    The day Mexxico leaves:


    He was posting a lot of stuff on the weekend! Nobody expected this! And nobody demanded it! I think that he really loves this game (like us) and he is trying everything to make it the best! Not like his company....if he ever developes his own game, I´ll buy it day one! Without any screenshots or whatever. I trust him, no matter what.
    Nooooo MostBlunted
  16. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Just for clarification, no Beta patch is being released today. We're just moving Beta e1.5.9 to Live e1.5.9.
  17. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Where is 1.5.10????
  18. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    But seriously they are in final testing so as soon as major bugs are gone they will release, should be any day now
    Any day now.... Any day right... Any day
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