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  1. Rongar

    Module system license

    I noticed (not that recently) several mods on googlecode. They usually are under gnu gpl v3. And I started to wonder which license (if any) can be legally applied to open source projects based on Module system. Is module system in public domain or what?
  2. Rongar

    Factionize items tool

    What is that In warband items have faction field that allows restricting variety of merchant's inventory. E.g. an charger that has factions swadian and khergits is sold only by horse trades in khergis and  swadian towns. ATM in native almost no items have set  faction field. This is a small...
  3. Rongar

    [1.113] The main character is naked in halls

    After a certain point I noticed that my char is naked in city/castle halls, despite he has an armor and appears in it in other scenes. I thought I got this bug forever and didn't back up savegames.  But the bug disappeared after a game month or so. Maybe someone could confirm this.
  4. Rongar

    [question] rttm

    Is it workable? Will it be used for languages besides Russian? Is there a way to test it?
  5. Rongar

    [Suggestion] Detailed information about damage.

    Despite the game control is intuitive the fighting system never was easy. Speed bonuses, directional attacks and blocks, different types of damages and affects like knock downs and block crushing. To my mind parrying and chambering made things too sophisticated to understand how all that...
  6. Rongar

    [suggestion]Split double events and distort time intervals

    I know how it works. Trigger activates every week or something like that, that it runs through kingdoms and checks probability on event (treason incrimination or global politics changes). It happens at the same time of week, like peace can be made only on Monday (I’m not sure about...
  7. Rongar

    [bug?]Not all wounded enemies can be captured

    I've just noticed that in fights without allies amount of prisoners that can be captured is less that number of enemies knocked out in combat.
  8. Rongar

    [bug]Script error at npc_decision_checklist_troop_follow_or_not

    It happens sometimes on feasts if ask lords what they and their troops are doing.
  9. Rongar

    [bug]Script error at npc_decision_checklist_peace_or_war

    Khergit Khanate and Kingdom of Swadia made peace colored in red
  10. Rongar

    [bug]Script errors on attacking wounded lonely lord

    I attacked the lord which seems deserted from battle. He was alone and wounded. I know it is nasty to attack in such situations but the war is not fair =) In prebattle screen I got infomation that there were zero enemies. Then I pressed "charge" I entered battle field without enemies and got...
  11. Rongar

    [bug] Exit through map edge.

    It is bug exists from M&B betas. Exiting through map edges in battle (and in other areas, but it is not that important) allows bypassing normal tab exit (no auto-resolving) and leads to wrong casualties screen.
  12. Rongar

    [bug] Party skill gets penalty instead of bonus

    It seems char gets penalty, and instead +-value should be -value. But what cause penalty?
  13. Rongar

    [bug] Female is you King ...

    It happens only for females. Kings are different. Seems uninitialized string reg.
  14. Rongar

    [bug] division by zero

    I got it then encountered city. Happend to my after an hour of play. It was second time I encountered Sargoth. In previouse time I had bar fight in it (maybe it helps to reproduce bug). SCRIPT WARNING : Division by zero; LINE NO: 20: At script: encounter_init_variables. At script...
  15. Rongar

    [bug&suggestion]Another mod

    I created “my first new mod” (i.e. I copied native to native_1 :) ) in launch screen selected native_1, started and tried to connect to one of servers. I got message that server run different mod and suggested to switch to it. After I pressed “yes” the game crashed to desktop. That’s a bug...
  16. Rongar

    [BUG] Animation gets frozen

    I have  not found any reports about it. It is even more strange because it happens very often to me. After falling from horse moving animation often became frozen. I can move but stand animation is played. Getting hit by incoming arrow(?) while aiming or preparing to strike often freezes...
  17. Rongar

    [BUG]Blinking, air walking, moving below ground.

    Sorry, no video. Only few screenshots. At some instant a person started blinking, moving without connection to the ground and his normal speed (time distance between first and last screenshots about 20s) . On screens he is always above the ground, but sometime he was below. It continued at...
  18. Rongar

    [Bug] Overriding equipment

    I slightly unsure is it a bug or an intended feature. But if it is intended it works incorrect. Overriding may happen in  multiround scenarios (battle, siege) if player survives at the end of a round. It happened for me with horses, melee weapon and partially ammo. I started as infantry...
  19. Rongar

    Battle deadlock.

    Two armies start from two sides of battle field, approach, and the battle begins... if they are armies of bots. Lack of coordination, self-confidence, eager to be first who is fragged gets frag may make players do different chaotic things and even behave like bots, i.e. directly charge enemy...
  20. Rongar

    v0.95d patch

    I have a lot to say. So to not flood I've decided to create one thread and mix all together. First, I congratulate Chel with another one great work. Probably, I should say that 3 month ago. As they say better late than never. Second, I have some comments about different things in mod they are...
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