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  1. Uhtred Ragnarson

    To Kill a King (obviously spoilers) quest

    Hey all, Is there any way when you are in Frisia to actually either: a) assassinate the king or b) convince the king that the Jarl is trying to kill him? or do you always just get screwed? thanks
  2. Uhtred Ragnarson

    in-game languages

    This is a pretty large suggestion, but I think it will add a lot to immersion. I find it relativity funny that I can come from Lundenwic, travel to the Pictish lands and then Ireland and everyone is speaking English. What if you could not communicate with merchants from different cultures if you...
  3. Uhtred Ragnarson

    coincidence? new Eluveitie album and Brytenwalda 1.391

    I think not! Two amazing pieces of celtic media that I think should go hand in hand. to help set the mood for the mod... to help set the mood during the slaughter...
  4. Uhtred Ragnarson

    A good PC for Brytenwalda?

    I currently looking to buy a new computer, almost solely to play Brytenwalda. I was looking at this one, but I wonder what you guys think. Would it be able to run Brytenwalda at max graphics, PL + CID, and battlesizer at 1000?
  5. Uhtred Ragnarson

    where do you start?

    Where do you like to start your characters/play your early-game and why? I personally like East Anglia. Its a rather secure faction and I end up attaching myself to them as a vassal/mercenary. The pirates make for good loot and I like the proximity to large cities which are easy to access by...
  6. Uhtred Ragnarson

    SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism)

    Is anyone part of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) here? I looked into it awhile ago (I was 16 at the time, I am now 19) but I couldn't really commit. Now I am considering getting into it again, just want to know what your experiences have been like... For those of you that don't know...
  7. Uhtred Ragnarson


    The mod options menu is slightly confusing to me. How do I know if the option is enabled/disabled?
  8. Uhtred Ragnarson

    need a little help

    I searched this board for similar thread and couldn't find one, nonetheless I hope this isn't a repeat. Anyway, I absolutely love this mod and everything has worked fine, but suddenly in-battle reports (damage, casualities etc etc) aren't working. I double checked my options to make sure all...
  9. Uhtred Ragnarson


    Hai guyz so i really want to make a mod based off the Call of duty game black ops by make i mean i want the forum to come rushing to my aid and do all i work for me you may ask me what my skills are and i dont have any experience at all but i am a great leader becuz i have experiences leading...
  10. Uhtred Ragnarson

    special merchant?

    In the 1.3 features, there is mention of a special merchant with noble items. Has anyone found this merchant? Uhtred ps: great work idibil! Absolutely love your work  :mrgreen:
  11. Uhtred Ragnarson

    international capability when ordering

    So I live in the US, and my girlfriend is Dutch. I am seeing her again this Christmas and I want to order an Amazon kindle for her. I want to get it in the mail while I am still in the states so I can wrap it myself and give it to her personally. That being said, is there a way to order a kindle...
  12. Uhtred Ragnarson

    America: The Story of Us

    Has anybody been watching this on the History Channel? I want to know your thoughts as I am fairly disappointed in the series.
  13. Uhtred Ragnarson

    just a thought about morale

    It should be possible to give bonuses to your army to boost morale. Or better yet, it should be possible to set wages for each group of men (low, medium, high) which you can manipulate. Would add a cool aspect to the game: Army Management.
  14. Uhtred Ragnarson

    texas curriculum?

    Anybody hear about the changes Texas wants to make to history textbooks? ~emphasize free enterprise ~discredit hiphop as a cultural movement while bolstering country music ~downplay Thomas Jefferson as a founder father because he coined the term "seperation of church and state" ~promote...
  15. Uhtred Ragnarson

    castle guards?

    I am playing as a Nordic Lord, as I've given my oath to Ragnar, and I'm curious why my castle guards aren't housecarls. I'm talking about the guards immediately inside your castle/city hall, they are nord warriors. What is the purpose of a housecarl (house-man) if not to protect my household and...
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