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  1. Gandamula

    Crossbow or Bow?

    I allways play as horse archer no matter the faction I chose.
  2. Gandamula

    How disappointed are you in % about the current state of developement of Bannerlord?

    I'm not disappointed, I love the game as it is, and since I didn't play warband I have no terms of comparison or reason to be disappointed. I have 800 hours in this game, I play with mods so I don't miss nothing.
  3. Gandamula

    1.6.3 Comes out today or tomorrow

    This is a fake news site. Canceled.
  4. Gandamula

    Randomness of character creation is driving me bat s*it crazy!

    You can use the Character creation Mod, it's fabulous, you can edit yourself, of course, and any character in the game, mainly, you can transform your ugly and 1.50 tiny brother in a 1.90 good looking colossus.
  5. Gandamula

    How many battles do you lose?

    I have a magic load button.
  6. Gandamula

    Does Bannerlord need more time?

    Early access is just semantics,they won't invest much more time and people in it, 90 % + of the game is already here.
  7. Gandamula

    Thanks for 500 hours... SO FAR (personal post, pls ignore)

    Oh yeah? What about Little sister's topless dance when her education choices proced? That was exciting and unexpected!
    This is a real bug that was in game for over month and I added the censor

    Or what about the garrison throwing out your troops and recruiting noob troops no matter what options you chose that went on for 2 months and had needed like 3 patches to work? That made me a LIVID player, and that counts as excited!

    It's beautiful.
    Looks like you're talking about another game. In mine, using the Garrisons mod, I control the number, the training level, the nation,I can set patrols, send a group to recruit in a distant land etc.
  8. Gandamula

    Horse archers speed. What determines the speed of the group?

    As far as I know yes, try putting one of your Sergeant ( Companion ) with a bad and slow horse leading your troops and see what happens.

    I feel that these sort of effect should be documented properly on the Encyclopedia, like ... Yeah as always the god damn Encyclopedia.
    I actually use almost all my companions as horse archers, as I use the mode distinguish service, I usually promote Fian Champions, I give them good attributes as horse riders, but when I choose the horse I don't even notice their speed. At least I didn't give them a mule.🤣
  9. Gandamula

    Horse archers speed. What determines the speed of the group?

    I usually play as a horse archer, one of my tactics is to order the other horse archers to follow me, and I circle around the enemy shooting arrows. All very basic. But I've noticed that, and not always having the fastest horse, I always gain a very large distance in relation to those who...
  10. Gandamula

    Thanks for 500 hours... SO FAR (personal post, pls ignore)

    I also love this game, I've been playing since the zx spectrum days,I played more thw500 games for sure, and with the exception of company of heroes 2, I don't have any other game with so many hours played, 500+,. this game hooked me, it have something special.
  11. Gandamula

    War of attrition .. yet I cannot behead my enemies.

    You can use a mod, Bannerlord Chreats, and set the imprisonment for ever, you capture they and keep them in dungeons. Or set the mod to not punish you for beahed them.
  12. Gandamula

    Noble Recruitment

    I use to get enemy nobles troops taking a hostil action against a enemy village and force them to give me troops, I only chose nobles, if they don't give me none, I raid the village.
  13. Gandamula

    What do you do in a medium-long campaign when NOT at war?

    Mainly trading, and in the way training my troops against horde of looters, I have a looting looters mod so I figth some times against 400/600.As I use the distinguish service mod I also get companions /governors for my next campaign conquests . I almost play as king using mods to. I'M tired to start with rags.
  14. Gandamula

    We should have the ability to make companions lords!

    You can, use this mod and with a bonus, you can made a custom Real Guard.
  15. Gandamula

    I'm back y'all!! (Yes, some dont care....maybe most. Oh well)

    I was kinda excited for the new COH3.....

    Whats wrong with it?
    To cartoonish, slow pace, don't have the Coh2 mechanics, to heavy, no zoom out, etc but was a alfa version. I have 5000 hours of COH2 and I can't play coh3 for twenty minutes in a row.
  16. Gandamula

    I'm back y'all!! (Yes, some dont care....maybe most. Oh well)

    I'm not a warband veteran,and Im enjoying this game, tanks God. But I understand your fellings, I fell the same for the new COH3, disappointed.
  17. Gandamula

    Are TaleWorlds bad at programming?

    Companies don't invest in game AI because it's time-consuming, expensive, and not immediately noticeable, it's much simpler to use graphics to give a game a more modern look, the problem with AI is that it has to be worked separately for each game , and balanced, changing one parameter in a given aspect can affect all the others, and force you to redo a job, which at times had already taken a long time.
    That's why we have several graphics engines and graphics technologies, different games can use it, but not a single AI engine. I suppose.
  18. Gandamula

    Bandits (all types) in their current implementation are adding more tedium than value to the experience.

    Funny because I use Looting Looters mod and set it up for 400+ looters in a party, nothing better to level up my troops.
  19. Gandamula

    The game is actually worse. How?

    You just have to give the orders before they start to flee, I allways have my archers horses following me and when it happens I chase them. And not having other units to get in the way causes almost everyone to get killed.
  20. Gandamula

    Keep Fights after Sieges - Good Idea, but

    After a siege there could be more things to do if the player wanted to, like slaughtering civilians fleeing the city, looting palaces and houses, ordering mass executions, ethnic cleansing, and all the other things that were done in sieges. But bearing in mind that the AI barely defends the walls, the easiest thing, is needless to ask for more, just as the "prison break" is needless to be asking for more mechanisms that almost no one will use afterwards.
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